By Delia / Last update December 13, 2021

What Is Buffalo NAS?

Buffalo NAS is short for Buffalo network-attached storage which is a sort of data storage device. They can easily provide secure and reliable centralized storage and backup for your small office, business, or home needs. These devices can be modified into miniature general purpose Linux-based computer with various series, such as LinkStation, TeraStation, Kuro Box, Linux community, Uses, Gallery, See also, Reference. Among them, the LinkStation and TeraStation are intended for the general public. The Kuro Box is intended for expert hackers as a cheap platform for Linux development.

Why do You Need to Backup Buffalo NAS to External Hard Drive?

Buffalo network-attached storage device can help us to save and transfer files much faster in a short span of time. At the same time, it acts as a complete and standard platform to the administrator when they save files or folders. With it, we can retrieve the previous files very easily owing to the multiple partitions creating a system to save the files. Up to now, the storage capacity is still a great problem for us. But, with Buffalo NAS, you could not worry about it since Buffalo NAS can support Redundant Array of Independent Disks (known as RAID) by holding plentiful disks, and you can connect these appliances for storage expansion. Are you feeling it really convenient? Yes, at least I feel it's convenient. But, why do we still need to back up Buffalo NAS to external hard drive?

Yes, it has many advantages. But, it still has some disadvantages. The major disadvantage is that you are mainly allowed to run on Linux file system. Once power loss or machine failure appears, retrieving or recovering files or folders from the system becomes complex. In this case, you need to ask professional data recovery software for help, or you can not access any Buffalo NAS device. To avoid this situation, a majority of users would be willing to back up Buffalo NAS drive to external hard drive. It can reduce the possibility of losing data.

Buffalo NAS Backup Software - AOMEI Backupper Standard

From above, we can see that backup to NAS is not good enough for us to prevent data loss. In order to decrease the risk of losing data, you can back up Buffalo NAS as well and Keep a complete copy outside.

Below are the detail steps to backup Buffalo NAS to external hard drive.

Before you begin to backup Buffalo NAS to external hard drive, plug your external hard drive into your computer and make sure it can be recognized.

Step 1: Download AOMEI Backupper Standard, and enter the main page, select File Backup.

File Backup

Step 2. ClickAdd Folder orAdd File and choose Share/NAS.

Add Folders Files

Select Share

Step 3.In the pop-up window, click Add Network Location. Then you are required to input display name and network path. After that, click OK to load Buffalo NAS drive and choose the files you want to backup.

Add Network Location

Step 4. Select the external hard drive you plug into ahead of time and click Start Backup.


If you want to backup Buffalo NAS to external hard drive at a regular time, you can tick Schedule to set up your task. At the same time, if you want to preferably protect your files or folders, you can tick Options and choose any option you wish to protect your files or folders.


From above, you can see AOMEI Backupper Standard is a useful Buffalo NAS backup utility. With a few steps, you can easily Backup Buffalo NAS to external hard drive. With it, you can protect your files or folders preferably and do not need to worry about losing your files or folders when you are confronted with power loss, hard drive failure etc. Aside by File backup, it still supplies other functions including File Sync, Partition Backup, Disk Backup etc.