iPhone Is Synced with Another iTunes Library. What to Do?

When you connect iPhone to another computer, you might see the message that the iPhone is synced with another iTunes library. If you see this on your own computer, it could be an error. Follow this passage to know what it means and what to do to protect music library.


By Dylan / Updated on June 1, 2023

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My iPhone is synced with another iTunes library

I was syncing iPhone 11 with iTunes on my own computer just now, but there was a prompt saying that this iPhone is synced with another iTunes library and if I wanted to sync iPhone, content on my iPhone will be erased and replaced. Where does it come from and what does it mean?

- Question from Apple Community

iTunes is a traditional music player and media file management for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. It can help you to transfer your iTunes library to iPhone, so you can enjoy music, videos, Podcast anywhere.  However, sometimes, when you connect your iPhone with your computer, it may note you that " The iPhone is synced with another iTunes Library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library"?

iPhone Is Synced With Another iTunes Library

If you have seen this error message. Don't worry, we will explain why this problem happens, and help you out of this problem. Then provides an alternative way if it can't be solved.

Why your iPhone is synced with another iTunes library?

When you connect iPhone to another computer and launch iTunes, you would be warned that iPhone data will be erased and replaced because you are syncing iPhone with different libraries. This warning could also appear even when you sync iPhone on your own computer.

It could be because you have changed iTunes library. Updating iTunes or reinstalling OS might also make the library “changed”. It means that the library on computer is different from the library on iPhone.

You can only sync your device with one iTunes library at a time because iTunes always keep the libraries on iPhone and on computer the same. Syncing iPhone with this library will replace media from another iTunes library and that’s why iTunes sync removes music.

You will receive nearly the same error message if you sync iPhone photos with iTunes. If you try to enable iCloud Photos on iPhone, you will see Photos synced from iTunes will be removed.

Photos Synced from iTunes Will Be Removed

2. How to save music library and safely sync iPhone?

If you are sure the new library on computer is what you want, this could not be a problem, but if you have songs from other sources on iPhone and you really want them, iTunes could not help you, because there are no options in iTunes to help you export music.

You might have thought about saving music to iPhone backup, but actually, iTunes won’t do that. Read this guide What Does iTunes Backup Include and you will know that files synced from iTunes will not be saved to iTunes backup. If you wish to export music from iPhone, you need the professional tool.

FoneTool is an excellent iPhone music transfer you need. It is very easy to use and lets you view every song on iPhone.

● Free Software: You can export unlimited music to computer for free.
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Widely Compatible: It supports all iOS devices including iPhone 12/13/14 and iPad 8/Air 4.

Steps to save music on iPhone:

Step 1. Download FoneTool and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. You can select iPhone to PC option from Phone Transfer.

Transfer to Computer

Step 3. Simply click the plus icon and then you can view iPhone data. Preview all the songs on iPhone and select the songs you need or you can also select them all. Click OK.

Select Files

Step 4. Click Start Transfer to download music from iPhone to PC.


Tips: Your iPhone data is important. FoneTool is also a brilliant iPhone backup software. You could use it to easily backup iPhone to computer.

3. How to drag and drop songs to iPhone with iTunes?

If you don’t think it is necessary to sync the whole iTunes library to iPhone every time, iTunes allows you to add selected songs to iPhone.

1. Connect iPhone to iTunes and you will see the section of your iPhone information on the left.

2. Go to your iTunes music library and select the songs you want to sync.

3. Click and hold the selected songs and move them to your iPhone section in iTunes, or right-click the songs and select Add to Device.

4. How to prevent automatically sync with iTunes?

When Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected is checked in iTunes, your photos, music, and videos could be replaced every time you connect iPhone to iTunes.

If you don’t want your iPhone to be synced with iTunes this time, you can tell iTunes your wish.

1. Launch iTunes without connect iPhone.

2. Select Edit in the toolbar.

3. Select Preferences in the list.

4. Select Devices section.

5. Check Prevent iPods, iPhone, and iPads from syncing automatically.

Prevent iPods iPhone and iPad from Syncing Automatically


Your iTunes could be very convenient to purchase and download music, but it is not so good at transferring music between iPhone and computer because it always wants the libraries to be the same.

If you see the error message that the iPhone is synced with another iTunes library, you can use FoneTool to save iPhone music to prevent they are erasing by iTunes sync.

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