Easiest Way to Clone Windows Server 2019 to SSD

You can know the best cloning software and how to use it to clone Windows Server 2019 to SSD easily. Please read on for more details.


By Maggie / Updated on October 30, 2023

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Why Clone Windows Server 2019 to SSD?

About why you should clone Windows Server 2019 to SSD, this article summarizes the following reasons for you.

■Protect system security: Cloning Windows Server 2019 to SSD is equivalent to making a backup for your system. If there is any problem with your computer that makes your system unusable, you can boot your computer with the cloned system then use it normally.
Improve system boot speed: It is known that SSD has a better performance compared to HDD. Therefore, cloning Windows Server 2019 to SSD can make the system boot up more quickly.
Obtain more disk space: If your previous disk is not enough in capacity, you can clone your system to SSD. Then, use the cloned SSD as the boot disk, and use the old HDD as the storage disk, which can help you save disk space.
■Upgrade the disk: If you are planning to upgrade your disk, replacing your previous HDD with an SSD is a common approach, as SSDs offer better performance than HDDs and are more durable and portable.

Clone Windows Server 2019 To-SSD

The Best Cloning Software to Clone Windows Server 2019 to SSD

To clone Windows Server 2019 to SSD, you can choose the professional and secure cloning software AOMEI Backupper Server to help you. Its System Clone feature will automatically select the system and boot-related partitions as the source partition, which can ensure that you can successfully boot the OS from the cloned drive later. This software also has the following advantages.

✍3 cloning solutions: Except for System Clone, this software also supports Disk Clone and Partition Clone to satisfy your different needs.
✍Intelligent clone: Under the default situation, it will only clone the used sectors. So it allows you to clone a larger HDD to a smaller SSD easily.
✍Live clone: It allows the clone task to work in the background, so the cloning process won't interrupt running programs in the Windows Server and you can work normally while cloning.
✍SSD alignment: This feature will accelerate the reading and writing speed of SSD.
✍Secure boot: After cloning, you can directly boot from the cloned SSD.
✍Multiple SSD types and brands: It supports various SSD types such as SATA, M.2, PCI-E, etc, and many SSD brands like Samsung, Crucial, Intel, WD, etc.
✍Different operating systems: It supports all Windows Servers and all Windows PCs.

How to Clone Windows Server 2019 to SSD

Before you start cloning, you need to do some preparation work.

① Connect your SSD to your computer and make sure it can be recognized by the computer.

  • If there is an extra drive bay inside your computer, install your SSD there.
  • If there's no additional drive bay, you may use SATA-to-USB adapter or SSD encloser to connect it externally.

Connect SSD

② If your target SSD is not an empty or new disk, you can make a disk backup, because the cloning process will erase all the data on the target disk.

③ Download the professional and secure cloning software AOMEI Backupper Server and install it.

Download Free Trial Windows Server & PC
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Next, you can follow the graphic tutorial below to clone Windows Server 2019 to SSD with just a few steps.

Step 1. Open AOMEI Backupper Professional. Select Clone > System Clone.

Choose System Clone

Step 2. The system and boot-related partitions will be selected as the source partition by default, you just need to choose the SSD as the destination disk.

Choose Destination Partition

Step 3. Tick SSD Alignment to make the SSD’s reading and writing speed faster. Confirm your operations and click Start Clone to clone Windows Server 2019 to SSD.

SSD Alignment

Sector by sector clone:
It will clone all sectors whether they are used or not. If your target SSD is the same as or larger than the source disk, you can select this option.
◉Make full use of disk space: It can add unallocated space to system partition to maximize the use of space on the target partition.


This article shows you how to easily clone Windows Server 2019 to SSD using the best Windows Server cloning software AOMEI Backupper Server. It will not only help you accelerate the reading and writing speed of the SSD, but also allows you to clone a larger drive to a smaller SSD easily. After cloning, you can boot the computer directly from the cloned SSD.

It also supports many different SSD types and brands, and supports all Windows Server systems and Windows PC systems. So, if you want to clone system or clone disk in Windows Server 2016 or other Windows systems, it can help you as well.

Besides, it also provides Disk Clone and Partition Clone functions. The Disk Clone feature allows you to clone the disk to a larger disk, clone a larger HDD to a smaller SSD, clone dynamic disks etc. You can download this software to explore more features.

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