By Delia / Last update February 27, 2020

Why you need backup desktop files?

1.Desktop files are data files that contain information about an item that is located on the user's hard drive. With the help of desktop files, you can visit many programs and files fast and easily. So backup desktop files to prevent the accident deletion or loss of data is critical for you.

2.By doing the data backup, you can backup your desktop files in a time-saving and energy-saving way, and you can restore your desktop files when your PC come across any problems.

How to backup desktop files

To backup desktop files is to copy the background area in Windows which is located behind all windows and usually contains most important and frequently used documents and shortcuts. AOMEI Backupper is a steady, safe and intellectual software which can help you solve this trouble.

Step1:First, download AOMEI Backupper, install and launch it.

Step2:Click the “Backup” in the left tab page, then select the “File Backup” option.

File Backup

3.Select the “Add file”, and holding the “Ctrl” button to backup files. And if you want to backup a folder, just click “Add Folder” to choose the folder you want to backup.

But there is somewhere bothered you, because there’s not only files but some shortcuts or other icons. You just need open the explorer and find Users\Administrator\Desktop, and backup files of this folder. Do not forget check the “Include subfolders” box to include all the desktop files.


4.Insert the external hard drive which you use to store the image files. Select it in the “Step2”. If you want to backup desktop files in a fixed time, check the box in front of the “Schedule” to choose three mode to backup files automatically and regularly.


There are three mode for your choice:Daily mode, Weekly mode and Monthly mode.Choose the mode as your wish, so you can backup desktop files in a time-saving and energy-saving method.


5.Make sure that all of settings above are selected as what you want to. Then click the “Start Backup” on the right corner to begin the data backup.

6.Once all the backup operation is done, Click the “Finish” button.


1.The external hard drive could be CD\DVD, USB drive, SD card and so on. And you can also backup desktop files to other locations for your convenient.

2.Free backup software supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

3.AOMEI Backupper also can restore your desktop files whenever you need, you can view the File Restore to know the detail.

4.You can store your image files of desktop files to the hard drive of your PC, but it is recommended to store image files on the external hard drive.