By Teresa / Last Updated October 9, 2017

Why deploy Windows 7 image over network?

Network Storage becomes popular in recent years even among PC users. More and more users would like to backup computer to NAS or network shared folders to save local disk space. Therefore, there has necessary to deploy Win 7 image over network since someone has saved backup images there. For example, it is not uncommon to deploy Windows 7 system image to different hardware in people’s daily life.

What’s more, administrators in large or middle sized company need to deploy Windows image on a large scale now and then. Deploy the image from network saves the time of booting up each computer one by one as well as the time of creating bootable device for possibly dissimilar hardware. Another aspect for restoring Windows image from network would be in the situation the target PC neither has CD/DVD Drive nor supports booting from USB. Thus, to deploy Windows 7 image from network is the best solution, which will save budget and effort during the process.

How to deploy Windows 7 over the network?

Using either System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), masses of complicated operations and command line types are inevitable. Sometimes, it is not the complex process scares you but the disastrous effect you may make during the process. As a result, finding reliable deploying software not only ensures the success rate but also lowers the potential risk.

AOMEI Image Deploy (AID) is such professional Windows image deploy tool that strives to make complicated deployment process simpler. It is image deployment and network cloning software that supports deploying or restoring an image to multiple computers over network. No need to use CD/DVD or USB to boot target computer because it will create WinPE in the installation directory automatically. If there is no DHCP server in the LAN, just enable its built-in one. Download this freeware to have a try.

How to deploy Windows 7 image over a network via AID?

1. Install and launch AID on one of your PCs and use it as the master PC. Let AID to create WinPE ISO image for you. Or, select the second option to create the ISO manually if you want to add some drivers to the target PC(s). Check Enable DHCP box at the same time if you don’t have one.

AOMEI Image Deploy Free

2. After creating WinPE ISO image, the AID will give you the message reading “The service has started, waiting for connect…” as follow.

The service has started

3. Now leave this PC alone and boot the target PC(s). Keep tapping F2 or F8 once booting. Enter the BIOS to change boot priority to network.

Set boot order

4. After all target PCs boot normal, AID on master PC will prompt you “Client computers connected” in the display list. Tick the box beneath saying “I confirm all the client computers which need to be restored are online” and click Next.

Server Connection Status

5. Click Browse to navigate the Windows 7 image you stored on network before. You may configure more at will if you deploy image to multiple computers as the example did. Note that the “Destination disk” refers to the disk number on client PC(s) you will deploy; the “Deployed computers” refers to the PC amount you will deploy at a time.

Specify image

6. Click Start Deploy after personal configurations done. You may want to restart the client PC(s) after deployment. Go and turn over one of your favorite magazines to wait the process to be completed.

Start Deploy

Deploy Process


  • Please note that there should have one and only one DHCP server during the process, otherwise you may screw up the deployment
  • To deploy Windows image to dissimilar hardware or deploy target PCs amount overpass 20, you need to turn to AOMEI Image Deploy Technician version.
  • This method also applies to Windows XP and Windows 10 image.


This is the strategy that needs only master PC, client PC and network storage with Windows image on in the process of deploying Windows 7 image over network. As covered, AOMEI Image Deploy (AID) is specialized Windows image deployment software so it is good Windows 10 deployment tool. Deploying Windows image to multiple computers is particularly important in upgrading operating systems in companies, AID definitely is the best choice for admins.