Using NAS for Backup to Protect Your Data from Disasters

October 19, 2016

NAS (Network Attached Storage) for backup will bring persons convenience for data protection. By using NAS, data loss problem will be solved in a short time.

About NAS

When refer to NAS (Network Attached Storage), you should know what the meaning of it is. NAS is a centralized data management center which can integrate scattered and independent data into large, centralized data. Generally speaking, network storage refers to the device which is connected to network and can storage data. It is a kind of special data storage server that lets data as the center, thoroughly separate storage devices and server to manage data.

NAS is also a disk array that can be connected through cable, so it owns all the main characteristics of the disk array, high capacity, high performance, and high reliability includes. In one word, NAS has many merits in many aspects. When installing, it is very easy and fast to install NAS device. Also it is easy to maintain NAS devices. Third, it owns very good scalability that you can get more space to store data. The requirement to the server is reduced, can greatly reduce the cost of the server, and is conducive to popularize and apply high performance storage system within a wider scope.

Using NAS for Backup

Along with so many advantages of NAS, using NAS for backup is accepted widely by persons. If you want make full use of a dual-bay NAS device, you should install two identical-capacity drives. By configuring the device in a RAID 1 array, copying the contents of one drive to anther to ensure your data is safe once one drive damages. You need to make sure that your device and network support Gigabit Ethernet so that files transmission speed is fast between NAS box and connected devices.

Using NAS for backup is simple and can save time for files transmission and easily and effectively protect data, which avoids many troubles of data loss. Therefore, NAS for backup storage is a best way in backup storage aspect. A third backup software - AOMEI Backupper is recommended to you for easier backup NAS. AOMEI Backupper is a powerful and professional backup software which supports backup files, folders, system, partition and disk to NAS, external devices, USB, or CD. As for using NAS for backup, with it, you can quickly create NAS backup. If you want to try, please download it.


In conclusion, NAS for backup is easy and simple, and for data security, it is significant. AOMEI Backupper plays an important role in NAS backup.