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iCloud backup greyed out

I’m using iCloud to back up my iPhone, but the iCloud Back option can’t be turned on. Why can’t I turn on iCloud backup? I have used iCloud before and never have the problem. I really need to save the data on my iPhone could you please help me? I will thank you a lot.

- Question from Apple Community

iCloud allows you to easily save iPhone to the cloud with network connected and then you could sync data or restore the whole iPhone to another iOS device. In case of breaking or losing iPhone, you should always have a backup so that the data will be never completely gone. You could also download iCloud backup to PC if you like.

However, every application would make a mistake sometimes. You might find iCloud backup option greyed out. Before fixing the annoying issue, it would be better to learn why it happens.

iCloud Backup Greyed Out

Why can't you enable iCloud backup?

Why is your iCloud grayed out on iPhone? Generally, it could be caused by the following 3 reasons.

● The most common reason for iPhone backup greyed out is system glitch. It could happen in any circumstances.

● iCloud is a network service so that you should check whether the network connection is good.

● Sometimes Apple is maintaining or upgrading iCloud service so that you would find it difficult to use iCloud.

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7 solutions for iCloud backup greyed out

#1 Check or Reset Network: Make sure you haven’t enabled Airplane mode. Except for an available Internet status, public Wi-Fi might cause the problem when you are turning on iCloud backup because iOS would consider the security of the connection.

If iCloud Backup or the button “Back Up Now” is greyed out and you are sure having connecting iPhone to a secure network, you could go to iPhone Settings > General > Reset >Reset Network Settings.

#2 Sign out iCloud and then sign in: Except for resetting network, you could go to iPhone Settings > [your name] and select Sign Out in the bottom. Check whether iPhone backup is still greyed out after sign in again.

#3 Enable iCloud Backup with iTunes: Sometimes you could not enable iCloud Backup, if resetting network failed, you could use iTunes to turn on the button on computer.

Download iTunes to computer> connect iPhone to computer and tap ”Trust” on it > click the phone-shape button in the upper-left corner to enter Summary of iPhone > Check “iCloud”, then click Apply and you could find the button of iCloud Backup has been switched on.

Enable iCloud In iTunes

#4 Clear Private Files: Apple has been always highly considering the security of your system, you could open File App on iPhone and clear all the data. If you have important files, you could save them to your mailbox.

#5 Change Restrictions: For iOS 12 or early iOS users, you could go to iPhone Settings > General > Restrictions > enable Allow changes.

#6 Update iOS: After you enable iCloud backup, maybe you find the new issue that iCloud Backup Now greyed out. This could be a bug that happen to the present iOS and Apple is improving iOS so your problem might be solved after upgrade iOS to the latest version.

#7 Check System Status: Developers might have found this issue and is repairing it. You could go to System Status to check whether Apple is blocking iCloud Backup Service.

Workaround for iCloud Backup Now option greyed out

Due to the features of iOS and the limitations of network, you would find iCloud not so convenient to use or have iCloud backup stuck issue. After trying every solution and even contacting Apple Support, your problem might still exist. However, to continue backing up your iPhone and avoid iCloud backup failure again, it's better to backup iPhone to computer using another tool.

AOMEI MBackupperis a free professional iPhone backup software. You could use it to save photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages from iPhone to computer. Once you download AOMEI MBackupper, you could backup what you want anytime without Internet.

Preview and Select: Freely preview and select the data when backing up or restoring iPhone.

External Drive: Easily change path to backup iPhone to external drive and view or locate the backup copy by one click.

Widely Compatible: Use it to backup and restore iPhone ranging from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone SE 2020 and it would be perfectly compatible with the latest iOS 13.

Step-by-step: backup iPhone to computer

Step 1. Download AOMEI MBackupper for free. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and tap “Trust” on it.

Step 2. Click Custom Backup. Click an icon to preview and select what you want and click OK to return. You could easily change path by clicking it in the lower-left corner.

Select Files

Step 3. Click Start Backup and your backup would be saved to computer in seconds.

Click Start Backup

☛ Tips: You could view your backup by clicking the eye icon in Backup Management.


iCloud backup greyed out issue makes you cannot turn on iPhone backup button on iPhone. The 7 solutions in this passage would help you to troubleshoot and fix the problem. To have a better experience of iPhone backup, you could also choose mBackupper to backup iPhone to computer in a more convenient way.

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