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I need some help for my photos. I have taken a lot of pictures to record my travel day, I had some troubles to backup my photos, I want to backup my photos from Compact flash card to another external hard drive to spare room for my camera, I did not find an effective and easy way in my own, anyone could give me some advices, Thx.

Compact flash card

CompactFlash (CF) is a popular flash memory card used in many portable electronic devices, like MP3, GPS, RFID, hard drives, especially used for the recording medium in Canon, Nikon and other cameras. CompactFlash card is formatted with FAT32 usually, and it has longer life and lower unit capacity cost than other storage devices so that some portable devices are willing to use it.

The most popular CF cards brands include SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar and Kingston, etc. You could read the data on Compact flash card via a card reader connected with computer or other devices. You might plan to spare room for your camera due to no enough free space. So, it’s emergency to backup Compact flash drive easily and securely.

How to backup compact flash card in Windows 7/8/10 computer?

To backup compact flash card (CF card), the best free disk backup software – AOMEI Backupper Standard will render enormous help. AOMEI Backupper Standard applied to Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It can also help you clone bootable CompactFlash card if you want to. The detailed steps listed below to walk you through how it works to backup Compact flash memory card safely and easily.

Before that:

  • Computer with Windows installed.

  • Download and install this program.

  • Prepare a CF card reader.

  • An external hard drive, to save the backup file from your compact flash card. Or, just save to the computer if possible.

To backup compact flash card, use the following steps:

1. Connect your Compact flash card via card reader and external hard drive with your computer, and then run AOMEI Backupper. Choose Backup -> Disk Backup at the left panel.

Disk Backup

2. Input a Task Name at the top of window.

3. Click "Add Disk", and then choose the Compact flash card.

Add Disk

4. In the picture, select external hard drive to save to backup image file.

Select Backup Destination

Tip: You could also backup Compact flash drive to other locations, like local disk, USB drive, SSD, NAS, Network path, cloud drives, etc.

5. Click Start Backup to backup Compact flash card in Windows 7/8/10.

Start Backup


  • The backup is a full backup in default.

  • If you want to backup the Compact flash card, AOMEI Backupper offers you another backup solution, partition backup.

  • Backup Options: you could enable email notification, compress, split the image file, etc.

  • Schedule: you could set a schedule backup for your Compact flash drive.

  • Scheme: it’s an advanced function to enable disk space management provided by Professional edition.

Ok, here, your Compact flash card has been backed up successfully to the external hard drive after a few minutes, and all the pictures has been compressed into a single image file suffix with .adi.

How to restore Compact flash card easily?

You might plan to restore these pictures in some day; this freeware also will satisfy you with the restore function.

Detailed steps to restore compact flash card:

1. On the main console, pitch on the disk backup and click Restore on the Home tab.

Home Restore

2. You could choose to restore entire Compact flash card or select part to restore individual partition according to your needs. Click Next.

Select Entire Disk Or Partition

3. Select a destination hard drive to restore your Compact flash card. Press Next.

Select Destination

Tip: Make sure your destination hard drive is backed up first. Because the destination drive will be overwritten after the restoration.

4. Press Start Restore to restore Compact flash drive.

Preview And Restore


  • Edit partitions: you can choose Copy without resizing partitions, etc.

  • SSD Alignment: if your destination hard drive is an SSD, make sure you have checked this option. It will improve the reading and writing speed for your SSD drive.

Meanwhile, AOMEI Backupper also provides you to backup external hard drive to another external hard drive, automatic backup, sector-by-sector backup, file/folder sync, disk clone, partition clone, etc. To enjoy more advanced features, such as command line backup, system clone, backup memory card to CD/DVD, etc. Try AOMEI Backupper Professional. For server usage, you can take Server edition or Tech Plus edition a shoot.