How to Secretly or Automatically Copy Files from USB to Computer

You will learn how to secretly or automatically copy files from USB to computer with the least space, and vice versa.


by Ivy Updated on November 10, 2022

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User case: secretly copy files from USB to computer


Is there a software or script to copy files from USB to computer automatically?

Hi! Is there any way to copy all files from a USB drive without any prompt? So you just plug it in and then all files will be copied. I have a lot of USB drives and sometimes I erase them without knowing what there's in. But I don't want to lose any data on them. So, any software/script that automatically makes a copy of a plugged-in USB?

In fact, Windows provides you with different backup software to backup files automatically. Backup and Restore (Windows 7) allows you to backup files automatically with different backup frequencies, daily, weekly or monthly while File History backs up all the user files from every 10 minutes to daily. 

But if you want to automatically make a copy of a plugged-in USB, they are not working well. In this case, you could try third-party backup software to copy files from USB to computer automatically when it's plugged in. And I'll introduce you to such software. 

Benefits of secretly copying files from USB to computer

USB is very convenient for users to store data or transfer it from one computer to another computer and various USB brands like Kingston, SanDisk and Samsung are praised by a lot of users. Most USB drives weigh less than 30g, and because of this, it is easy to lose.

Thus, to prevent data from being lost due to various reasons, many users are willing to backup files from USB to computer automatically. Below are advantages of it:

  • Save time and energy. Once the automatic backup is set successfully, you don't have to manually copy your files each time, especially when you have a large amount of files to copy. All you need to do is to plug in USB.

  • Protect your important files. You don't want to lose any important files due to misken deletion or other reasons. 

Best software for secretly copying files from USB to computer

Since Windows built-in backup software does not support secretly copying files on USB automatically when it's plugged, you can only turn to third-party software. AOMEI Backupper Professional is one of the best software to do so. And you can enjoy the following advantages in this software.

It not only auto copies files in daily, weekly, or monthly, but also supports event trigger and USB plug in. The last one is able to secretly copy files from USB to computer when it's plugged in and vice versa. 
It will reduce backup image size and disk space you will use as much as possible. By default, it uses incremental backup, normal compression, and automatic splitting, and you can enjoy the corresponding advanced features. Besides, it is able to delete old backup image regularly to free up disk space.
Besides, it still supports multiple restore methods. You can choose to restore files from all backup solutions (file/system/disk/partition backup), even without booting into Windows

And all the operation are based on an intuitive interface, so all uses can understand and use it easily. Please download it to have a try! For server users, try AOMEI Backupper Server.

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Secretly copy files from USB to computer step by step 

Before backing up files from USB, you need to check the validity of your USB. If you want the backup task to be recognized easily later, you can assign drive letter to your USB.

Step 1. Launch this software after installing it. Then, click Backup and File Backup subsequently.

File Backup

Step 2. The Task Name can be changed by your needs. Click Add File or Add Folder to select your files from USB.

Add File or Add Folder

Step 3. Select the prepared USB drive to store backup image. Please connect it in advance, otherwise you cannot find it on your computer.

Destination Path

Step 4. To auto copy USB, click Schedule Backup and select USB Plug in after enabling it. Optionally, you can minimize backup image size and disk space with the help of Options and Backup Scheme feature. Then click Start Backup to set scheduled backup task.

Options: You can set high compression level and customized spliting. To be sure the backup status, it's suggested to enable email notification in this feature.
Backup Scheme: You can enable different backup and automatic backup cleanup (By quality/By time/By daily/weekly/monthly). The latter is the most thorough way to prevent backup disk full issue.

Schedule Settings

If your computer is not bootable, you need to create a boot repair USB on another working computer. Then, insert it to your computer, set boot priority in the BIOS and boot from it, copy files with steps exactly the same as above. 

Besides auto copy USB to PC, you are still able to copy files off computer without leaving trace, just select files or folders on the computer and use the USB drive as backup target during the process.

✨ Bonus tip: backup USB files to AOMEI Cloud

If you want to backup files on USB drive to a safe place, you could consider using AOMEI Cloud. Compared to other cloud drives, it costs less when it comes to the same capacity. It charges only $19.95 per year for 1TB storage space.



This article tells you how to secretly copy files from USB to computer with the help of  AOMEI Backupper. And you can prevent the ensuing problem of low disk space due to accumulated backups and limited.  In addition, it still supports getting personal files off a work computer.

It is worth mentioning that the backup process won’t interrupt your work. You can do your work without any concern. And it allows you to backup files on unlimited PCs or servers without installing if you use its technician or techplus edition. All in all, it's worth trying software to protect data!

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