[10 Ways] Fix Android Move to iOS Transfer Interrupted

When Move to iOS transfer was interrupted, are you wondering about the reasons and solutions? Just begin the reading and you can know how to fix the issue. Or you can use the professional FoneTool to airdrop data from Android to iPhone for free.


By Kathy / Updated on July 8, 2024

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How do I fix Move to iOS transfer interrupted?

I’m new to the Apple ecosystem and I need to move my entire device data from an old Android to a new iPhone 15. I must transfer a large number of files, but my iPhone alerted me that “Transfer Interrupted”. What should I do to fix the issue? Is there another effective way to help me move the whole phone data?

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Why Android Move to iOS the transfer was interrupted?

Effortlessly transitioning all your data from an Android to an iPhone is typically made simple with Apple's Move to iOS app. However, sometimes the app might encounter issues and fail to function as expected. And you can see the Move to iOS app says transfer interrupted. Why does this situation happen? And there are some reasons.

sad Network connection error: When the Android and iPhone don’t connect to the same Wi-Fi network, or interference from other activities on the Wi-Fi can both lead to issues during the process.
sad Low battery level: If your phones doesn’t have enough power, then the app can be interrupted by the low battery.
sad Storage limitations: If the amount of data you're trying to move exceeds the available storage space on the iPhone, the app won't be able to complete the move.
sad Various interruptions: Incoming phone calls, devices going into sleep mode, or automatic updates can disrupt the process.
sad Outdated firmware: The Move to iOS app requires an iPhone must run with iOS 9.0 or later versions. The Android phone should use Android 4.0 or later. Old firmware may impede the app's performance.

How to fix the Move to iOS transfer interrupted

Now we will give you some detailed instructions to help you fix the Move to iOS app not working issue. If you don't want to check the specific reason and find the most suitable ways to fix it, you can use the professional app mentioned in Fix 8 to airdrop data from Android to iPhone for free.

Fix 1: Check the phone battery

When using Move to iOS, it is essential to consider the battery condition, especially if your phone is not brand new and has experienced years of wear. Low battery levels can hinder the data migrating process. If your devices don’t have enough power, plug in your phones to ensure a power source.

Fix 2: Check iPhone Storage

On the other hand, a successful moving process also depends on enough iPhone storage. It often needs to transfer a ton of data, if your iPhone can’t contain all files, then the “Move to iOS transfer interrupted” error may occur.

To check iPhone storage, you can launch the Settings app, choose General and click iPhone storage to check your phone space.


If your iPhone has low space, you can clear your device data or factory reset your iPhone.

Fix 3: Disable Smart Network Switch on Android

Numerous mobile users have reported interruptions during the Move to iOS transfer due to the Smart Network Switch feature. This feature may cause instability in the network speed when enabled.

If you are using smart network in the process, to address this issue and ensure a smoother data transfer experience, disable smart network on the phones in the Settings app. Then turn the Wi-Fi option on, and let your both devices connect to the same network.

Fix 4: Check Internet Connection

When you are using Wi-Fi connection, you can also check the status of your wireless network. Make sure your both devices are connected to the same network. If they are, you can open the control center, find the sign of Wi-Fi, and click on the icon to turn it off and wait for a minute, then turn it back on both phones.


Fix 5: Disable Wi-Fi assist

For iOS 9 and later users, the Wi-Fi Assist feature helps maintain a stable internet connection. And when facing a weak and slow wireless network, it may switch to cellular data automatically.

If you enable the option, to ensure a more reliable network connection and prevent excessive cellular data consumption, you can turn it off: Go to Settings > Choose Cellular > Locate the Wi-Fi Assist option in the interface and toggle it off.

Fix 6: Do Not Use Your Phone

To prevent interruptions during the data transfer using Move to iOS, it's recommended to ensure that no activity is taking place on both devices. Avoid using the phones and turning on the screens while the transfer is in progress.

Additionally, to avoid incoming calls interfering in the process, you can temporarily take out the SIM card from your iPhone before initiating the copy or turn on the Airplane mode on both devices.


Fix 7: Disallow Apps Running in the Background

Sometimes, the process may be interrupted by some apps running in the background of your Android phone. They may consume your data traffic and slow down your phone’s running process. In this situation, you can disable some apps to optimize the Android phone's performance and try to open the Move to iOS app again.

Fix 8: Airdrop Data from Android to iPhone for Free

If you need to transfer data from Android to iPhone, the Move to iOS app is not your only option. Familiar iPhone users should be aware of the AirDrop feature, allowing users to easily perform wireless data transfers among Apple devices.

