How to Share Album on iPhone Without Effort [Free & Quick]

This post will tell you how to share album on iPhone easily and quickly in 4 different but useful ways. If you want an easy method, please keep reading this article.


By Zoey / Updated on December 20, 2023

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How do I share an entire album?

I created an album in Photos that a friend or family member wanted access to. Or sometimes, I make an album and then realize that I meant for it to be a shared album instead. Maybe I didn’t know when I created an album that I would later want to share it. So if there is a way to share my album with others? Thank you in advance.

As mentioned in the user case above, many users sometimes need to share albums with friends and family, but they don't create a shared album from the outset. So, they want to know how to share album on iPhone. For this, we have prepared 4 effective methods for you to consider.

How to share album on iPhone: 4 fast ways

If you want to know how to share an album on iPhone, here are 4 fast ways each of them is for free. Please read on to get them.

Way 1. The Easiest way to share album on iPhone

If you are searching for the easiest way to share album on iPhone, FoneTool can be your best choice. It is a professional data transfer software for iPhone that can help you share iPhone albums with iPhone or PC users directly. It has lots of highlights like:

● Clear interface: There is no advertising on the interface and it is user-friendly and easy to use.
● Fast transfer: FoneTool can help you transfer 100 photos in 2 seconds.
● Able to preview photos: Instead of transferring all photos, FoneTool allows you to preview and select photos to share.
● Widely compatible: All iPhone/iPod/iPad models are supported in FoneTool.

Let’s see how to share photo album on iPhone via FoneTool easily:

♦ Share with PC users

If you want to share album with PC users via FoneTool you can refer to the easy steps below, which can help you transfer photos from iPhone to desktop or laptop easily.

1. Download FoneTool on your computer. Run FoneTool, then connect iPhone to computer.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Select the iPhone to PC option on the Phone Transfer page.

Transfer To Computer

3. Choose Photos then you can select your album on iPhone to share.

Choose Photos

4. Then you can choose a storage path for your album, and click on Start Transfer. FoneTool will help you share album on iPhone with your computer quickly.


♦ Share with iPhone users

If you want to share album with iPhone users, you can follow the steps after you transfer album to your computer, or you can try the mobile app, which is introduced in the latter part.

1. Launch FoneTool and connect iPhone to PC with USB cable.

2. On the Phone Transfer screen, select PC to iPhone.

Transfer To Iphone

3. Choose photos you want to transfer in the window.

Choose Photos

4. Click Start Transfer to share album fast.


⇒ Note: If you want to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone wirelessly and without a computer,  you can scan the QR code to download the FoneTool mobie app on your iPhone. Then you can share album on iPhone within a few minutes. In addition to albums, it allows you to transfer music/videos/contact/files between iPhones for free.

Mbackupper Qr Code

Tap Send Photos

Way 2. Share album with iCloud

As a traditional service provided by Apple, iCloud can also help you to share album on iPhone. iCloud only provides 5GB of free cloud storage. If you are willing to pay for enough storage when your iCloud storage is full, you can see how to share a photo album on iPhone with iCloud.

♦ Share with iPhone users

To share album with iPhone users, you can use Shared Albums in iCloud:

1. Go to Settings, click your Apple ID, and go to iCloud > Photos.

2. Turn on iCloud Photos and Shared Albums.

Turn On Icloud Shared Albums

3. You can go to Photos, and click For You in the bottom line. Choose Accept if you are invited to join in a Shared Album.

Accept Shared Album Invite

4. Then you can view photos in Shared Album and download photos or videos from it easily.

⇒ Note: If you meet errors when using Shared Album, the Shared Albums not showing up on iPhone guide can help you a lot.

♦ Share with PC users

iCloud can also help you share album with PC users. Please follow the steps below:

1. Likewise, on your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud to turn on iCloud Photos. Then your albums will be uploaded to iCloud.

Turn On Icloud Photos

2. On your computer, navigate to the iCloud website and sign into your Apple ID. Choose Photos on the page.

Icloud Site

3. Then you can choose photos from the album you want to share with PC users, and press the download button to download them to your computer.

View Photos On Icloud

Way 3. Share album with iTunes

iTunes is also a tool provided by Apple, which can help you share album from iPhone to computer. But you are unable to preview photos in your albums. If you want to try this solution, you can refer to the steps below:

1. Download and run iTunes on your PC. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

2. Click the phone icon and Summary on the left menu.

3. Choose This Computer and Back Up Now. Then all your albums will be saved to this computer.


Way 4. Share album with AirDrop

If you want to know how to share an existing album on iPhone without a computer, maybe AirDrop can be a nice choice. It is a tool like Bluetooth but much faster than Bluetooth. But if you share more than 100 photos via AirDrop, the transfer task may fail so you had better share an album containing less than 100 photos. If you need to share lots of photos, you can use FoneTool mentioned in Way 1.

Here are the steps to share album with AirDrop:

1. Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the source and target iPhones. Make sure they are put nearly.

2. Turn on AirDrop on them, and go to Settings > General > AirDrop to select Everyone.

3. After the above, choose photos in your album on the source iPhone. And click the share icon to choose AirDrop. Select the name of the target iPhone to send photos via AirDrop.

4. Choose Accept on the target iPhone, then AirDrop will help you share albums across iPhones.

Airdrop Photos

laugh You can also go to this video for a clearer understanding:


After looking through this post, you may know how to share album on iPhone in an easy way. And among all solutions, FoneTool is the easiest way to help you share albums between iOS devices fast and for free. What’s more, it also provides a mobile app - FoneTool, which can help you share photos, contacts, messages, music, etc across iPhones without a computer.

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