By Delia / Last update October 16, 2020

What is Acer Restore Key?

Acer restore key, also called Acer recovery hotkey, Acer reset key or Acer reset button, refers to one key or a set of keys which can trigger the computer boot into recovery environment when power the computer on and let you restore Acer to factory settings.

The Acer restore key is Alt + F10. These keys are used to restore system to factory defaults if the system failure due to virus/hacker/malware attacks, software errors, wrong operations, hardware corruption, etc.

How to Get Acer Restore to Factory Settings?

If the computer built in the Acer eRecovery Management, you could access the recovery software to restore your computers to factory settings:

1. Choose Restore in main window of Acer eRecovery Management.

2. Select Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults or Restore Operating System and Retain User Data.

3. Then follow the steps to restore Acer to default settings.

Acer eRecovery Management Restore

If there is no Acer eRecovery Management, you could restore Acer laptop with Acer recovery key (Alt + F10), here is the steps:

1. Press the Power key for 5 seconds to power off Acer computer completely.

2. Then restart the computer and pressing Alt + F10 when its logo shows up.

3. Select Troubleshoot in the window.

4. Click Reset your PC. All the data you created will be deleted after the restoration. Just choose Refresh your PC to restore system if you want to keep all files.

5. Click Next, then select Just remove my files.

6. Press Reset to begin the recovery.

By the way, there are some other brands of restore key:

  • Lenovo restore key is NOVO button, Shift key or F11 Key.

  • Asus recovery hotkey is F9 key.

  • HP factory reset key is F11 key.

  • Dell recovery key is F8 (for Windows 7) or F12 (for Windows 8/8.1).

Acer Alt + F10 Not Working

However, you may find the Acer Alt + F10 recovery key combination not working to restore to factory settings. It’s probably because the recovery partition is corrupted or deleted somehow. If so, it’s difficult to repair the recovery partition and make Alt + F10 works.

But you could create a new recovery partition and create a new Acer laptop recovery key.

Create New Acer Restore Key with AOMEI OneKey Recovery

Though there are many brand computers recovery keys, they are respectively belong to different brands and reset key for one brand can’t be used on another brand. That is to say, restore key associate with brand computer built in recovery tool is unique.

However, you could use the same recovery key in different brand computers only if using the AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional, this software define the A or F11 key as the Acer restore key.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional is a one-key system backup and recovery tools for Windows PCs and servers, applied to Acer, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, etc to create a new recovery partition and a new restore key to restore system to previous state or factory settings.

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Here is how to create new Acer recovery partition with simple clicks in Windows:

1. Install AOMEI OneKey Recovery and perform the program, click OneKey System Backup button.

Onekey System Backup

2. Choose Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition (Recommended) option, and press Next >>.

Backup System To AOMEI Onekey Recovery Partition

3. Select a partition to create AOMEI Recovery Partition, tap Start Backup >> to create a new recovery partition in your Acer laptop.

Select Partition

4. After the AOMEI Recovery Partition created finished, click Settings icon at the top right corner, and then set the F11 or A key to enter AOMEI recovery environment in case you need to restore system to previous state or factory settings.



You will get two partitions in GPT disk: AOMEI (boot partition) and AOMEI Recovery Partition, and only one AOMEI Recovery Partition in MBR disk.

If you want to use the AOMEI Recovery Partition to restore system, please perform AOMEI OneKey Recovery and choose OneKey System Recovery to restore easily.

OneKey System Recovery

The End

To keep the Acer restore key working properly, please backup your system on a regular basis, if the Alt + F10 Factory reset key not working, please create a new recovery partition and set A or F11 as the reset key with AOMEI OneKey Recovery.