By Lily / Last update December 13, 2021

What is Synology NAS used for?

Synology NAS enjoys great popularity among computer users. For home users, Synology NAS makes it easy for them to access various files by multiple users. It also helps to safeguard their data from Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices.

For enterprise users, Synology NAS provides strong business data protection and seamless file sharing and syncing across various platforms. Users can create, edit, and sync documents, spreadsheets and slides with real-time communication.

If you want to backup your PC folders to Synology NAS or share local folders with family or colleagues through Synology NAS, read on to get the how-to guide.

Synology NAS

How to sync PC with Synology NAS step by step?

Here I’m going to show you how to have Synology sync folders with PC via two efficient ways. Method 1 applies to Synology NAS only while Method 2 applies to different NAS including Synology, QNAP, and WD My Cloud, etc.

Method 1. Synology sync local folders via Cloud Station Drive

Synology offers an application called Cloud Station Drive to help users synchronize files between Synology NAS and PCs via the Internet. It enables you to easily access your files and ensures that your data is always up-to-date.

You can even view and edit your files offline when the Internet connection is not available, and all the changes made will be synced to your Synology NAS and PCs automatically once the Internet is connected again. Follow the steps below to sync local folders with Synology NAS:

1. Go to Synology Download Center, enter your product type and model name, and go to the Desktop Utilities tab to download Cloud Station Drive desktop application. 

2. Install and run Cloud Station on your computer. Click Start Now.

3. Enter the IP address (or QuickConnect ID), username and password of your Synology NAS running Cloud Station. You can also click the search icon on the right to search for IPs within your LAN. Click Next.

Link to Synology NAS

4. Select the folders you want to synchronize on your Synology NAS and on your computer by clicking the corresponding Edit icon.

Select Folders

5. Click Advanced in the lower-left corner to configure sync settings. Then, click Apply to save your settings.

  • Under the Folder tab, you can uncheck the folders you don't want to sync.

  • Under the File filter tab, you can set a maximum file size or blacklist filenames or file types so they will not be synced.

  • Under the Sync direction tab, you can choose whether to sync bidirectionally, or only download data from your Synology NAS.

Sync Settings

6. Click Done to complete setup. Files will be synced between your Synology NAS and your PC in the way you set.

Method 2. Synology sync local folders using a handy freeware

As you see, Cloud Station Drive only offers you two-way sync and one-way sync from your NAS to PC. How to perform one-way sync from your PC to NAS? The best free file sync software - AOMEI Backupper Standard can help you just sync a local folder to a NAS server.

  • It enables you to sync files between various sources and destinations, such as sync PC to PC, sync two external hard drives, and sync local folders to NAS or cloud drives, etc.

  • It allows you to perform file sync on a schedule. For frequently changed data, you can choose the “Daily” mode. For less frequently changed data, there are the “Weekly” and “Monthly” modes.

  • It supports all Windows PC operating systems (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, 32 bit and 64 bit).

Follow the instructions below to sync local folders to Synology NAS via AOMEI Backupper:

Step 1. Download and install AOMEI Backupper on your computer. Run AOMEI Backupper, click Sync and select Basic Sync.

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Basic Sync

Tips: To enjoy more advanced sync modes – Mirror SyncReal-Time Sync and Two-Way Sync, you may upgrade to AOMEI Backupper Professional.

Step 2. Edit the task name based on your needs. Click Add Folder to select the folder(s) you want to sync to Synology NAS.

Add Folder

Step 3. Expand the drop-down menu of the second bar and choose Select a network location.

Select a Network Location

Step 4. In the pop-up window, click Add Share or NAS Devices from the lower-left corner. Then, type the IP address of the Synology NAS and click OK. Type username and password if it is needed.

Type Network Path

Step 5. Choose one folder on your Synology NAS to store the synced data and click OK.

Select Destination Folder

Step 6. Confirm the operation and click Start Sync to begin.

Start Sync

✍ Notes:

  • You can configure more sync settings from Options and set up automatic sync from Schedule.

  • If you have created sync tasks with different NAS devices, you can go to Tools > Share/NAS Management to manage your NAS.

Share/NAS Management


Both Cloud Station Drive and free AOMEI Backupper can help to sync local folders with Synology NAS. However, Cloud Station Drive doesn’t support one-way sync from your PC to NAS while AOMEI Backupper does. What’s more, AOMEI Backupper supports all kinds of NAS brands.

If you want to copy data from one hard drive to another, AOMEI Backupper also offers the Disk Clone feature. Try it now to discover more!