Why You Need NAS to NAS Backup

What is NAS? NAS is the abbreviation of network attached storage. It is a term applies to an external storage device that attach your network providing data access to different group of clients. NAS devices enable multiple computers to share the same storage space at once. And it has been a kind of efficient technology for storing data that needs to be shared in the office or the home.

We all know what backup means, it is essential to guarantee that you have copies of all your work in case of data loss. Comparing to backing up to external hard drive, it is more convenient to have a NAS for backing up. You can use a NAS to store computer files on the network without connecting to the computer. But it is possible that your NAS crashes and your data get hacked. If you want to attach to your data when your original NAS come across any problem, you just need to create a NAS to NAS Backup. That enables you restoring your data from the new NAS which you stash your files.

How to Create a NAS to NAS Backup

To create a NAS to NAS backup, you need a backup software to help you do this. The best backup software can backup data efficiently and it is easy to use, cheap, time-saving and energy-saving. AOMEI Backupper is a backup software that meets all the requirements. What worth to mention is that it is a freeware, you can use it to backup with a simple operation without paying for it. Now let me show you the detail steps.

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper, install and launch it. Click the File Backup under the Backup option.

File Backup

Step2. Click Add Folders, select the Share/NAS.

Share NAS

Step3. Click Add share or NAS devices. Input the IP address, username and password of the NAS. If you check the Anonymous box, you do not need to input username and password. Select files you want to backup.

IP Address

Step4. Because we are creating a NAS to NAS backup, so we choose Share/NAS as the destination path. Click “Step2” and then choose Share/NAS to add NAS devices. Input IP address, username and password of the destination NAS correctly.

Share to NAS

Step5. Then click Start Backup to begin the perform, and select the Finish button to close the interface.


●Confirm your network is available. Because we are backing up NAS to NAS.

●Input your NAS username and password correctly, or your backup will not effect. And keep attention the location NAS should not in the original’s network.

●If you want to backup NAS to NAS at a regular basis, you can create a schedule backup.