And FoneTool easily realizes the airdrop feature between Android and iOS.

🌟 Features:

enlightened FoneTool allows you to easily airdrop photos, videos, music, contacts, etc. from Android to iPhone and vice versa.
enlightened FoneTool doesn't require a WiFi connection or consume any cellular data.
enlightened This wide-compatibility app works well with all Android and iOS devices, including Pixel, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, iPhone 4 to iPhone 15, iPhone SE and iPad/Air/Pro/mini, as well as the latest iOS 18/Android 14.

Now you can go to this download page to get FoneTool on your Android device and iPhone. Just Follow the guidance below to finish the data transfer.

Step 1. Open FoneTool on 2 devices, then allow the application to use WLAN. (Just turn on the Wi-Fi option, it doesn't require any Wi-Fi connection.)

Step 2. Create a connection

On your Android device: Go to Connect Device > Choose Connect to iOS to get the connection code.

On your iPhone: Go to Connect Device > Choose Connect to Android and use your iPhone to scan the code showing on Android.

scan the code

Then tap Join on your iPhone to create a connection.

Step 3. Go to File Transfer on your Android device > Choose files such as photos you want to move > Click Send to begin > Tap Confirm on your iPhone to receive them.

send files

Once all Android files like photos are moved to your iPhone, you can check them right now. Photos and videos will be saved in the Photos app, contacts will be saved in the Contacts app and music will be found in the Apple Music.

Fix 9: Install the latest firmware

As previously mentioned, the Move to iOS app requires iOS 9.0 or later for iPhones and Android 4.0 or later for Android devices. And some older iOS or Android phone systems may encounter bugs that could lead to transfer failures.

If your devices are running an old system, consider updating them to potentially resolve the problem.

For Android users: Navigate to Settings, tap on About phone, and then check for and apply any available system updates.

For iPhone users: Access Settings, go to General, and select Software Update to check for and install any available updates.

Fix 10: Restart Both Phones

Restarting both phones can be useful. You should press the side button to turn off your old Android phone and iPhone, then restart them after a while. Once they are fully restarted, open the Move to iOS app again to check if the issue has been solved.


Bonus Tip: Back up your iPhone after the Transfer

After finishing moving to iOS, it’s better to back up your iPhone data to avoid data loss. It’s easy to make an iTunes or iCloud backup. But iTunes may cause some errors during use, or be unable to verify the identity of the server. And iCloud only provides 5 GB of storage space for free users to put their data.

So to easily back up iPhone data without any worry, FoneTool also offers a Windows version to help you finish the process. With this tool, you can transfer media files, contacts and other data you need from iPhone to PC efficiently.

Tip: Transferring with Move to iOS, sometimes may lose some data in the process. And FoneTool can help you solve it. You can connect your Android phone to the computer, migrate the lost data to computer and import it to your iPhone with FoneTool.

With its various features and well performance on Windows, you can manage your iPhone/iPad data quickly and easily.

User-friendly interface: Anyone can achieve data backup from iPhone to Windows PC with this easy-to-use tool.
Fast transfer speed: It can move a large number of files in a short time. Hundreds of pictures can be transferred in a few minutes.
Secure transmission: FoneTool doesn’t require any Wi-Fi connection and there’s no data traffic consumption, which avoids data leakage to a great extent.
Selective or full backup: You can choose to selectively back up your important data or fully back up your entire iPhone.
Wide compatibility: It runs stably in all iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch models, you don’t need to worry about any errors during the process.

Now you can download and install this tool on your computer to back up your new iPhone 15 or other iPhone models.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer using a USB cable. You may need to tap Trust on the iPhone to let the PC access your phone data.

Step 2. Open FoneTool, click Phone Backup > Get to Selective Backup and click Get Started to begin. (If needed, you can choose Full Backup)


Step 3. Click each icon to choose the files you need to back up to computer and click OK.


Step 4. Select a storage path as you like > Click Start Backup to begin the task.


When the backup completes, you can go to the My Backups screen to locate, browse, and restore the backup files.

restore my backup


Now you can know how to fix the “Move to iOS transfer interrupted” issue. If the fix process is too complex for you, you can also use the best AirDroid iPhone alternative - FoneTool to transfer data from Android to iPhone after setup.

To avoid data loss, you can also use the FoneTool's Windows app to back up your iPhone on PC after moving data. 

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