Should You Update to iOS 14? You Need to Know These Things

The brand-new iOS 14 is coming. Are you ready for it? Read this passage to know whether your iPhone could use this update and should you update to iOS 14.


By Dylan / Updated on May 31, 2024

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In the WWDC hold on June 11, 2020, Apple unveiled the latest operating system of Apple products. In the special online-only conference, the new features of iOS 14 have been introduced. Except for improving iPhone performance, these new features like widgets and app library make iPhone more like Android.

iOS 14 Preview

You must want to know should you update to iOS 14. Let’s see which iPhone can run iOS 14 first. According to Apple’s news, iPhone 6s and the later will receive iOS 14 push after it is officially released. In other words, if your iPhone support iOS 13, and then it would support iOS 14.

For some reason, the release of iPhone 12 might be delayed until November. If it is true, the push of official iOS 14 would be delayed. How to update iPhone to iOS 14 beta before it’s official releasing? You need to download the profile from Apple Beta Software Program on iPhone and then download and install the full package of iOS 14 beta. Because it’s just beta, so there are a lot of bugs with it. You would know that in this passage.

Why you want to upgrade iOS 14?

With 80+ new features in iOS 14, iPhone become less serious and the new iPhone screen brings more elements of entertainment. Let’s see the major changes in iOS 14 and you would know the answer for should you update to iOS 14?


The biggest breakthrough is widgets on the screen. You could view the major news from the apps on home screen without opening them now.

Although Apple has tried to add widgets in iOS 13, but it is not so successful. You could only view brief information about news, weather, calendars, etc. by swiping the screen. Now they’ve totally redesigned this part on iPhone. You could add them to the home screen and free arrange their position. You could even add two widgets in the same place and iPhone would smartly display them at different time according to your habit.

According to the screenshot, you could tell why we say it makes iPhone looks like Android.

iOS 14 Widgets

App Library

You think this is the folder you create as usual? Let the AI know more about you.

App Library is automatically created by iPhone and you could see them in the single screen by swiping the screen from the right as you view the weather in iOS 13. iPhone will categorize the apps for you so you would quickly find the app from the suggestion or by its initial.

Another advantage of App Library is that you could always find the apps even you hide the whole screen including the apps in iOS 14. That’s means you have many apps on iPhone, but you could choose to only show some of them on the screen. Therefore, iPhone is still emphasizing simplicity.

App Library

Compact Calls and Picture in Picture

Calls and Facetimes won’t stop you using other apps now.

The incoming calls will be just shown at the top of the screen. When you are facetiming or watching videos, you could put them into a small screen and then keep another app.

iOS 14 Picture in Picture

Pinned conversations and group communication

Conversations in Messages app will be more convenient in iOS 14.

You could pin conversations from up to 9 contacts to easy communicate with them. You could create a customized group. When the names of the contacts are mentioned, messages would be automatically sent to them.

Is iOS 14 worth updating? This section has introduced some important changes on iOS 14. If you wish to know more about it you could go to Apple’s site.

Message Pin

The known iOS 14 issues

Even an official update will bring trouble. In the past, iPhone users had reported a lot of problems like iOS 13 photos missing issues. Although iOS 14 beta is stable enough compared the former iOS beta, if you update iPhone to the beta, you still need to prepare for facing the following issues.

Abnormal Battery Consuming

iPhone’s battery life is always complaint by users, but in iOS 14 beta, it could be worse. Users found iPhone become very hot, and the battery could be used up in 3 hours.

App Crash

If the suppliers of your apps are not ready for iOS 14, they might not be used in iOS 14 beta. To make sure your data is always safe, you need to backup iPhone before this update.

Restart loop

Because many bugs have not been fixed yet, you might have the problem of iPhone reboot loop after iOS 14 update.

When iPhone randomly restarts itself, it could be a very annoying problem because you cannot finish watching a full movie or your FaceTime could be interrupted.

There could be other serious issues about Bluetooth, cellular data and other features.

Backup iPhone for a secure iOS 14 Update

iOS 14 is attractive to iPhone users. If you want to update iPhone immediately, backing up iPhone data is very necessary to make sure everything is safe even if your get trouble in iOS 14 beta.

You need to use FoneTool to save important data like photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages to computer.

  • Free Software: You could backup and restore unlimited data with FoneTool.

  • Quickly Backup: FoneTool is the fastest iPhone backup software.

  • Select Data: You could preview and select data when you backup or restore iPhone.

  • Widely Compatible: FoneTool supports all the iPhone including iPhone 11/11 Pro/SE 2020.

Preparation: Download FoneTool for free, connect iPhone to PC with USB cable.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
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Step 1. Select Selective Backup under More Features.

iPhone Custom Backup

Step 2. Click the features’ icons to preview and select iPhone data. Click OK.

Select iPhone Data

Step 3. Click Start Backup.

Click Start Backup


Should you update to iOS 14? iOS 14 brings many new features and it is worth updating. Before you update to iOS 14 beta, you need to backup iPhone with FoneTool in case of all kinds of issues later.

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