By Teresa / Last Updated September 18, 2017

Is Windows 7 Backup and Restore Any Good?

Windows Backup and Restore is a built-in utility that used to help user backup and restore PC files and system. Backup and Restore function exists in Windows 7 and Windows 10 only and Microsoft replaces this utility with File History in Windows 8. Surely, Windows 10 also has this File History for file backup and restore.

Windows Backup and Restore supports two different types of backup: file backup and system image. File backups are saved to ZIP file and the system image is saved in a VHD file. Besides, during a backup, the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) in Windows ensures the files won’t be changed while they are being backed up. Some may ask: does Windows 7 Backup and Restore do incremental backups? Fortunately, the answer is positive. Incremental backup is available in file backup.

However, there are some limitations of Windows 7 Backup and Restore feature that we need to pay attention to. Backup and Restore supports store images to network location, yet it works only in Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. In addition, system backup to network creates only full backup, not including incremental backup. Moreover, it is not supported to backup system to USB flash drive directly.

Let’s learn how to get to Backup and Restore in Windows 7 and Windows 10 one by one in following part.

Access Backup and Restore in Windows 7

1. You can access to this utility in three steps. First, click Start > Control Panel.

Start Control Panel

2. In Control Panel, click Back up your computer.

Backup Your Computer

3. Now, you are in the main interface. At this page, you are allowed to enable Windows 7 Backup and Restore with set up a new backup or create a system image options. On the contrary, if you have created backup before, you can click “Turn off” button to disable Windows Backup and Restore.

Backup and Restore

Absolutely, you have easier way to get into this page. Click Start and type backup and restore in the search box. Then select this function from the given list.

Type in search box

How to Access Backup and Restore (Windows 7) in Windows 10?

1. Click Start button of Windows 10 and click Settings.

Start Settings

2. Roll-down your mouse, find Update & security and click it.

Update and security

3. Select Backup.


4. Now you have accessed Windows 10 backup utility which contains both File History and Backup and Restore (Windows 7). You can back up using File History by selecting “Add a drive” or clicking “More Options”. To access Windows Backup and Restore, please click Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

Go to Backup and Restore Windows 7

5. Finally, you’re here. This is no different with Windows 7 Backup and Restore except the File History link in the lower-left corner.

Backup and Restore (Windows 7)

Likewise, you can find this tool by typing backup and restore in Windows 10 search box.

Backup and restore search box


This Windows Backup and Restore user guide briefly introduces backup utility in Windows 7 and 10 as well as shows the detailed steps to access it. Next, you can enjoy backing up your computer at will. Just in case, if you are unlucky and encountered Windows 7 Backup and Restore not working issue or the like, it is not a bad choice to try Windows 7 Backup and Restore alternative.