[Solved] iPhone 15/14 Camera Not Working After iOS 16/15 Update

After you update iOS to a new version, you may suddenly find iPhone camera not working. This passage will give you 5 effective solutions to fix iPhone camera not working after iOS update.


By Demi / Updated on May 31, 2024

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iOS 16 iPhone update - camera not working

I have an iPhone 15 and I recently updated the software to iOS 17beta and now my camera doesn’t work. The front and rear cameras are both black. Does anyone have any idea how I can go about fixing this issue?

- Question from Apple Community

Whenever Apple releases a new version of iOS, it seems that some users can’t wait to update it to access its new functions. However, things are not always as perfect as people think. For example, many iPhone users complained that their iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/X camera not working after iOS update. To fix this issue, there are some useful solutions for you in this guide.

Part 1. Common phenomenons about iPhone camera not working

The iPhone camera maybe not working in different situations. The most common are as follows. If you are in one of these phenomenons below, keep reading and find a solution to help you out.

• iPhone camera turns blurry after iOS update.
• iPhone camera stops working with a black screen.
• The camera in certain apps doesn’t work after updating iOS.

iphone Camera Not Working

Part 2. Top 5 solutions to iPhone camera not working after iOS update

There are some simple tips and specific solutions for you to fix iPhone camera not working after update. You can try them one by one until the issue is fixed by one of them.

Simple preparations before specific solutions

Sometimes, the problem maybe not as serious as you thought. Before some specific and complicated solutions, you can simply try these tips which may fix the issue in few seconds.

Close and reopen the Camera app. The functionality of your camera can be interrupted by other apps, so you can try to close and reopen the Camera, and see if the problem is solved.
Remove iPhone case. Is there a metallic or magnetic case on your iPhone? If the answer is yes, remove it and try to take a photo with camera to have a try.
Clean camera lenses. You can clean both camera lenses with a microfiber cloth to prevent any dirt, vibes, and any others.

If your iPhone camera is still not working, try the solutions below.

Solution 1. Free up iPhone storage

You may think your iPhone camera doesn’t work due to iOS update. However, a full or almost full iPhone storage may also prevent you from taking photos. To check whether your iPhone storage is full, go to Settings > General > Scroll down to locate iPhone Storage and tap it.

Iphone Storage

If your iPhone storage is full, make sure you have a recent backup of your iPhone and clean up unnecessary data like the browser caches, and useless photos or messages on iPhone. Then, go to the Camera app to see if it works.

If your iPhone has much space available, iPhone storage may not the reason why iPhone camera not working.

Solution 2. Force restart iPhone

After you update iOS, iPhone may fail to run smoothly within a short time, so that some apps like the Camera may stop working during this period. To get rid of it, you can force restart iPhone to have a try.

The steps differ from the models of your iPhone.
For iPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the volume + button > Press and quickly release the volume - button > Press the power button until you see the logo of Apple.
iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Press both the power button and volume - button for seconds until you see the logo of Apple.
iPhone 6s or earlier: Press both the power button and the Home button for seconds until you see the logo of Apple. 

Reset Iphone

Solution 3. Reset iPhone settings

There may be some changes in settings that lead to iPhone camera not working after iOS update. You can reset all iPhone settings to have a try. The function Reset All Settings will erase all personalized settings but does not harm the data on your iPhone.

To reset iPhone settings, you can go to Settings > General > (Transfer or Reset iPhone for iOS 15 and later >) Reset > Reset All Settings. You will be asked to enter your screen password to confirm the actions. 

Reset All Settings

Solution 4. Turn off VoiceOver

VoiceOver, a gesture-based screen reader, enables you to use iPhone even if you can’t see the screen. It is reported that an enabled VoiceOver may result in iPhone camera not working. Therefore, if the VoiceOver is on by default after iOS updating, you can turn it off.

Follow the steps to turn off VoiceOver on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Switch VoiceOver off if it is on.

Turn Off Voiceover

Solution 5. Check new iOS update or downgrade iOS

Sometimes, the iOS software has its own issues and bugs. For example, one of the most serious issues is that you can’t activate iPhone after iOS update. Therefore, if iPhone camera not working after iOS update, you can choose to check the new iOS update or downgrade iOS.

To update new iOS
This issue can be related to an iOS bug, especially for iOS 16. Then it could be solved with another update, so if there is any newer iOS version, please update new iOS.

You can go to Settings > General > Software Update to Download and Install the update.

Ios Software Update

To downgrade iOS
The latest iOS is probably buggy, and it can be the cause of iPhone camera not working. You need to be noted that downgrading iOS will erase your iPhone, including all stored contacts, photos, music, and everything else. Therefore, you need to make a full iPhone backup before downgrading.

>> Full backup your iPhone

It is recommended to use professional backup software - FoneTool to backup iPhone. It can not only backup everything on your iPhone, like kinds of files and system settings, but also can encrypt the files to protect your privacy.

Full Backup

You can download FoneTool by clicking the icon below.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

>> Downgrade the version of iOS

Let’s take the downgrade iOS 16 to iOS 15 as an example. The method is also suitable for other versions of iOS. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer and turned off “Find My iPhone” function.

Step 1. Download iOS 15 firmware file from Apple IPSW Downloads: Visit ipsw. me > Choose your iPhone type and the IPSW you need > Click Download.

Step 2. Run iTunes and connect your iPhone to computer > Click the Device icon and go to Summary page.

Step 3. Click the Restore iPhone/iPad... while holding the Shift key to locate the IPSW file you have downloaded before. 

Downgrade Ios 14 To Ios 13 Via Itunes

Step 4. Choose the IPSW file and click Open. Then a pop-up window will appear and tell you that iTunes will restore your device to iOS 15, click Restore to confirm.

When it is over, iPhone will show you a screen with Hello. Now, you can set up iPhone and restore backup with no effort.


Hopefully, your issue iPhone camera not working after iOS update can be solved with one of the tips and methods in this guide. Besides, many iPhone issues can result from iOS updates, it is necessary to full backup iPhone before updating. For more queries, suggestions, and feedback, feel free to contact us or leave your comments.

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