By Ivy / Last update October 22, 2020

In Need of Dell Data Migration Tool

Dell computers serve thousands of users around the world due to their great performance and properties. Users would like to perform a direct file transfer from PC to PC in different situations. In general, here are some common reasons.

  • Simply transfer files old PC to new PC for upgrading.

  • Share files between computers. For example, transfer files between laptop and desktop.

  • Make duplications as backups in case data loss unexpectedly.

  • Transfer operating system to new computer without reinstalling.

Many other reasons may not be listed here because causes are different under all kinds of conditions. Well, it is more important to figure out what kind of data migration tool is able to manage the task well on Windows operating systems.

Dell Laptop

Powerful Dell Data Transfer Tool for Windows

Windows provides a tool called Windows Easy Transfer to transfer files between computers in particular. If you are interested in that way, you may refer to how to transfer with Windows Easy Transfer on Dell computer. Note that that tutorial is applicable to Microsoft OS up to and including Windows 8.1 (Win10 exempt).

If you have tried that way and got no luck, do not have transporting media, or you’re running Windows 10 operating system, you may want to try this mighty data transfer software for Dell computers – AOMEI Backupper Professional. It is comprehensive utility that could help you transfer files among computers and used as Dell cloning software at the same time.

Two of features, File Sync and Disk Clone, would be utilized in this example. More features will be introduced for different occasions when necessary. Windows 10, 8.1/8, 7, XP and Vista supported. Download its free trial and have a try.

Download Free Trial

Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

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How to Transfer Files from Dell Old to New Computer Accordingly?

Transferring files only to new computer and transferring operating system to new computer will be separately introduced below. Choose the suitable solution based on your own situation.

Dell Transfer Files to New Computer via Network


  • Make sure involved computers are in the same network segment in LAN.

  • Shared folder on the source computer is necessary. If there is no network shared folder, please follow the third part in this guide to create one.

Detailed steps:

1. Install AOMEI Backupper Professional on the computer you’ll transfer files from. Go Sync tab and scroll down to find Basic Sync. Click it.

File Sync

2. Click Add Folder and then Computer (or This PC) to find local files you’d like to transfer.

Add Folder

Tip: If you click the folder you select, you will see the funnel shaped button at the right side.  To do file filtering, just click it and then choose to include or exclude certain files from selected folders.

Click Filter Settings

3. Click where the arrow points on the interface and then select NAS/Share > Add Network Locationton to input the correct network path. Username and password may be required if you set before.

Add Network Location

4. Click Options and Schedule to set more if you want to. Finally, click Start Sync to run the task. Now, you can access the shared folder from the other new computer and you can copy them to local drive. Actually, you can share files to multiple computers that in the same LAN using this way.

Tip: you can set daily, weekly, monthly, event-trigger or USB plug in mode in Schedule option.

Transfer Operating System to New Computer via Dell Migration Tool in Windows 10

If you’d like to move all data including operating system on Dell computer to new computer, a Backup & Restore solution of AOMEI Backupper is recommended. That way works perfect especially when transfer Windows to computer that has dissimilar hardware. Here are specific steps.

Step 1. Create Image for Dell Hard Drive

You need to create a backup image for current hard drive that installs operating system. It is suggested to save the backup image on external hard drive or network path where can be accessed in WinPE on bare metal. Connect the external drive if necessary.

Disk Backup

a. In AOMEI Backupper, click Backup and then Disk Backup. To migrate operating system only, please select System Backup at this step.

b. Select the hard drive you’d like to backup by clicking Add Disk.

c. Select a path (external drive recommended) to store the disk image backup and click Next.

d. Click Start Backup and wait for it completes.

Tips: you can password encryption the backup image in Backup Options.

Step 2. Create A Bootable Device

Insert a USB flash drive (more than 13GB in size) or CD/DVD disc to your Dell computer.

Create Bootable Media

a. In AOMEI Backupper, click Tools > Create Bootable Media.

b. Choose bootable disc type (Windows PE recommended).

c. Choose WinPE boot mode, Legacy on MBR and UEFI on GPT disk.

d. Choose Burn to CD/DVD or USB Boot Device and click Next. The process will start immediately. Wait for it to complete.

Step 3. Restore Image to New Computer

Now you need to restore the disk image to new machine. Shut it down in the first place. Note that the target hard drive will be overwritten, so back up important files in advance.

Restore Image

a. Insert the bootable media you created and the external storage that stores your backup image if any to the new PC. Power it on then.

b. Press Del or F2 to enter BIOS, and you need to change boot priority to the bootable media here. Press F10 to save and exit BIOS.

c. Once logged in, you’ll see loaded AOMEI Backupper right now. Click Restore and then Select Image File to navigate to the disk image.

d. Select the correct backup image and click Next.

e. Select to restore the entire disk and click Next. 

f. Select destination path and confirm the Operation Summary. The Universal Restore option in the lower-left corner is checked by default when it detects any dissimilar hardware. Click Start Restore to execute.

g. When the restoration completes, remove all external connections and restart the computer.


  • By default, system image will be restored to the system partition or the equivalent place of the disk.

  • Some drivers, such as video/sound card drivers, NIC drivers, display driver etc, are not installed by AOMEI Universal Restore, as they doesn’t affect system startup and can be installed manually in Windows after the successful restoring.

  • To restore to dissimilar hardware computer on Dell Server, please turn to AOMEI Backupper Server.


Powerful Dell data migration tool for Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, XP and Vista is introduced above, coming with detailed operation steps for different purposes. Choose the most suitable one for your own.

It is suggested to keep AOMEI Backupper installed on Dell computer after the operation to perform continuous data protection. The software supports protect computer with 3-2-1 backup strategy, saving disk space while creating robust backup solution.