YouTube not Working on iPad? Here Are 11 Fixes Ready for You!

Do you have any idea about why is YouTube not working on iPad Air, Mini and Pro and how to fix it? If you don’t, then read the post to know 11 useful solutions.


By Ellie / Updated on July 9, 2024

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When I try to view any video with YouTube on my iPad I get an error saying Please try again. But it is working OK on my old iPad 5. So I am wondering if the latest iOS 17 software is causing issues with this app. This only occurred after my latest YouTube app update as well as my iOS been updated. Did anyone get any solutions?

- Question from Apple Community

Something Went Wrong

Why YouTube not working on iPad Air, Mini, and Pro?

YouTube, a video-sharing and social media platform allow users to watch videos and scroll the related comments. However, it must be extremely frustrating for every one of us when we want to kill time for fun but finally find YouTube not working on the iPhone or iPad. Actually, there are many kinds of forms on YouTube on iPad not working, for example:

  • YouTube not loading on the iPad.
  • YouTube shows the “no connection” or “Try again” error on the iPad.
  • YouTube app crashes suddenly on iPad.
  •  ...         

So, why YouTube not working on iPad Air, Mini, and Pro? Actually, there are 4 main causes triggering off the issue.

The old version of YouTube and iOS. If your YouTube is not the latest version or you didn’t update iOS software, then the app may not be compatible with the iPad and YouTube app for iPad not working.
Internet connection. When you meet with some error like “no connection”, then it most likely is caused by unstable Internet.
Bug in the YouTube app. It’s quite normal to meet with some kinds of bugs in many apps, including YouTube.
Inadequate storage. If your storage is almost full and it also can be visualized as an important reason leading to the problem.
VPN. Sometimes the VPN would have a negative effect on the user app in the aspects of speed, fluency, and so on.

12 fixes to easily fix “YouTube not working on iPad Air, Pro Mini

To fix “YouTube is not working on iPad Air, Pro, Mini” could not be too hard. Oppositely, it’s quite easy for most users. Now follow me to operate.

Solution 1. Restart YouTube or iPad

It’s not exaggerated to say that restarting the YouTube app or your iPad is the easiest and most effective way for most of the time. Usually, the app can be refreshed by restarting so that the issue may have gone. And if your YouTube app is stuck at the interface and you cannot click anything, you could make a force restart.

☞ For iPad with a Home button:  

Press and hold the top button and the Home button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

☞ For iPad without a Home button:

Press and quickly release the volume up button, press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the top button. When the Apple logo appears, release the button.

Force Restart in iPad

Solution 2. Update YouTube app or iOS software

As we said, if your iPad iOS software or YouTube is the old version, then the issue “YouTube not working on iPad” would occur. So, we can check for the update respectively to update.

Update iOS software: Go to Settings” > “General > Software Update”.

iPad Software Update

▶ Update YouTube on iPad:

Log press app store and choose “Update”. Find YouTube and then click on “Update”.

Update YouTube

Solution 3. Uninstall and reinstall YouTube app

Bugs in the app definitely annoy the users. For this reason, we’d better uninstall YouTube and then reinstall it. Long press the YouTube app on the iPad and then click on “Remove app” to uninstall it. Then go to App Store and then search for YouTube to see whether YouTube on iPad is working.

Solution 4. Check Wi-Fi or Cellular Data and reset network settings

A network connection is an important factor that cannot be missing. Sometimes it is related to the Wi-Fi, which seems in a good status but actually not working. Sometimes it is because our Cellular data is not stable. Therefore, we can reset the network settings on the iPad to solve the issue.

Step 1. Open Settings” > General” > Transfer or Reset iPad”.

Step 2. Click on Reset Network Settings”.

Reset Network Settings in iPad

Step 3. Once it is completed, try YouTube on iPad again to see whether the issue has gone.

Solution 5. Check storage and clear cache

We’d download different kinds of software to have fun such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. However, the more we use them, the more cache it will produce, which occupies the storage and lead to the “YouTube not working on iPad” issue indirectly. For this reason, we’re better to check the storage. If your storage is almost full, then choose some apps below and click on “Offload” to clear the cache.

Check Storage in iPad

Important: However, what if those data mean a lot to you and you don’t want to delete them? Here’s a nice shot that is suitable for you completely. That is resorting to FoneTool. FoneTool is a free & easy-operated transfer and backup tool, with which you could transfer your data from your iPad to your PC to free up more space and recover them anytime you want.

★You could enjoy the advantages like:
 It works with almost all iPad models.
 The transfer and backup speeds are fairly fast.
 There is no Internet requirement, and you can recover it at any time.

Step 1. Download and install FoneTool on your PC. Prepare a USB cable and then connect your iPad to a computer.  Run it on your PC and then tap "Trust" on your iPad.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8/7
Secure Download

Step 2. Click Phone Backup > Locate Selective Backup and click Get Started.

Backup All

Step 3. Click the box area to select the data you want to backup. After choosing, click on OK.

Select Files

Step 4. Click the "Start Backup" button and your backup would be saved to your PC in a few seconds.


Step 5. Now you can delete those data on your iPad and then run YouTube again to check whether it can perform well. When you need those data, you could restore them selectively.

Solution 6. Disable VPN

As we all know, YouTube is banned in some countries. And if you connect the VPN to those country’s servers, then Youtube is not working on iPad. And sometimes, VPN on iPad will be extremely slow, affecting the YouTube running. So, we’d better disable VPN and then check whether YouTube works again.

Solution 7. Use YouTube in incognito mode

You can enable Incognito mode if you can access your account settings in the YouTube iPad app. It works in the same way that Google Chrome's Incognito mode does.

Step 1. On your iPad, open YouTube and tap on the profile picture at the top.

Step 2. Enable “Turn on Incognito mode” and then watch a video to see whether it works again.

Turn on Incognito Mode

Solution 8. Check screen time limit for YouTube

If you have ever set a screen time limit for YouTube on iPad, then you’ll meet with the issue “YouTube not working on iPad 2, 4, Mini and Pro” if you reach the time limitation. You can do as follows check or delete the time limit.

Step 1. Open the Settings app on the iPad and go to the Screen Time menu.

Step 2. Go to "App Limits" and find YouTube.

Step 3. You could reset Time or click on “Delete Limit” if you would like to enable the option.

Delete Limit

Solution 9. Check YouTube status

Sometimes it may not be related to your iPad or YouTube. It may be a breakdown of the YouTube app itself. For this reason, you could go to forums to see whether others meet with the same issue as you.

Solution 10. Sign out YouTube account

According to some users, they sign out of YouTube accounts and then sign in again, then the issue “YouTube not working on iPad 2, 4, Mini and Pro” has gone. It’s worth having a try if the solutions above are not working for you.

Step 1. Open YouTube on an iPad and tap on the profile picture at the top.

Manage Google Account

Step 2. Select your name and tap the “Use YouTube signed out” option.

Sign Out Google Account

Step 3. Sign in to your account and play the video to check whether the issue has gone.

Solution 11. Turn off and turn on Airplane Mode

All the settings and the network will be refreshed if you turn off the Airplane mode. Therefore, we could act in that way to refresh the settings on the iPad. After turning off the Airplane mode, wait for a while and open the Airplane mode on the iPad. Finally, check whether YouTube keeps working.


In this post, we conclude with 12 solutions to fix “YouTube not working on iPad Air, Mini, and Pro”, such as restarting the iPad or YouTube, resetting the network, updating the YouTube app, clearing cache... And if you don’t want to delete any data, then you could use FoneTool to help you transfer data to your PC and then delete them on your iPhone to free up space. When you need them, you could restore them as you want.

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