23,000,000 people use one of above functions to maintain computer every hour.

System Backup


System Backup will help you backup your computer system easily for preventing computer crashing. When your computer breaks down, you can restore system image immediately to rescue your computer. The process of system backup in AOMEI Backupper is very fast and easy.

  • Will backup system partition and all software or applications installed in system partition (usually is C: drive).
  • Need not to restart computer, and will not affect other software’s running while backing up.
  • Allow you backup system to external disk, USB flash drive, CD/DVD or network.
  • Operation is very simple. Just use two steps and a system image file will be created..
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Schedule Backup


AOMEI Backupper is able to backup data for you automatically,and this function is Schedule Backup. It will greatly enhance the security of your data. Once your computer crashes, Schedule Backup will save your data.

  • Offers specific time point or time span to backup, such as Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.
  • There is advanced setting-Incremental Backup, or Differential Backup-to let you backup all changed or increased files and data.
  • Can be used in all kind of backup, such as file backup, system backup etc.
  • Won’t install a service in your computer after you tick “Use Windows Task Scheduler” to run each scheduled backups.
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Bootable Rescue Media Creator


Bootable Rescue Media Creator is the way to rescue broken system. If your computer breaks down, but you have backed up your system with AOMEI Backupper, you can use “Create Bootable Media” in “Utilities” to create a bootable CD/USB firstly and use it to restore system image.

  • Support creating two kind of bootable system---Windows PE or Linux Windows.
  • Can create a bootable CD/DVD, USB drive, or export as a bootable ISO file.
  • Support adding specific drivers to a Windows PE bootable media when it is being created.
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File and Folder Backup


File and folder backup are very common for users. If there are some important files in one folder, and you just want to backup some files, you can choose File Backup; if all files in one folder are very significant to you, maybe Folder Backup is better fit for you.

  • Be able to backup all files and folders in your computer.
  • Offers filter function to exclude files or folder you don’t want to back up.
  • Supports encrypt data to protect private.
  • Can backup multiple files and folders at the same time.
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Disk Space Management


Disk Space Management, also called Backup Scheme, you can use it to delete obsolete backup to manage your computer space after you do a schedule backup. Schedule Backup will backup data and files automatically and many backup versions will be generated in your computer. With time goes by, if the backup version will make computer space smaller and smaller. Therefore, for saving your computer space, you can use this function to delete useless backup automatically.

  • can be set specific condition to delete old backup.
  • After current backup has been finished every time, the obsolete image files will be deleted. That will make sure that image files won’t be deleted by mistake.
  • Allows reserve the first time backup, that is, the program is never going to delete the image file created in first time.
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Incremental/ Differential Backup


Incremental/Differential Backup is one of backup types. Their features are different on backing up data and files.

  • Incremental Backup : It will backup all changed or increased data or files based on the last backup, be it a full backup or incremental backup.
  • Differential Backup: it will backup the changed data or files based on the previous full backup.

For saving storage space, you can choose any one of above backup types to backup data and files again.

  • Won’t backup the repeated data, therefore, it will minimize disk space that image file occupied.
  • Only backup the files that has been revised or added, thus, its backup speed will be faster.
  • Combine Incremental/Differential Backup and Schedule backup/Backup Scheme to make regular backup simpler.
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Disk or Partition Backup

Disk or Partition Backup can backup all disks and partitions. The difference between disk backup and partition backup is the data range.

  • Disk Backup:all data in a disk will be backed up. Maybe a disk has a few partitions. When you back up disk, all partitions on that disk will be backed up. For example, disk 1 has C, D, E partitions. When you backup disk 1, the three partitions will be backed up.
  • Partition backup:All data in a partition will be backed up. For example, disk 1 has C, D, E partitions. When you backup the E partition, all data in E partition will be backed up and other partitions such as C, D will not.
  • Allow you backup multiple disks or partitions in one backup.
  • Offer backup option to manage backup while backing up, such as encryption, compression, splitting, notification, sector by sector backup, etc.
  • Need not restart computer and does not affect other software’s running while backing up.
  • You can set schedule backup in the process of setting.
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Disk or Partition Clone

Disk or Partition Clone can clone a disk or partition to other one. In technically, there are different.

  • Disk Clone: it will clone a disk to others, and all partitions on the disk will be cloned. The difference between disk clone and disk backup is that disk clone must be cloned to other disk; disk backup will make an image file for disks, and it can be stored to anywhere that has sufficient space.
  • Partition Clone:It will clone a partition to another, and all data on the partition will be cloned. The difference between partition clone and partition backup is that source partition and target partition can’t be same. Partition clone requires other partitions to store, but Partition Backup allows storing the image file in anywhere that has sufficient space.
  • Need not restart computer, and won’t influent other applications’ running while cloning.
  • Will make sure that destination disk can boot, after system disk is cloned to target disk;
  • Support clone large disk to small disk, or small one to big one; and also support large partition to small partition, or small one to large one; etc.
  • Allow you to adjust size of partition while cloning, and also allow you to align partitions to optimize for SSD.
  • Support quickly clone, and clone sectors that has been used to destination location, also, it supports sector-by-sector clone.
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Dissimilar Hardware Restore

Dissimilar Hardware Restore also can be named Universal Restore, which is a feature in AOMEI Backupper. With this function, you can recover the image of your system to a machine with dissimilar hardware. If you don’t backup any data and files in your computer, notably operating system, once you computer breaks down, you can use this function to recover it.

  • can do instant recovery of a crashed system on different hardware.
  • Migration to a machine with dissimilar hardware. You can use AOMEI Universal Restore to restore system image that is created in other computer to your computer.
  • Offer Real-to-virtual and virtual-to-real computer migration function for system recovery, as well as testing and other purposes.
  • The computer that is changed hardware will require being reinstalled system; to prevent reinstall system, you can use AOMEI Universal Restore to restore system.
  • You can use Universal Restore to install system on bare metals or restore system to many computers with AOMEI PXE Tool.
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System Clone or System Migration

System Clone/System Migration is the function of AOMEI Backupper. If your computer hard disk is broken, or you want to use SSD as system disk, you can use AOMEI System Clone to migrate system installed in computer to solid state drive(SSD) or traditional hard drive(HDD).

  • Is very easy to migrate system to a new disk, also, it supports migrate system to SSD.
  • Makes sure that system on new disk can be started after finishing system clone.
  • Can align partition while migrating to optimize the performance of SSD.
  • All software or applications in the system partition will be cloned integrally..
  • Need not to restart computer, and it won’t affect your operation on computer.
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A Brief Introduction of Different Edition of AOMEI Backupper

  • Standard edition of AOMEI Backupper is for PC system, and can be used freely for everyone. More details in AB Standard.
  • Professional edition is for PC system, but It has more functions than Standard edition. More details in AB Professional.
  • Server edition is designed for small and medium sized business, and can be installed on PC or server system. More details in AB Server.
  • Technician edition offers technical services for individual or companies. More details in AB Technician.
  • Different editions of AOMEI Backupper have different features, You can choose it depending on what you need, or problems computer encounters. For more information of different AOMEI Backupper editions, please click Edition Comparison.