By AOMEI / Last Updated April 1, 2016

About WD Smartware

Western Digital (WD) has released a data backup software called WD SmartWare. It allows you to constantly backup files to any WD storage devices or other external hard drives. If you lose some files unexpectedly, you can use this software to restore the files back to an earlier version. However, users did meet some problems while using this backup tool. As many users have encountered, WD Snartware file pending backup, it just will not continue to backup files no matter how long you wait. It is rather troublesome when you set a schedule backup for essential files. After several days setting the schedule backup, then you check the backup files, only to find that no backup was created. What a disaster if the files not backed up gets lost! Therefore, what can you do when WD Smartware stop backing up files?

File Pending Backup

How to solve file pending backup WD Smartware?

When using WD Smartware to create a backup, at the beginning, SMartware will add almost all the files you included in the backup in the file pending backup list and then start to backup one by one. If one of the files to be backed up get deleted, renamed, then Smartware cannot locate the file. Therefore, the file will keep in the file backup pending queue. Also, if the file is in use by other program, it cannot be backed up. If you are trying to backup Outlook PST files, you may also get WD Smartware PST file pending backup, because PST files changes frequently, and WD Smartware will only backup once of the Outlook files in a day. In order to get all files backed up, you can recreate the backup at a clean boot, which means no other programs will be started at the startup. If that still no valid, you can reinstall the WD Smartware and try another version old or new of this software. However, if you are done with WD Smartware because of this problem, you can find the free alternative to WD Smartware that is handy to use.

WD Smartware alternative

If you find that WD Smartware not backing up large files in the pending backup list, then you can switch to AOMEI Backupper Standard, a free backup software designed for Windows 10/8/7. Before starting a backup, it will create a snapshot of all the files that you determine to backup, so it will not go wrong when the files being backed up is in use. In order to save space and time, it also provides incremental backup and differential backup. Let’s see how easily a backup can be done by AOMEI Backupper.

To create a system backup:

1. Download and run free image backup tool.

2. Select “System Backup” under Backup tab.

Backup Tab

3. As you can see, the backup source system partition has been included in Step 1. Click “Step 2” to choose a location on your internal/external hard drive or network shared folder to save the backup file.

Step 2

4. Click the “Schedule” button to create a schedule for the backup if needed. Then click “Start Backup” to start the backup process.

In conclusion, if you cannot get WD Smartware file pending backup to work, AOMEI Backupper is your best choice. Besides backup and recovery, it also give you the ability to clone hard drive to an SSD or another drive for upgrading hard drive.