Best free partition backup software

Some computer users may ignore but it’s important to do regular backup indeed in order to protect data. According to different backup demands, there exist different types of backup too. And when it comes to partition backup, which software will be the best free partition backup software for you? Windows has its own backup tool but functions are quite limited such as it doesn’t offer encryption or optimization, etc. So it’s worth installing a third-party program.

Then, working as a best free backup software for Windows, it should include at least following features:

  • Different types of backup. System backup, disk backup, partition backup, file backup or more.
  • Incremental and differentialbackup. Because we don’t need full backups every time, which would occupy a lot of space.
  • Compression. If you get a large image file, a proper compression will be helpful.
  • Network backup. Since a network drive makes it easier to store and share files without using up computer resources for many people.
  • Schedule backup. It’s necessary to do schedule backup for the sake of data safety.
  • Restore. A best free PC backup software is not only used for back, it ought to has the utility of restoration as well.

Given the above, free AOMEI Backupper could be one ideal choice. It contains a simple wizard that makes all operations straightforward, even for complete beginners. Apart from what was mentioned before, other advanced features are available in AOMEI Backupper too. Like you’re able to transfer data from one SD card to another easily via cloneor auto copy files from one folder to another throughfile syncand so on. As we’re talking about best free partition backup software, now let’s set partition backup as an example, seeing how to backup a partition with this software.

Backup a partition with AOMEI Backupper

Step 1: Above all, download, install and launch AOMEI Backupper Standard version.

Step 2: Since system also belongs to a partition, if you want to backup system partition, you may directly choose System Backup. Here we select Partition Backup.

Partition Backup.jpg

Step 3: Pick source partition(s) in “Step 1” then the destination path in “Step 2”. The destination could be any local or external device even NAS.


Tips: You can set more backup options like compression, encryption, schedule backup, etc in the bottom as the picture shows.

Step 4: If there’s no mistake, click Start Backup to execute.

Start Backup.jpg

That’s it and the whole process won’t interrupt your work. When you need to restore backup image, AOMEI Backupper also does the trick. In general, it’s definitely worth the best free partition backup software especially for green hands. Plus, AOMEI Backupper professional Edition provides more advanced utilities.