How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPad/Air/Pro/Mini

Sometimes, you may find your iPad has some duplicate or similar photos taking up too much space. Follow the post, it will guide you on how to delete duplicate photos on iPad/iPad Air/ Pro/ Mini.


By Dylan / Updated on June 6, 2023

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Is there an easy way to delete duplicate photos on iPad?

I just go the iPad 2021 and sync photos from my old device and all my photos doubled. And it takes up lots of space. So, is there a way to find and delete duplicates without having to search them one by one? Thanks!

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Why does iPad take duplicate photos?

It is common problem that iPad take duplicate photos. The common reason is that your iCloud photos will sync photos among your different devices. If your iCloud Photo is enabled, or ever used iTunes to sync iPhone, you can have some copies of your picture from another device.

Additionally, you probably download or save some memes or pictures from a website accidentally. In this condition, your iPhone storage will run out because of these duplicates.

How to delete duplicate photos on iPad/Air/Pro/Mini

Generally, there are 2 ways to deduplicate photos on iPad, you can delete them one by one on the built-in Photo tool and turn to a professional tool.

Method 1. Remove duplicate photos manually

Usually, people manage their photos with the built-in Photos app on their iPad. When you take photos or download memes, you can find your pics in this app. Then if you don't have many duplicate pics, you can remove them manually.

Some photos like sceneries usually were taken in one day. You can open the "Photos" app and tap "Library" > "Days". Then your pics will be sorted by day. And find the duplicates and remove them.

Besides, the photos app also provides several sorting ways. You can tap "People" "Places" "Favorites", "Recents", etc to find the duplicate photos. 

ipad photo

Method 2. Delete duplicate photos with professional duplicate photo remover

If you have lots of duplicate or similar photos on your iPad, especially sometimes you sync photos via iTunes, you will need the professional and powerful duplicate photo remover-FoneTool. With this tool, you can easily and quickly find and delete not only duplicate but also similar photos on iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini.

Besides, this tool offers the following advantages:

• Easy-to-use software: This tool comes with an intuitive interface. Anyone can easily handle it to remove photos from iPad.
Safe deleting photos: This software will detect all similar and duplicate photos for you and allows you to select photos to remove. So don’t worry the photos you need to be accidentally deleted.
Great compatibility: FoneTool works well with all iPad models, including iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and so on.
Delete duplicate photos on PC: If you save your photos on your Windows computer, FoneTool can help you remove duplicate photos saved on your computer.

Download please this software, and follow the steps below to see how it works:

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone with the PC, and run FoneTool on your computer, click "Toolbox" > “Photos Deduplication”.

click photo deduplication

Step 2. Then click "Scan iOS device".

scan ios device

Step 3. Wait for a while, the duplicate or similar photos will be listed on the left pane. Then the duplicates you want to remove. Then delete them.

start scanning ios

Note: If you need, FoneTool also enables you to transfer photos from iPad to computer to better manage.

delete duplicate photos


Now you have known how to delete duplicate photos on iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro. If you don't have many similar/duplicate photos on your device, the Photos app is a good built-in app to handle this. Or you can turn to FoneTool which can be the best photo deduplication tool. 

Besides, it also comes with other features that help you manage your pictures, like converting HEIC to JPG.

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