Backup iPhone to Mac without iTunes or iCloud for Free

This passage tells how to backup iPhone to Mac without iTunes on Mac OS Catalina and introduce how to backup iPhone without iTunes or iCloud for free.


By Dylan / Updated on May 29, 2023

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{How to backup iPhone to Mac without iTunes}

{-I use Mac OS Catalina now but I could not find iTunes using Spotlight. I just want to backup my iPhone to Mac as usual. Anyone could tell me how can I backup my iPhone now?

- Question from {Mac OS Catalina user}

Apple products have brought you great experience. Your iPhone could be used to communicate with your friends, calling them or sending them text messages/iMassages. You could take many beautiful pictures to record your daily life or journey. Children’s delicate moments could be saved by iPhone. These data should be saved forever.

As an Apple fan, you might want to save iPhone data to Mac. iTunes could be your first choice before Mac OS Catalina was released because you could directly find it on Mac. However, on Mac OS Catalina, iTunes has been removed, so how can you backup iPhone to Mac without computer? This passage would give you the perfect solution.

Mac Pro

Method 1. Backup iPhone to Mac with Finder on Mac OS Catalina

iTunes has been replaced by 3 applications, Podcast, Music, and TV. None of them could be used to backup your iPhone. The feature of backup has been added to Finder. Follow the steps to backup your iPhone to Mac with Finder:

● Step 1. Open Finder on Mac. Connect iPhone to Mac with USB cable.
● Step 2. Click your device in the left and select General.
● Click Back Up Now to backup iPhone to Mac.

Finder works in the same way as iTunes does. It is still free. What your iPhone backup includes has not been changed. You could locate your iPhone backup on Mac as usual, but the data still could not be viewed. You need iPhone backup browser to check what you have saved.

Backup iPhone On Mac

Method 2. Backup iPhone to Mac with iCloud

Your iPhone could be backed up to Mac with iCloud because iCloud has been installed to Mac by default. You could backup iPhone to iCloud via Wi-Fi, and then find iPhone backup on Mac. If you wish to see more details, you could download iCloud backup to PC.

Just go to iPhone Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Backup to enable iCloud Backup.

Make sure you have enough space in iCloud. Apple just gives you 5GB of free storage. If your iCloud storage is full, you need to clean up data or change iCloud backup size.

If you want to find iCloud backup on Mac, you just click System Preference > select iCloud in the list and sign in Apple ID > click Manage to view what has been saved to iCloud.

Sync Contacts To Mac With iCloud

Method 3. Backup iPhone without iTunes or iCloud for free

The features of Finder and iCloud have been limited by the rules of Apple. You could find they are not so friendly to users. Even though you could backup almost everything with iCloud or Finder, restoring iPhone from that backup would let you lose everything on iPhone now. You might need to backup iPhone photos to computer before that. Apple does protect your privacy but you could also have your choice to try a brand-new method to decide everything when backing up iPhone.

DearMob iPhone Manager would give you a better experience. It is far more professional than Apple products.

  • Preview iPhone data and selectively backup/restore what you want.

  • Easily decide where to store your backup copy.

  • Manage and view your backup copy without efforts.

  • Directly transfer data between iPhone and Mac.

● Step 1. Download and open DearMob to computer. Connect iPhone to Mac with USB cable.
● Step 2. Select Backup & Restore on the home screen.
● Step 3. Click Back Up Now to save everything important on iPhone.

Dear Mob Backup iPhone Mac

Want to know an easier way to backup iPhone on Windows?

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

If you want to backup iPhone to a Windows computer, things would be much easier with FoneTool. It was born for iPhone backup. With the simplest interface and most understandable procedures, you would find it is so easy to backup your iPhone.

You just need three steps to backup your iPhone: connect iPhone to computer > go to Selective Backup to select the files you need > click Start Backup. If you want to preview any data, just click an icon to select every item you want.

Select Files


If you use the latest Mac OS Catalina, you would find that iTunes has been removed. The feature of backing up iPhone has been added to Finder. You could use Finder to backup iPhone to Mac as usual. Except for Finder, you could create an iCloud backup on iPhone and use the application iCloud on Mac to manage your iCloud backup.

Apple’s two backup applications are not so friendly to users. You could try the third-party software DearMob iPhone Manager would give you more choice when you backup or restore iPhone. If this passage solves your problem, you could share it to help more people.

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