By AOMEI / Last Updated October 23, 2019

What is a C drive

In Windows, disk drives are identified by letters. The C drive is then assigned to the main hard disk partition that contains the operating system and system files.

Why need backup c driveto external hard drive

●The operating system and applications can be reinstalled, but it may be difficult or impossible to recreate your system files.

●Malicious software, viruses, physical damage, and theft could cause data loss. For the sake of the above reason, you operating system may crash, and backup your C drive to external hard drive can restore the files which is critical for you.

●There are plenty of ways to store backups. An external hard drive is easy to use, portable and increasingly cheap. You just need to plug it into computer using USB port when you need to backup, and pull out when all the operation is done.

●What is worth mentioned is that once the backup is done and the external hard drive is disconnected, your data is not affected by computer. It is an efficient way to protect your data security.

How to backup C drive to external hard drive

When you choose one way to backup your data, you must consider the convenience, price and ease of use, the amount and size of your files. AOMEI Backupper can give you a best user experience. It is a steady, safe, intellectual software which enables you backup C drive to external hard drive efficiently. You must worry about the price of this software, good news for you is that it is a freeware, which can help you backup data in a time-saving and energy-saving way. Besides, even if you are a computer freshman, you can learn the manipulation fast and easily. Now let me show you how to backup C drive to external hard drive.

Step1. DownloadAOMEI Backupper, install it.

Step2. Plug the external hard drive into the computer USB port, wait the external hard drive’s driver installed by reading the “Your new hardware has been installed and is ready for use” prompt.

Step3. Launch the AOMEI Backupper, click the Backup option, then select the System Backup. To Backup C drive is to backup your system.

System Backup

Step4. Enter a Task Name to let yourself identify the backup from other files. Select the external hard drive as the destination path. Its corresponding drive letter is “F:\”.

Choose Location

Step5. Click the Start Backup if you are sure about all of the settings are right. When backup is done, click the Finish button.


■ You do not need choose the disk backup because operating system and system files are stored in C drive in the default situation.

■ Pull the external hard drive out after you have confirmed that the backups of C drive exist in your external hard drive.

■ Remember to plug the external hard drive into computer to do the automatic backup.

■ If you want backup C drive to external hard drive regularly, you can have a look at this How to create a schedule backup.