Image File Split for Different Types of Storage Device

July 4, 2019

One of AOMEI Backupper

When the data has been backed up to the image file, you can store the image file to a safer place. You may face the following problems during the process of image file storage.

  • After backup, you find out that the image file is too large to be stored in a corresponding storage device. For example, if the image file is 6GB, you just have two 4GB USB flash drive. Then, only the function of image file split can help to store this image file easily. But without this function, the image file can not be stored.
  • If you want to split an image file into several smaller fragments so as to separately store it to CD or DVD. The function of splitting will be very useful.
  • If you want to store an image file larger than 4GB into a FAT32 partition, because the FAT32 partition just supports maximum file size of 4GB, you need to split it into ones that smaller than 4GB to meet the storage requirement of FAT32 file system.

With AOMEI Backupper's function of image file splitting, all those problems can be resolved easily. Only some simple settings during backup can help to split the image file to an ideal size that you want.
Then, it is the way of how to split an image file.

First, select a backup method, set "Partition Backup" as an example.

Partition Backup

Add Disk

In the backup setting page, click the "Options" button.

Select Partition

Then, in the popping up window, select "Splitting" item. There will be three options available.


Notes: When the image file has been split, we suggest in saving these files under the same directory so as to ensure the convenience of data management.