By Cherry / Last Updated March 23, 2018

WD SmartWare

WD SmartWare is a software designed for backing up West Digital(WD) devices. It is compatible with Windows Vista/7/8. The WD SmartWare software is easy-to-use, and you can use it to do the following things:

● It can backup your data automatically. You can set a schedule backup run on the frequents you selected.

● It can display the progress of your backup. WD SmartWare has two backup modes: Category-mode backup and File-mode backup. Both of them can show the progress of your backup.

● It can retrieve your data effortlessly. If you lost your data because of misoperation, you can use WD SmartWare to bring back your lost files.

● It can manage the power settings for supported WD devices. You can customize your backup, even take full control to the WD devices.

● It can secure your encryption-enabled WD devices. You can set a password for older My Book and My Passport drives to protecting your backup’s safety.

Although WD SmartWare can do so many things for WD devices, it still has many restrictions that you want to find an alternative to replace it. First, WD SmartWare isn’t support Windows 10. Thus, if you upgrade your Windows operating system to Windows 10, the WD SmartWare should be useless to you. Second, WD SmartWare only does a file by file copy, and it doesn’t take a complete image of your drive. Although it can backup your files constantly as soon as the data changed, it cannot back up your Windows operating system and the applications. Is there a software that can replace WD SmartWare to backup files and folders, and the operating system?

WD SmartWare Alternative

Considering the draw back of WD SmartWare, you may want to find an alternative. Fortunately, the AOMEI Backupper is the best free alternative to WD SmartWare. You can reference the following reasons:

★Manage your backup files. The backup image files will list under the Home tab. You can manage them here.

Manage Backup

★Backup more. Besides backing up files and folders, you can also backup your operating system and programs. It provides you System Backup, Partition Backup, Disk Backup, File Backup and Sync File.


★Restore data. You can also restore the lost data. If your data lost, or destroyed, or damaged, or changed unpredictable, you can use Restore to retrieve your data to the earlier date.


★Clone. AOMEI Backupper has another powerful function is Clone. You can make an exactly copy for your system, partition, disk. You can even clone hard drive to a smaller drive.


★Other utilities. AOMEI Backupper provides you more utilities for securing your data. You can create bootable media, check image, and so on.


★Backup files and folders automatically. You can also make a schedule backup for your files and folders in daily, weekly, monthly. The data can be backed up when you added something new or changed data.

★Encrypt for your backups. You can still set a password for your backups. Besides encryption, you can add comment, make compression, splitting, intelligent sector, and VSS.

AOMEI Backupper software provides you the functions far beyond WD SmartWare, and it is free for Windows PC users, you can just download this great software to use. It is the best WD SmartWare free alternative.