Backups are more important on an SSD

More and more users choose solid state drive(SSD) to install Windows on instead of hard disk drive (HDD) for it is cost-efficient and of excellent performance. Though an SSD is more durable than HDD technically, no message or warning will show when an SSD is dying, and the data on an SSD can hardly be recovered once failed. Even if you pay a professional data recovery service, there is no 100% guarantee that you will get your data backup from a dead SSD. Therefore, to avoid the frustration of data loss, you should keep backing up your SSD. To backup your SSD the most effective way, the free SSD backup software is your best choice.

Backup freeware for SSD

AOMEI Backupper Standard edition is free backup software designed to backup, restore, clone, and synchronize data to any storage locations that Windows detects, like SSD, HDD, NAS, external hard drive, and USB flash drive. It provides 4 solutions to backup your SSD, System Backup, Disk Backup, Partition Backup and File Backup. With an intuitive interface, you can easily backup your SSD no matter whether it is an MBR, GPT, or dynamic disk. It also supports all types of file systems including NTFS, FAT, EXT, etc. Scheduled incremental and differential backups are completely supported, so you can keep backing up only changed files to save free space. In addition, the backup process takes place without closing other programs running on your computer.

Disk imaging software AOMEI Backupper enables you to restore backups to any locations, even to another computer with dissimilar hardware whenever needed. With AOMEI Backupper bootable media or PXE Boot tool, you can easily offline restore system even when it is serious condition.

How to backup SSD with AOMEI Backupper?

For SSD is usually small, it is recommended to backup the entire SSD. The backup process with AOMEI Backupper is pretty simple. Let’s see how it works:

1. Download this freeware. Install and launch AOMEI Backupper.


2. Under Backup tab, click Disk Backup.

Backup Tab

3. Click Step 1 to select the SSD to be backed up and click Step 2 to specify the location to save the image backup.

Disk Backup

4. Click Start Backup to run the backup. Then you can continue using this computer and the backup will be running in the background.

Besides, free SSD backup software AOMEI Backupper Standard also provides Disk Clone, System Clone, and Partition Clone. You can use Disk Clone to create a copy of your SSD without imaging.