By Bryce / Last Updated March 12, 2019

Why not image Samsung SSD?

Samsung solid state drives (SSDs) like Samsung 850 EVO are fairly popular due to its great performance. Many users choose to replace laptop/desktop hard drive with Samsung SSD to shorten computer startup time and improve read& write speed.

Nevertheless, in daily use, there are chances that computer will encounter some issues like system crash, hard drive failure and so on. Then, you can face data loss, system failure and more. To avoid crucial data loss, it is a nice choice to image Samsung SSD to another disk like external hard drive at first via Samsung SSD image software. If you have already created disk image of Samsung SSD, you can restore all data saved on it, if some events happen to your computer.

Great imaging software for Samsung SSD

In market, there is much disk imaging software. AOMEI Backupper Professional will be my preference to image Samsung SSD out of the following highlights of it:

  • Flexible backup plans– It enjoys three backup types: full backup, incremental backup and differential backup, satisfying different backup demands.

  • Great compatibility – It can work under Window 10/8.1/8/8/7, XP and Vista; and it allows you to backup Samsung SSD to external hard drive, USB stick, NAS, virtual machine, network share or cloud storage

  • Operability – AOMEI Backupper Professional is with user-friendly and concise graphic interface, enabling you to manipulate it rather easily.

  • Comprehensiveness – It is featured with many other useful functions, such as creating bootable media, cloning disk, migrating system and etc.

How to image Samsung SSD(step-by-step)?

With this powerful image software for Samsung SSD, AOMEI Backupper Professional, you can image disk without efforts. You can download Trial version of it to try (it has 30-day free trial). And then take a closer look at how it works:

* If you choose external hard drive or USB stick as destination path, you should connect it to your computer and make sure it can be detected by Windows operating system.

Step 1. Install and run AOMEI Backupper Professional Trial. In the main interface, select Disk Backupunder Backup menu.

Image Disk for Samsung SSD

Step 2. In this screen, specify a task name to distinguish the disk backup from other; select the Samsung SSD that you want to backup as source disk; and choose a location for saving disk image file.

Select Source and Path

If you want to save disk image to lock disk, click This PC in Windows 10 (Computer in Windows 7) and choose the destination.

This PC

Step 3. After selecting source disk and destination path, you can click Start Backup button to execute operation.


Before clicking Start Backup icon, you can:

Click Backup Options, you can configure the SSD image with General, Compression, Splitting, Intelligent Sector, VSS and Other options offered.

Click Schedule, you can choose to back up your disk Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Event Triggers.

Step 4. Wait patiently for the process to complete. Then, click Finish to close this application.

Wrap things up

From all above, it is can be concluded that this Samsung SSD image software – AOMEI Backupper Professional is able to perform disk backup within few clicks. After creating disk image, you can perform disk image recovery, if necessary. You are able to choose individual files rather than the whole disk image to restore as well, if you want.