By AOMEI / Last Updated September 10, 2020

About Clonezilla the disk contains dismatched GPT and MBR partition

There are many users report that when they try to clone or restore from a backup using Clonezilla, they receive error message, saying, “Clonezilla the disk contains mismatched GPT and MBR partition”.

Why do you receive this error? Most likely, your original OS is on a GPT disk, and later you overwrite the disk by installing another OS with MBR disk. What’s worse, Clonezilla does not remove properly.

Clonezilla the disk contains dismatched GPT and MBR partition-fixed with gdisk

Clonezilla supports single GPT partition table or MBR, so you can choose to only keep one of partition type. To do that, you can make use of gdisk or sgdisk command. In this part, I’ll show you how to fix clonezilla error with gdisk.

Note: please backup files at first, because the following operation may result in data loss.

To destroy GPT partition table with gdisk:

1. Start Clonezilla live and enter command line prompt. After that, type the command in the following.

sudo gdisk /dev/sda (/dev/sdx is the disk containing mismatched GPT and MBR partition)

2. See disk information shown as below, and select the disk partition style.

If you are sure that your disk is GPT, then choose 1. If it is MBR, choose 2. Do not select 3 because it will delete all partitions on your disk.

Found valid MBR and GPT. Which do you want to use?

(1 – GPT

(2 – MBR

(3 - Create blank GPT

3. Type “x” to select the disk containing mismatched GPT and MBR partition.

4. Type “z”to enter Expert mode.

5. Type “y” when you are asked if you want to wipe out GPT/MBR data.

6. Finally, create one or more partitions with free space.

Clonezilla the disk contains dismatched GPT and MBR partition-fixed with sgdisk

Beside gdisk, sgdisk is another command line that can solve this problem. The steps are very similar. You just need to enter command line prompt in Clonezilla, then replace gdisk with sgdisk.

To wipe GPT table with sgdisk:

1. Enter Clonezilla Command line prompt.

2. Type the following commands in order.

sudo -i

sgdisk -z /dev/sda (Please make sure /dev/sda is the disk that contain mismatched GPT and MBR partition)

Whether you use gdisk or sgdisk, you may already fix the Clonezilla MBR/GPT mismatched error. Just try to clone or restore with Clonezilla. If the operation still fails, you can turn to another trust and reliable software, such as, AOMEI Backupper Professional.

Clone GPT or MBR disk with alternative software

Just like Clonezilla, AOMEI Backupper also provides imaging and cloning features for Windows 10/8/7 that completely support GPT and MBR disks.

AOMEI Backupper cloning features

  • Clone larger hard drive to small one.

  • Clone MBR disk to MBR disk or GPT disk to GPT disk.

  • Clone MBR disk to GPT disk or clone GPT to MBR disk.

  • Online cloning to clone partitions that are mounted.

AOMEI Backupper backup and recovery features

  • Many types of backup solutions including system backup, disk backup, file backup and disk backup.

  • Schedule/automatic backup to help you backup your data regularly.

  • Incremental and differential backup to run backup faster and save more space while keeping multiple versions of backup.

  • Hot backup to backup data while files are open.

  • Offline restore to recover your computer when it is unbootable.

For its compatibility, you will never encounter any problem like Clonezilla this disk contains mismatched GPT and MBR, when you use AOMEI Backupper to clone or restore.

Next, I’ll take GPT disk clone as an example to show you the detailed steps. If you want to backup disk or restore disk, you could consider using “Backup” and “Restore” feature in this software.

To clone GPT disk to MBR with AOMEI Backupper, use the following steps:

1. Download AOMEI Backupper Professional, install and launch it.

Download Free Trial Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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2. Click Clone and Disk Clone subsequently. To backup disk, click Backup and Disk Backup as instead.

Choose Disk Clone

3. Select GPT disk as source disk and click “Next”.

Select GPT System Disk

4. Select MBR disk as destination disk and click “Next”.

Select Mbr Disk

5. Preview the operation and click “Start Clone”.

Preview Clone

Note: If you want to make full use of your disk, you can consider using one or more features shown below the picture.
SSD Alignment: If your target disk is SSD, you’d better use “SSD Alignment”. Because it can help SSDs reach its peak performance by accelerating the reading and writing speed of SSDs. After that, your computer will load faster and run smoothly.
Edit Partition: If you clone disk to larger disk, your target disk space that exceed the original disk may become an unallocated space and you cannot use it for anything. To solve this problem, AOMEI provide you “Edit Partition” feature to resize the size of destination disk.
Sector by sector clone: This feature is suitable for users whose destination disk is as large as original disk. And it will copy all the sectors in the original disk whether used or not.

Written in the end

AOMEI Backupper is one of the best alternative software to Clonezilla. It not only provide all imaging, cloning feature, but also solve some potential prolems, such as, cloned hard drive shown wrong size, system image restore fails because of EFI BIOS, etc.

If you want to protect unlimited computers within your company, you can pick AOMEI Backupper Technician. With the inbuilt AOMEI Image Deploy tool, you are also allowed to deploy/restore system image file on server-side computer to multiple client-side computers over network.