iPad Contacts Not Syncing to iCloud/iPhone? Try the 11 Tips

To solve iPad contacts not syncing, you can follow the 11 tips on this page. And there is an easy method to transfer contacts and other data between iPad and iPhone easily.


By Kelsey / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Why did my contacts not sync to my iPad?

As we all know, by using the same Apple ID on multiple iOS devices, you can automatically sync the contents stored by the same ID and share data on different devices. If you have encountered the problem of iPad contacts not syncing, don't worry, you can find solutions to the problem here.

We will explore this issue from two aspects: iPad contacts not syncing to iCloud and contacts not syncing from iPad to iPhone. In addition, we also introduce a free way to transfer iPad contacts to iPhone easily.

Part 1. Fix iPad contacts not syncing to iCloud in 5 ways

Contacts, calendars, or others on iPad not syncing to iCloud are usually due to network settings errors, insufficient iCloud storage, etc. Here are 5 solutions that can help you to solve this issue.

Tip 1. Check iCloud connection on iPad

You should check the system status of iCloud contacts first. iPad contacts cannot be saved to iCloud if you have not turned on the backup. To enable contact backup on iPad:

Head to Settings > Tap [your name] > Click iCloud > Turn on Contacts.

Enable Contacts Sync

Tip 2. Check network connection

iCloud syncing requires a stable Internet connection. If you find that your iPad not syncing contacts with iPhone or iCloud, whether you are using a Wi-Fi network or a data network, check the status of your network connection. You can follow the process below to fix the connection issue.

Go to Settings > General > Reset, input your passcode, and tap Reset Network Settings.

Reset Network Settings

Tip 3. Check iCloud Storage

Data syncing stops automatically when your iCloud storage has run out. Since iCloud gives only 5GB of free space, when iCloud storage is full, no data can be uploaded to it. Thus, it will result in contacts not syncing between iPhone and iPad. To check your iCloud storage:

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPad and tap the [Your Name] banner.

Step 2. Tap iCloud and hit Manage Storage.

Cellurar Data

Tip 4. Update iOS Version

If your device is not running the latest iOS, please update your iOS to the latest version. Older versions of iOS may affect the normal work of some features like data syncing.

Step 1. Open the Settings app from the Home screen on iPad and tap General.

Step 2. Select Software Update on the right side. Then, click the Download and Install button to download the update.

Ipad Ios Download And Install

Step 3. After downloading, tap Install Now to start the update.

Tip 5. Sign out and in your Apple ID

Another reason for iPad and iPhone contacts not syncing may be that the connection between iCloud and your device is not accessible. So, contacts on your iPad cannot be saved to iCloud and synced to other devices.

Step 1. Navigate to Settings on iPad, tap on [your name] on the top.

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom and click Sign Out. Enter your password and confirm to log out.

Sign Out Apple Id Ipad

Step 3. Sign in with your account again to see if the iPad contacts not syncing issue is solved.

Part 2. Fix iPad contacts not syncing to iPhone in 6 ways

If iPad backup to iCloud is correct, but iPad contacts not syncing with iPhone, you can fix it with the following several solutions.

Tip 1. Check the Apple ID

Not signing in with the same Apple ID is a common cause of contacts on iPad not syncing with iPhone. Only logging in a single ID can ensure proper syncing and sharing of data across multiple devices.

Therefore, the first thing you should consider resolving this problem is to check if you are signed in with the same ID on your iPad and iPhone.

Tip 2. Check the date and time settings

Incorrect date and time settings on your device can also cause some functions to behave erratically, such as not being able to send messages or make calls, iCloud contacts not syncing with iPhone, etc.

If your iOS device is displaying the wrong time or date, we'll show you how to fix it easily in the following content.

Open iPhone Settings > Select General > click on Date & Time. Toggle the switch next to Set Automatically to turn it on.

Date Time

✍Note: You can refer to the guidelines in Section 1 to check the iCloud statute, iCloud storage, and iOS update on iPhone.

Tip 3. Make sure you’ve turned on iCloud on iPhone

Tip 4. Check iCloud Storage

Tip 5. Check for iOS update

Tip 6. Sign out and in your Apple ID

Part 3. An easy way to sync contacts between iPad and iPhone

If you think that fixing iPad contacts not syncing is time-consuming, you can use an easy-to-use and user-friendly tool to sync contacts between iPad and iPhone.

FoneTool is a professional iOS data management and transfer tool that can help you easily transfer contacts from iPad to iPhone/PC, and from iPhone to iPad/PC. In addition to contacts, this tool also supports you to migrate photos from iPad to iPhone, as well as videos and other files.

  • It allows you to transfer contacts from iPad to iPhone with a few clicks.
  • It enables you to select certain or all contacts on iPhone and iPad for transfer and preview them before transferring.
  • You can get more than 2000 contacts transferred between iDevices in less than 20 seconds.

Download the tool on your PC and follow the guide below to perform a quick contact transfer between iPhone and iPad.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Launch FoneTool > Connect your source device (iPad or iPhone) to computer.

Step 2. Select iPhone to PC on the iPhone Transfer screen.

Transfer To Computer

Step 3. Click the + icon and pick the contacts you’d like to transfer. Choose a storage path on computer, and then tap Start Transfer.


Step 4. Unplug the source device and plug in the target device you want to upload contacts. Then, choose the PC to iPhone.

Transfer To Iphone

Step 5. Click the + icon and locate the contacts you saved on PC. Finally, click Start Transfer.

Click Transfer


That's all about how to solve iPad contacts not syncing. Hopefully, these solutions in this article can help you out with this problem. Don't forget that you can use FoneTool to transfer messages from iPhone to iPad, as well as contacts, and photos. Download this software now and give it a try!

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