Solved: Acronis for Crucial Not Detecting SSD - Comes With An Alternative

Are you troubled by the "Acronis for Crucial Not Detecting SSD" problem? Don't worry, this article will give you the solution. You can also learn about an easy way to clone Crucial SSDs.


By Yuka Updated on February 8, 2023

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User Case: SSD Not Detected by Acronis True Image for Crucial

Acronis for Crucial Not Detecting SSD

“I previously had a 256 GB SSD installed in my Windows 11 Acer desktop and now I purchased a new Crucial 2 TB SSD to make my computer run more smoothly. I need to migrate all the data from the previous SSD to the new Crucial SSD. However, when I used its companion Acronis True Image for Crucial software to clone the disk, Acronis does not recognize Crucial SSD at all. What's going on? Can anyone help me?”

How to Fix Acronis Not Detecting Crucial SSD

In rare cases, Crucial SSDs will not appear when selecting source and target (destination) drives in Acronis True Image for Crucial software. You may receive an error message after selection, or the SSD may not be detected by Acronis True Image for Crucial. Acronis does not start, returning a message "This product edition requires at least one Crucial SSD be installed in your system". There are a few things to check that could address this behavior.

  • Verify that each end of all cables is connected securely and is not damaged. In a desktop, check that the power cable and SATA interface cable are connected securely and in good condition. Try different cables, if any, to rule out incorrect connections.
  • Check the other storage device in the port you connected the SSD to, or the USB device, to verify that it is working properly. Or try connecting the SSD to a different port. If using USB on a desktop, try a different port on the back of the system, not just the front.
  • Check for any available updates for Acronis for Crucial and install them if available. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling Acronis for Crucial to see if ‘Acronis for Crucial not detecting SSD’ issue is solved.
  • If your SSD is not a Crucial BX Series or MX Series SSD, Acronis True Image may not be able to detect it.
  • Although Acronis should initialize the Crucial SSD as part of the cloning process, this may need to be done manually in Windows Disk Management before it will show up as an available drive. You can restart the cloning process after manually initializing the new disk.

Best Alternative to Acronis True Image for Crucial

The problem of Acronis for Crucial not detecting SSD is just one of the many problems users encounter with Acronis True Image cloned drives, there are other problems such as Acronis True Image for Crucial Clone Failed. In order to be able to successfully clone a Crucial SSD, you may need the help of additional software.

If you're looking for a reliable and powerful alternative to Acronis True Image for your crucial data, then AOMEI Backupper is a perfect choice. It is a full-featured disk cloning software that helps users quickly backup and restore data for disk cloning. It also supports features such as Disk Wipe, which facilitates users to complete disk cloning tasks quickly and efficiently.

You can follow the steps below to clone to Crucial SSD with AOMEI Backkupper. Click the Download button below to download it to your computer and open it.

Download DemoWin11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
  1. Launch AOMEI Backupper Professional, click Clone > Disk Clone.

Choose Disk Clone

✨Tip: The Professional edition supports cloning both data disks and systems disks from MBR to MBR/MBR to GPT, or GPT to GPT/GPT to MBR. If you only want to clone data disks, you can pick the complete free Standard edition.

  1. Choose the hard drive you want to clone as the source disk and then select your Crucial SSD as the destination disk.

Choose Source Disk 2

  1. Check "SSD Alignment" to speed up the read/write speed of the target SSD. Then, click “Start Clone”.

Disk Clone Preview Align SSD Checked


Add Unused Space

  • Sector By Sector Clone: It is generally suitable for cloning disks of the same or larger size. So you can clone disk to larger disk easily.


The problem that Acronis for Crucial not detecting SSD will prevent you from migrating data from the old disk to the new Crucial SSD. If you need to clone, you can use AOMEI Backupper. It can help you save time and effort. It does not require any specific Crucial BX series or MX series SSDs. This secure disk copy or cloning software can safely migrate your hard drive to another disk of your choice.

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