How to Downgrade iOS 18 to 17 without a Computer

Are you finding a way how to downgrade iOS 18 to 17 without a computer? Here in this post, we’ll answer whether can you get it and how to downgrade from iOS 18.


By Ellie / Updated on July 9, 2024

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Can I downgrade iOS 18 to 17 without a computer?


"Hi, everyone. I'd like to downgrade from iOS 18 to iOS 17. iOS 18 is a disaster on my device, and I don't want to wait for an update. However, my computer has recently been absent from my presence. So, I'm wondering if and how I can downgrade from iOS 18 to 17 without a computer. Thank you ahead of time.” 

- Question from Daniel

It’s impossible to revert to iOS 17 without a computer

Many people may tend to downgrade to 17 as they encounter issues like Battery Drain after updating to iOS 18. However, I’m sorry to say that downgrading iOS 18 to 16 without a computer is unavailable and it seems hard to realize at this stage to downgrade iOS 18 to 17 without a computer. Whatever software you use to reach the downgrade from iOS 18 without a PC will fail. If you hear some words that you can do without a computer, then she or he is not honest with you.

How do you downgrade iOS 18 to 17 on iPhone?

Although we can’t downgrade iOS 18 to 17 without a computer, we can get it by using iTunes. Follow me to learn how to downgrade from iOS 18.

Part 1: Backup iOS 18 iPhone before the downgrade

In the process of downgrading from iOS 18 to 17, some important data may be lost, which will have a bad effect on your user experience. Therefore, it’s necessary to back up your iPhone to avoid the situation. Here we strongly recommend using FoneTool to help you back up your photos, contacts, music, videos, and other important data with a few clicks.

 Compared to iTunes, you can preview and select the data you want to back up with FoneTool and it will not erase any existing data on the device.
 It supports the majority of iPhone models, from the iPhone 4 to the most recent iPhone 15, and is fully compatible with iOS 18.

Get the free download and enjoy it with me.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Run FoneTool > Plug in your iPhone.

Step 2. Click Phone Backup > Locate Full Backup and click Get Started.

Full Backup

Step 3. Enable backup encryption > Select a storage path to save the backup > Click Start Backup.

Start Backup

Step 4. When you get your new iPhone, you can restore the full backup, you can go to Backup History and follow the prompts to restore your data.

Full Restore

If you want to preview and select the photos, and videos to backup, you can also use Selective Backup to get it.
 If you want to experience more features, like speeding up the backup process and transferring unlimited data between iPhone and computer, you can choose to upgrade to the Professional version.

Part 2: Downgrade iOS 18 with iTunes

After backup, you can do as follows revert iOS 18 to 17 on iPhone.

Step 1. Disable “Find my iPhone”. Navigate to Settings > Find My > Find My iPhone to disable the "Find My iPhone" option. ( If it is enabled, it may be tempered with the downgrading of the process)


Step 2. Charge device and maintain enough storage. Make sure your iPhone would be at least 60-70 percent charged and has enough storage space.

Step 3. Open a browser on Windows and navigate to IPSW's website.

Step 4. Choose the model of your iOS device.


Step 5. Click the Download button to download the most recent iOS 18 version under Signed IPSWs. This may take some time because the IPSW is typically 6 GB in size.


Step 6. After connecting your iPhone to your PC, your PC will automatically launch iTunes. (If it’s not, unlock your iPhone and then open it, choose “Trust”.)

Step 7. Locate “Summary” on your iPhone and then click on “Restore iPhone...” Now downgrading from iOS 18 to 17 is realized successfully.

Downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13 via iTunes

Step 8. Go to FoneTool to get a full restore of your data.


How to downgrade iOS 18 to 17 without a computer and can you achieve it? From this post, we know that it seems not possible now. You can do it when the computer is available for you. By using iTunes, we can easily get a downgrade. But before the operation, remember to back up your data with FoneTool. 

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