Solved: Messages Taking Up iCloud Storage

This page tells solutions to the "messages taking up iCloud storage" issue and a way to backup iPhone messages without worrying about not having enough storage.


By Clara / Updated on June 4, 2024

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How Do I Delete Messages from iCloud Storage?


Messages using all iCloud storage space

My iCloud is largely filled up with messages, which takes up 2.9 GB of my account. I definitely don't have that much messages data, even including attachments. How do I remove messages from iCloudstorage?

- Question from Apple Community


Messages Taking Up Icloud Storage

iCloud is Apple's cloud storage platform. With iCloud backup turned on, messages, photos, contacts, and other important data can be safely stored in the cloud and automatically updated to other devices.

However, iCloud only provides 5GB of free storage space and people find that their messages take up much iCloud storage space. Why are messages taking up so much storage? It is possible that there are a lot of pictures or file attachments in the messages or there are a lot of spam text messages that automatically sync to iCloud.

Here, we will introduce the solutions for messages taking up iCloud storage and iCloud still being full after deleting messages, and a better free way to backup messages.

How to Stop Messages from Taking up iCloud Storage

If you find that your iCloud storage is full because iCloud messages are taking up space, you can resolve it in the following two methods.

Way 1. Remove Message Backups from iCloud

You can delete messages from iCloud to free up space. Removing your message backups from iCloud does not erase messages from your iPhone. Your messages will still remain on your phone locally.

Follow the instruction below to find out how to delete messages from iCloud but not iPhone.

Step 1. Go to iPhone “Settings” > tap the “[Your Name]” banner > click “iCloud” > hit “Manage Storage”.

Manage Icloud Storage

Step 2. Select “Messages” > click on “Disable and Delete”. Then, tap “Delete Messages” to confirm the deletion.

Delete Messages Icloud

Way 2. Stop Backing up Message to iCloud

You can also turn off the backup of messages from iPhone to iCloud to prevent text messages from taking up space in iCloud in the future.

Step 1. Head over to “Settings” on iPhone and click on “[your name]”.

Step 2. Tap on “iCloud” and toggle the switch next to “Message” to disable it from auto backup to iCloud.

turn off messages icloud

What if Deleted Messages but iCloud is Still Full?

With the foregoing methods, you can delete messages from iCloud and stop messages backing up to iCloud. If you find that you have deleted messages but iCloud is still full, the following 2 tips may be helpful to you.

Tip 1. Wait for some time and check again

It may take some time to clear messages on the iCloud server and update storage on your device after you delete them. It is recommended that you wait for a while before confirming the available iCloud storage space again.

Tip 2. Sign Out and Sign in to iCloud Again

There is a possibility the available space in iCloud has not automatically been updated. Please have a try at logging out and logging back into your iCloud account to check if messages are cleared.

Step 1. Go to “Settings” and tap on “[Your Name]” at the top. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Sign Out”, then enter your Apple ID account to sign out.

Sign Out Of Icloud

Step 2. Wait for minutes and turn to "Settings" to log in back with your Apple ID again.

Tip 3. Manage iCloud space by deleting unnecessary data

Besides messages, iCloud also store all kinds of data, including photos, music, videos, notes, and so on. So if the iCloud space still keeps full, you can delete other unnecessary data. For example, you can use FoneTool to delete the data you don't need with one-click. 

We take delete all photos on iCloud as an example, you can download FoneTool by tapping the below button:

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and open FoneTool on your computer > Choose Manage iCloud > Sign in and input the verification code to confirm.

messages taking up icloud storage

Step 2. Tap Manage iCloud >  Select Photos > Preview and choose the files you want to delete, you can check the Select All to delete all photos with one-click. > Hit the Delete button to confirm.

messages taking up icloud storage

Bonus Tip: Free Way to Back up Messages without Storage Limit

Although turning off backup for text messages can prevent text messages from taking up iCloud storage, you may also miss important messages due to phone being stolen, phone reset, and other reasons. In fact, aside from iCloud, you can use other backup services to create backups for your text messages. Our pick is FoneTool.

Besides helping you manage iCloud, FoneTool is a professional iPhone backup tool that allows you to selectively backup text messages instead of completely backing up all text messages, including spam messages and it lets you preview the files before backup. In addition, it supports backing up photos, music, videos, and contacts.

Also, this software offers full backup for iPhone that lets you back up all iPhone content and settings. In terms of data restoration, it provides flexible data recovery, including restoring backup files to the original device or a new device and previewing files before restoration.

Step 1. Download and run FoneTool. Plug in your iPhone to computer using a USB cable and trust your iPhone to connect with the computer.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 2. Select Phone Backup and go to Selective Backup.

Custom Backup

Step 3. Select the messages you want to back up by ticking the messages icons, then click OK (you can also click the checkbox next to the Messages icon to back up all messages directly).

Select Messages

Step 4. Click Backup Storage Path to select a storage location for saving message backup. Then, click Start Backup to begin the task.

Backup Messages


To fix messages taking up iCloud storage, you can remove message backup from iCloud or simply turn off iCloud backup for messages. But if you want to make a backup for your important text messages, FoneTool should be your go-to choice. It allows you to easily create full or selective backups for your iMessage for free.

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