How Long Does Move to iOS Take? Here is The Answer

Move to iOS app is one of the easiest ways to transfer data from an Android phone to an iPhone. If the process takes a long time, you can find the answer to “how long does move to iOS app take” in this article.


By Dylan / Updated on December 20, 2023

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How long does Move to iOS take?

I was trying to move data from my old Android phone to my new iPhone 15 Pro. But the “Move to iOS” seems to get stuck. I just want to know the estimated time of the Move to iOS process. Thanks.

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How long does move to iOS take Usually?

“Move to iOS” is one of the most common tools helping users to migrate content on an Android device to an iPhone. However, some users reported some issues like Move to iOS not working or taking forever and wonder how long it will take and why moving data to an iOS device takes so long.

transfer from android to iphone

Generally, the time of the Move to iOS take depends on how much data on your android phone needs to be transferred. In addition, Wi-Fi connection is another factor. It can take several or 10s minutes to move dozens of GB of data under a stable Wi-Fi network.

If the Move to iOS process is slow or seems to last forever, you can follow the content below, we will provide several methods of fixing this issue, and introduce an alternative tool to help you to transfer data to iOS quickly and easily.

How to fix “Move to iOS” is slow or taking forever

There are 3 common methods you can try when Move to iOS working not well.

Method 1. Check the Wi-Fi connection

This is the first step when you notice the Move to iOS transfer stops. As we mentioned above, Wi-Fi connection is a very important factor in the moving time. Make sure your iPhone is connected with a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.



Method 2. Restart the process

If the “Move to iOS” app stuck at a percentage, it may get interrupted by another process. You can hold the power button down to restart the setup process. The follow the guide again to transfer your data from Android to iOS.

Method 3. Delete files on Android phone

Because the fact that Move to iOS is unable to selectively move data, you have to migrate all content from the Android phone. So if there are a large amount of data on it, this process can take a long time to get finished. So deleting some unnecessary files can be a solution to Move to iOS taking forever.

Alternative to Move to iOS to transfer from Android to iOS device

If the Move to iOS still takes a long time to complete after trying all the methods above, actually, you can turn to an alternative to Move to iOS-FoneTool. It is a powerful iOS transfer and backup tool that enables you to transfer data from a PC to your iPhone successfully. It owns several advantages that make it to be the best alternative to Move to iOS.

● Fast speed. FoneTool transfers data with a USB connection. It gives you a much faster speed to move data to iOS devices.
Selective backup. Unlike the Move to iOS, FoneTool allows you to choose to transfer photos from Android phone to iPhone, as well as videos, messages, and other data.
Wi-Fi is not required: FoneTool transfer data is backed on a USB cable, which is more stable. Wi-Fi and network are unnecessary.

Now you can hit the download button to install this tool and follow the steps below to see how it works.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

✍ Note: Please complete the iPhone setup process before following the guide below.

Step 1. Connect your android phone and the iPhone to a Windows computer via USB cable.

Step 2. Open Windows Explorer and find the Android device name. If you don’t find it, you may need to change the setting on the Android phone to transfer media files.

Step 3. Find photos, videos, or other data that need to be moved. Open FoneTool, click “Phone Transfer”. Go to "PC to iPhone" and click "Start Transfer".

transfer to iphone

Step 4. Click anywhere in the box to select the data you want to transfer.

select files

Step 5. The files will be listed on the interface, and click “Start Transfer” to start the operation.



So the answer to how long does move to iOS takes depends on your data size and the connection. If your Move to iOS taking forever or a long time, hope this article can help you. Additionally, FoneTool is a nice alternative way to move data from Android to iPhone. We highly suggest you backup your iPhone contacts, photos, videos, and other data after the process completed to avoid data loss.

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