Schedule Backup to Shared Network

Nowadays computer network develops very fast and nearly every household owns at least one computer. Besides, in medium and small-sized enterprises, they use computers with server system to handle official business. With the increasing of excel sheets, word, txt and PDF documents, or some applications, you maybe worry about the safety of data. Under the situation, creating schedule backups to a network share with Wbadmin in Windows Server 2008 is an idea.

Wbadmin is the command line to backup that is built-in tool applied to Windows 7/8/Vista, Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012. Wbadmin can realize many functions, such as Wbadmin enable backup, Wbadmin start backup, Wbadmin stop job, Wbadmin get versions, Wbadmin start recovery, Wbadmin get status and so on. But what function the Wbadmin command can realize, it is not the same in different operating system versions. All operations need to be ran to be an administrator or the member of the administrator group. If you want to create schedule backups, you should choose command line “Wbadmin enable backup” not “Wbadmin start backup” which refers to one-time backup.

Enable Backup

You can use the command prompt to backup files, folders, volumes, system state and applications regularly. There is an example about schedule backups with Wbadmin:

Wbadmin enable backup
-schedule: 14:00,
-addtarget: \\share1\folder backup
-include: e:\download -user:MI \Jack -password: 123456

It means backing up the download folder in volume e to the network location \\share1\folder backup and run the backup every 2:00 pm. It allows the member Jack of MI group to use the password 123456 to access to the network share.

Maybe you find this way to create schedule backups is a little difficult and troublesome. In addition, it has a big bug. If you backed up data to a shared folder once, and now you also backup new data to the same folder, the previous backup will be written. But if you backup to a new folder, it is no effect.

Using a Special Software to Backup Automatically

Due to the demerits of Wbadmin schedule backup, how will you do? It’s wise to select the third software to finish backup. AOMEI Backupper Server will help you. It supports file/folder backup, system backup, disk and partition backup, incremental and differential backup. During you backup data, you can set to create a schedule backup and according to fact situations to choose backup daily, weekly, monthly or when special event triggers. How to create schedule backup? Here is an article to guide you for schedule backup. It is very easy for you.

Main Interface

You can backup data to a network, besides, external or internal devices, USB, DVD/CD and NAS are good choices for storage destinations.

In a word, schedule backup can help users to protect data. Choosing a good way to run the operation is especially significant according to your needs. Try it, please download.