[Fixed] How Do I Recover Permanently Deleted Videos?

How do I recover permanently deleted videos from different devices, Windows computers, iPhones, and Android phones? Read this post to get the easiest ways for deleted or lost video recovery.


By Lora / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Can deleted videos be recovered?

Videos are closely related to our daily life and work. It may take a long time to make, edit, and export video files. Usually, videos are stored on different devices. But data loss issues always occur unexpectedly. It could be a disaster if those videos disappear suddenly or are deleted accidentally without any available backup.


How do I recover permanently deleted videos? Fortunately, there are useful data recovery solutions for deleted video recovery on Windows PC, iPhones, and Android phones. Deleted videos can be recovered if you use the right methods or tools. Whatever devices you use to store videos, stop writing new data to the storage devices where the deleted videos were stored. Because once the deleted data are overwritten, the deleted videos can’t be recovered forever.

How Do I Recover permanently deleted videos on my computer?

When you find the videos are deleted or lost, you’d better perform data recovery as soon as possible to improve the recovery rate. Time matters. The first place you must go when videos are deleted is the Recycle Bin. Generally speaking, the deleted videos will be directly moved to Recycle Bin.

Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop and locate the deleted video you need. And then right-click the video and select “Restore” to the original storage location. You can also drag and drop the selected videos to any location you want.

However, if you press the Shift + Delete keys to delete data or deleted files from USB drives, SD cards, or external hard drives, you will find files not in Recycle Bin.

How to recover permanently deleted videos from computers? If you want to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin after empty or can’t find the deleted files in the Recycle Bin, you could try the following methods: recover from File History backup or professional video recovery software.

Method 1. Restore deleted videos via a File History backup

After checking the Recycle Bin, then you need to confirm whether the deleted videos are backed up in folders or via programs. For Windows users, File History is a common feature to back up files from Libraries, Desktop, Contacts, and Favorites. Follow the steps below to retrieve deleted videos via File History. This feature only supports Windows 8 and above. 

Step 1. Go to “System and Security” > “File History” > “Restore personal files”.


Step 2. Go to the folder where your deleted video files were stored before to see if there are available backup files.

Step 3. Select the videos you want to restore and click the green Restore button.


Method 2. Recover deleted videos via video recovery software

If you don’t have available backup files to use, you could try a reliable data recovery tool to restore permanently deleted videos. The permanently deleted files would be kept on the storage devices for a period of time until are overwritten by new data.

With the help of professional Windows data recovery software, you could restore the original file path and file names of deleted videos. It’s recommended to use MyRecover due to its simplicity, dependability, and performance. With three simple steps, you could recover permanently deleted videos from computers immediately. This method is also suited for SD card photo recovery.

Key features of MyRecover
Support for permanently deleted data recovery, formatted data recovery, and other data recovery situations.
 Recover deleted files from internal hard drives, external hard drives, SD cards, USB flash drives, SSDs, and other Windows storage media.
 Recover deleted or lost Microsoft Office documents, photos, videos, audio, emails, and hundreds of other file types.
 Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11 and Windows Server.
Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Launch MyRecover on your computer. Hover the mouse over the partition where the deleted videos were saved and click Scan.


Step 2. The program runs the scanning process quickly to find deleted files and other missing files in this partition. During scanning, you could recover the deleted videos you want.


Step 3. Select the videos or the folder that you want to recover and click "Recover files".


How to recover permanently deleted videos from my iPhone?

If you accidentally deleted videos from your iPhone, you need to go to the Recently Deleted folder to check the deleted videos. The deleted photos and videos will be moved to the Recently Deleted folder directly for 30 days by default. If you have emptied the folder or the save time is exceeded, there are other useful methods to restore the deleted videos.

Method 1. Restore permanently deleted videos from a Finder/iTunes backup

If you have made iTunes or Finder backup, you could directly restore deleted videos via iTunes. Please note that the backup data will replace the existing data on your iPhone. If you have turned on photos in iCloud sync, the photos and videos won’t be backed up in iTunes. Therefore, you’d better make a full backup of your iPhone before restoring the iPhone from iTunes backup.

Step 1. Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone and the PC.

Step 2. Click on your device icon and select “Summary”.


Step 3. Click “Restore Backup” under the Backups menu. Select the backup files according to the iPhone name and backup time.


Method 2. Retrieve permanently deleted videos via iPhone video recovery software

You may wonder how to recover deleted videos without a backup. With the help of professional iPhone video recovery software, permanently deleted videos can be recovered.

After the videos are deleted from the iPhone, they are hidden somewhere on the iPhone, which means they can be recovered using professional tools. You can trust MyRecover for iOS. If you don’t want the existing data to be erased or have available backups, it is the best choice for you for deleted video recovery.

Step 1. Download and install AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the PC via a USB cable.

Download SoftwareiOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Step 2. Trust the computer you have connected. The software will identify your iOS device automatically. Click "Scan Now" and keep the connection between the iOS device and the computer.


Step 3. After the scanning process completes, it will list all of the deleted and existing data on the iPhone. You could choose "Videos" from the left panel and find the deleted videos to restore, and then click “Recover”.


How to recover permanently deleted videos from Android phones?

Like iPhone, all deleted files, such as photos and videos, go directly to your Recently Deleted folder on Android phones. They will only be there for 30 days. You could recover deleted videos from Android phones via the Recently Deleted folder or backup files, like Google Photos.

Follow the steps below to recover recently deleted videos from a Samsung phone :

Step 1. Open the Gallery app and select "Pictures"

Step 2.Tap the menu bar and select "Trash".

Step 3. Select the videos and photos that you want to recover.

Step 4. Select "Restore" to recover your deleted videos and photos.


If you have uploaded videos and photos from your Android device to the Google Photos app, you can recover permanently deleted videos from Android phones without computers.

Step 1. Open your Google Photos app on your Android phone.

Step 2. Tap "Menu" at the top left of your screen. And then tap "Trash".

Step 3. Choose the photos and videos you'd like to recover. Tap "Restore".


Bonus tips to avoid data loss

Hopefully, the methods above could solve the issue of "how do I recover permanently deleted videos". Even the best data recovery solution can’t guarantee a 100% success recovery rate. Prevention is the most important than recovery. Therefore, making a regular backup can prevent data loss effectively. For Windows computers, you could try Microsoft features, like Backup & Restore or File History. But the function is relatively single.

It’s recommended to use the powerful Windows backup freeware-AOMEI Backupper for file backup, partition backup, and disk backup. Besides, it can help you clone the disk and make a bootable media when the system crashes. 

For iPhone, making backups via iTunes or iCloud is the best way to avoid iPhone data loss. But if you have problems with iTunes or don’t have enough space in iCloud, you could try iPhone backup freeware-FoneTool to back up, restore, and transfer data among different iOS devices.

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