Acer Recovery Program Not Working by Pressing Alt plus F10

If Acer users cannot restore system to factory settings by pressing Alt plus F10, maybe you will face trouble mentioned in this article. AOMEI OneKey Recovery will help you solve such problem.


by Delia Updated on May 31, 2024

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About “Alt + F10”

Acer computer, designed by a company in Taiwan, China, is in the fourth place in the global computer sale ranking. Even the most famous computer, however, will encounter problems in users' hand. Sometimes, even is a little trouble, it will drive users crazy. One key Recovery Acer alt F10 not working is one of them.

“Alt + F10” is a set of shortcut keys to help users of Acer computer to quickly enter into recovery environment of Acer eRecovery Management.

User Can’t Enter Recovery Interface When Pressing Alt plus F10

"Why can't I restore my Acer laptop to factory settings? The hotkey was Alt plus F10 before. Are there something has been deleted by me accidently?" A thread is posted in forum. Maybe this phenomenon or some similar situations are encountered by other users. Why does this happen? Referring from this thread, there are some reasons below:

  • Users have to press Alt plus F10 before computer entering into system. Acer Alt F10 doesn’t work when computer is already running operating system.

  • Acer recovery partition is deleted by users. Acer recovery partition stores system image, which was created before computer was put onto sale. If users have formatted or deleted recovery partition, Alt F10 not working Acer recovery.

  • Reinstalling computer will result in Acer hotkey not working. All hotkey rely on drives. If users have reinstalled system, drive will be deleted as well, of course, hotkey won't work.

  • Changes have been made to boot partition, system partition, recovery partition etc. on partition size, partition type and so on. All these little changes will cause Acer Alt F10 not working.

All reasons above is possible to cause the asker’s problem. Actually, under some circumstances, users can enter recovery interface, and built-in recovery program can run, but, during it is running, program will prompt Acer recovery error:

"The size of C drive or recovery partition have been changed…” This reason will also affect recovery.

Acer Alt F10 Not Working

When users encounter this phenomenon above, or computer breaks down right away, they have to send their computer to repair. If users' computers are in good condition when they plan to reset these machines, there is another kind of backup and recovery software to help them.

Only Press A to Restore System Image with AOMEI OneKey Recovery

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a good software that can help users to backup and restore system quickly and easily. Comparing with Acer one key recovery program, except that users delete recovery partition created by AOMEI OneKey Recovery, all other possible situations mentioned above won't bother AOMEI OneKey Recovery restore operating system.

OneKey Recovery

Download it to have a try right now.

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After users install and launch AOMEI OneKey Recovery, its icon will be generated automatically. Whenever user want to backup, user can use it by clicking its icon on desktop. Once you backed up systems, you can use it to restore systems any time. Also, there's a Scheduler feature to help you perform the system backup regularly (daily/weekly/monthly).

One Key Backup System

If system breaks down and it can’t boot, Acer Alt F10 not working also, user can press “A” when see a prompting words says "To enter AOMEI OneKey Recovery, please press A" after starting up computer.


  • AOMEI OneKey Recovery can only help when users’ computers are still working properly. When computers are in good condition, create a hidden system recovery partition and enable “A” or a customized key as system recovery key. Once accidents happen, press the hotkey after power on computer and before computer tries to enter OS. Then, enter AOMEI system recovery environment to recover operating system back.

  • If your machine already fails to boot and you haven’t use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to make any system image, I’m afraid that you have to either order a recovery media from Acer support center, or reinstall OS or take your computer to a repair shop.

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