Top 2 Free Ways | How to Backup iMessages without iCloud

This guide will show you how to backup iMessages without iCloud. Whether you want to backup all or selected iMessages, you will be guided how to backup text messages on iPhone without iCloud.


By Lena / Updated on May 31, 2024

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I want to learn how to backup iMessages without iCloud. Any way to back up my iMessages without using iCloud? Need a reliable method to safeguard my chats.

- Question from Apple Community

Why Do You Want to Backup iMessages without iCloud?

iMessage is one convenient instant messaging service, with it you can send or receive not only texts but also emoji, photos, audio, videos, documents, location, and more attachments. Besides, in case of unexpected data loss, Apple offers 2 ways to help backup your messages via iCloud: you can make a whole iPhone backup including your iMessage, or turn on Messages Sync feature to sync messages among your iOS devices.

How to Backup iMessages without iCloud

However, iCloud only offers 5 GB of free storage space to store iOS data. If you have lots of iMessages need to be backed up you have to upgrade more storage plan. What’s more, sometimes you may meet iMessage sync not working problem. Or you may have forgotten your Apple ID and password so you want to backup iMessages without iCloud.

How to Backup iMessages without iCloud

Can you backup iMessage? Besides iCloud, you can also backup iMessages with the help of iTunes but it will backup your messages as well as other iPhone data. Fortunately, apart from official ways of backing up your iMessages, there’s one third-party tool that lets you only backup your iMessages. Next, I’ll show you the detailed steps of the two methods.

Method 1. Backup iMessages Without iCloud but via FoneTool

FoneTool is one free iPhone backup export for Windows PCs. It supports all iPhone, including the latest iPhone 14/15, iPad, iPod touch devices and can help you backup messages, contacts, photos, music, etc. It provides outstanding features to satisfy your needs related to iMessages backup. It's also a good choice if you want to backup text messages on iPhone without iCloud.

enlightened Preview and select the iMessages you want to backup.

enlightened You can backup iMessages with no storage limit.

enlightened View the iMessages within this backup anytime you want.

What’s more, if necessary, you can choose to restore the backup files to your iPhone or other iDevices and it will not erase any existed data on the device. Download the tool right now and see how to backup iMessages in minutes.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Run FoneTool, and you can see your iPhone information on the interface. Then choose Phone Backup and go to Selective Backup.

Selective Backup

Step 2. Choose Messages to select the iMessages you want to backup > Click OK to confirm.

Select Messages

Step 3. Click Backup Storage Path to choose a location to save your backup files > Click Start Backup button to start backing up your iMessages.

Backup Messages

When the process is finished, you can check the backup task on the Backup History screen. Here you can choose to locate, browse, restore or delete the backup files.

Restore To Device

Method 2. Backup iMessages without iCloud but via iTunes

iTunes is another way you can try to backup iMessages. It will backup all the iPhone data and settings including your iMessages. Besides, there is no access for you to view the backup content.

Step 1. Download the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your device to computer via the USB cable.

Step 3. Click Device > Go to Summary.

Step 4. Click Back Up Now to run a backup at once. It may take a long time to complete the backup because it backs up the whole device.

Backup Iphone On Itunes

When the process is completed, you can find your backup under “Latest Backup”. Please be careful when you need to perform a restore because your existing iPhone data will be replaced with the backup content.

Bonus: Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone via FoneTool

In addition to the phone backup feature, FoneTool is also one of the most excellent iPhone transfer tools that can help you transfer data between iOS devices, as well as iPhones and PCs. It extends support to all iPhone models from the iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone iterations such as iPhone 15/14, ensuring seamless compatibility with the latest iOS version 17.

Below is a breakdown of the detailed steps involved in transferring messages to a new iPhone via FoneTool:

Step 1. Download, install, and launch the FoneTool software on your PC > Connect your old iPhone to the computer using a compatible cable.

Step 2. In the software interface, go to Phone Backup > Selective Backup to backup iMessages without iCloud. (Ignore this step if you have already backed up iMessage as described above.)

Step 3. When the backup is complete, disconnect the old iPhone and connect the new iPhone to the PC > Access the Backup History screen and select the Restore icon to complete the transfer of messages to the new iPhone.

Restore iMessages to New iPhone

In addition, if you need to transfer messages and other files between iPhones, FoneTool’s iPhone to iPhone transfer feature can help you one-click transfer all data to the new iPhone.

iPhone to iPhone Transfer  


That’s all about how to backup iMessages without iCloud. Both FoneTool and iTunes can help you back up iMessages. Compared to iTunes, FoneTool offers more powerful functions, it allows you to only backup iMessages as well as view the backup files. It will not do any harm to your device data after restoration. Go for it now and discover more!

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