How to Cancel Windows 11 Update in Progress Effectively

Does Windows 11 force you to install an unwanted update? Once started, how to cancel Windows 11 update in progress?


By Maggie Updated on December 29, 2023

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User case: Is there any way to cancel Windows 11 update in progress?


Hey folks, quick question for you. So, here's the deal: I was in the middle of this annoying Windows 11 update on my laptop (it's an HP Pavilion, if that helps), and I just can't stand it anymore. Is there any way to cancel this update in progress? I've been searching everywhere but haven't found a clear solution yet. Any tips or tricks you could share? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance, you're lifesavers!


While Windows updates are essential for keeping your system secure and up to date, there may be instances where you prefer to temporarily stop or pause automatic updates. Additionally, you might want to cancel Windows 11 update in progress, even if you plan to allow it to be completed at a later time.

Then in this article, I will tell you how to stop Windows 11 update in progress in 3 easy ways. You can choose to update it later.

How to stop Windows update in progress

This is the step-by-step tutorial to cancel Windows 11 update when it starts, you don’t have to try all the fixes, just pick one that suits you best.

Method 1. From Task Manager

The easiest way to fix “how to stop Windows 11 update in progress” is from Task Manager.

Step 1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open Task Manager on your screen.

Step 2. Under the processes tab, find Windows Installer. Right-click on it and then select End task.

Windows Installer End Task

✍Note: if the Windows update is in downloading state, end the Windows Update.

Now it should immediately terminate the update in progress.

Method 2. Shut down the computer and change the Settings🔥

The second method is convenience by shutting your computer and pausing the update from settings to stop Windows 11 download in progress.

Step 1. When the update is in progress, shut down your computer.

Step 2. Then start your computer again.

Step 3. As soon as your computer opens, press Windows + I to navigate to Settings.

Step 4. Then move to the Windows Update section. In the Windows Update section, you’ll see any of the following things:

Pause Windows Update


☑The update has stopped. There are manual update options like Download and install and Check for Update. You don’t have to do anything.
☑The update has started/resumed. In this case, click on Pause for 1 week as many times as you’re allowed to.

Method 3. Cancel from Windows Services🔥

Here is how you can do it:

Step 1. Press Windows+R key to open Run.

Step 2. Then type services.msc in the box and click OK.

Open Services

Step 3. Now a list of services will appear. Locate Windows Update and right-click on it.

Step 4. Now click on Stop from the context menu. 

Click Stop

Step 5. Then open File Explorer and go to C:\Windows directory.

Step 6. Search the folder called SoftwareDistribution. Then right-click on that folder and choose Delete Option.

Delete SoftwareDistribution

Step 7. Restart your computer.

Suggestion: Always backup your system before you make major operations🔥🔥

Always be careful when you are going to perform every operation because even minor changes may bring serious outcomes for your PC. What’s more, please remember, if you disable or stop Windows 11 updates, your computer system will be left vulnerable to attack. This is because updates include patches for security that are not installed in Windows 11 originally. As long as you are comfortable with your device being at risk or you intend to allow updates to finish later, you can stop the update in progress.

Here is an alternative efficient backup plan for you, you can use professional and reliable free backup and restore software----AOMEI Backupper Standard. Once you have created a backup image via this software, you can easily restore it when unfortunates occur.

✔You can perform automatic backups in Windows 11/10/8/7 based on the daily/weekly/monthly mode.
✔You are allowed to create a backup for Windows OS, internal/ external hard drives, partitions/volumes, and specific folders and files as you like. So you can backup C drive Windows 11 with ease.
✔Other settings like sector-by-sector backup, image compression and email notification are also available.

Don’t hesitate to download AOMEI Backupper and install on your Windows 11 PC.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Choose Backup in the left side panel and then click System Backup.


Step 2. Then the system-related partitions will be chosen by default. Then you just need to choose a destination to store the backup image. It is suggested to backup files to external hard drive if you are worried about data loss due to system failure.

Select Destination

Step 3. Then you can select Start Backup to begin the process.

Ending words

Now you know how to cancel Windows 11 update in progress via Task Manager, from Settings and from Windows Services. Also, this is applicable to other OS systems, for example, you can answer how to stop Windows 10 update in progress with these methods (different OS systems may have minor differences in operations). Also, considering data safety, you can use a reliable and free backup and restore software----AOMEI Backupper to help you. This software is also one of the best Samsung T7 SSD software.

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