4 Fast Ways | How to Clone an iPhone Effectively

Cloning an iPhone is an effective way for you to get a new iPhone without losing any of your precious data. This article shows 4 methods on how to clone an iPhone easily.


By Dylan / Updated on July 9, 2024

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How do I clone my iPhone to another iPhone?

Cloning an iPhone means that all the data on your old iPhone can be transferred to the new device, including apps, settings, photos, and other precious files. Whether you bought a new iPhone 15 and want to transfer all your old iPhone data, or want to save iPhone data before erasing iPhone, cloning iPhone to iPhone is an effective way.

However, most users who have this need don't know how to clone an iPhone, don't worry, we provide you with 4 executable solutions, any user can complete the iPhone clone with the steps provided.

Clone iPhone

How to Clone an iPhone effectively: 4 methods

How do you clone an iPhone? The built-in features and tools of the iPhone - iCloud and Quick Start can help you clone iPhone to another iPhone. What's more, third-party tools like iTunes and FoneTool (easier) provide safer and more reliable steps to clone iPhone. Read on for the next and choose anyone according to your needs to clone your devices easily.

Video Tutorial: How to Clone to iPhone 14 | How to Clone iPhone to iPhone

Method 1. Clone an iPhone without iCloud password via FoneTool

Some users have reported that the success rate of using iCloud and iTunes for iOS cloning is not very high, and if you have already set up a new iPhone, Quick Start is not very effective. Therefore, we recommend you to use FoneTool, which can easily clone an iPhone after setup.

FoneTool is a professional iOS clone and backup software that allows you to easily and quickly migrate everything such as app settings, personal data, etc. from iPhone to another iPhone. If you only want to transfer part of the data or clone iPhone to PC, you can use the Selective Backup feature, which allows you to selectively transfer items like "Photos", "Videos", "WhatsApp" and "Viber" to another location.

Refer to the following content to see how to clone an iPhone to another iPhone.

Directly clone all iPhone content:

Step 1. Download and install this tool, connect your two iPhones to PC. Tap “Trust This Computer“ on your iPhones.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Run FoneTool. And click "Phone Transfer" > "iPhone to iPhone" >"Get Started".

Iphone To Iphone Transfer

✍ Note:

If there is only one USB data cable, you can use the "Full Backup" function in FoneTool to back up the whole iPhone to your computer, and then "Restore" to the new iPhone to complete the cloning process.

Step 3. Ensure the source iPhone and the destination iPhone are placed in the correct places.

Step 4. Then click "Start Transfer", and wait for the process of how to clone iPhone to iPhone to get finished.

Start Transfer

Selectively clone iPhone to PC/another iPhone

Step 1. Run FoneTool. Choose "Phone Backup“ on the left pane> choose "Selective Backup”.

custom backup

Step 2. Choose the file types you need, and you can select the specific items. Then click "OK".

select files

Step 3. You can click "Backup Storage Path" to decide where to save the backup files. Click "Start Backup" button.

click backup

Step 4. When the backup is finished. Disconnect the old device, and connect the targeted iPhone. Then on the "My Backups" to restore backup to the targeted device.

restore to device

iCloud and iTunes are the traditional ways to backup and restore data from one iDevice to another. They usually work well. But you may fail to clone iPhone data because of iCloud storage full or other reasons. Besides, lots of users reported that iTunes runs slow when backup and restoring iPhone. And it does not support selective backup and restoring data if you don't want to migrate all content.

Method 2. Clone an iPhone for free via Quick Start

Opting for Quick Start presents an optimal avenue to seamlessly clone your iPhone, transferring all data from one device to another. To clone an iPhone to another with Quick Start you need to make sure of the following conditions:

  • The target iPhone hasn't been set up yet.
  • Both the source and target devices are running iOS 12.4 or later.
  • You intend to use the same Apple ID on both iPhones.

If you meet these requirements, proceed with the steps below to learn how to clone an iphone for free.

Step 1. Activate Bluetooth on the source iPhone and power on the target iPhone.

Step 2. Close to both iPhones. When you see the "Quick Start" screen on your new iPhone and are shown the option to set up your new iPhone with your Apple ID, tap "Continue".

Step 3. Wait for the animation to appear on the new iPhone, after the old iPhone captures the animation, you will see a message that says "Finish on New iPhone".

Step 4. Enter the passcode of your old iPhone on your new iPhone. Follow on-screen prompts to set Face ID or Touch ID on the new iPhone.

Step 5. Click "Transfer from iPhone" to initiate the data transfer process. Upon completion, you have successfully cloned the iPhone.

Quick Start clone iPhone

Method 3. Clone an iPhone to another remotely with iCloud

We all know that iCloud is one of the internal tools of iPhone. For those who want to know how to clone an iPhone remotely, iCloud is an effective way to transfer data even if you don't have two phones nearby at the same time.

But there is just it has 5 GB of storage, and this method requires a lot of time to download the package. And before you can clone the content from the old iPhone to the new device, the iCloud backup must have been enabled. 

✍ Note:

1. You can’t use iCloud to clone all the content, iCloud can only clone some important data, such as contacts, SMS, pictures, and so on.

2. Please make your iCloud storage have enough space. If your iCloud storage is full, please turn to other methods.

Follow the steps to learn how to clone an iPhone to new iPhone.

Step 1. After you turn on the new device, you can follow the screenshots to get to the App & Data screen.

Step 2. Then choose “Restore from iCloud Backup”, and tap your Apple ID and Password to sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 3. At last, choose the backup to restore your iPhone.

restore icloud backup

With only three steps you can restore your data from old iPhone to the new one.

Method 4. Clone an iPhone to new iPhone with iTunes

With the help of iTunes, you can also clone your iOS device. To clone your iPhone with iTunes, you must connect the iPhone to your computer, and backup the iPhone data on the computer. Compared with iCloud, you need a shorter time to do the clone. You can learn how to clone an iPhone without iCloud password, all iPhone data including some settings.

Firstly, you must backup your old device to the iTunes library. Then download and launch iTunes on computer, and connect the old iPhone to your PC/Mac via a USB cable.

Secondly, click “Device icon > Summary > Back Up Now”.

Backup with iTunes

After the backup, you can restore it now to complete the process of how to clone an iPhone with iTunes.

Step 1. Connect your new device to the PC.

Step 2. Click on the device in iTunes, and click “Summary > Restore Backup”.

Restore with iTunes

Step 3. Then choose the correct backup and click “Restore”.

FAQs on How to Clone an iPhone

iPhone cloning can be an effective way to back up your data and transfer to a new device. However, there may be some potential risks and frequently asked questions from users in the process, and you can read on to get answers.

#1. Risks and precautions of cloning an iPhone you should know

The most frequently mentioned risk of cloning an iPhone is the possible loss of data. If the cloning process goes wrong, you may lose all your important data including photos, contacts, and more. You'd better back up your iPhone data before performing the operation.

Also, you can consider are cloning an iPhone is illegal? It depends on where you live, and in some areas it may be illegal to clone an iPhone without the owner's permission. Therefore, you'd better check the local laws before cloning an iPhone.

#2. Is it possible to clone an iPhone without someone knowing?

Yes, it is. Some hackers may be able to steal your account information, they can use your Apple ID to clone your iPhone data without your knowledge. To ensure the security of your data, we recommend enabling two-factor authentication for Apple ID. Go to Settings >[Username]> Password & Security > Turn On Two-factor Authentication.

Enable Two-factor Authentication


Now, you know how to clone an iPhone to another iPhone easily. You can choose one according to your need. iCloud requires only a WIFI to build the connection, but it takes more time to clone the files and restore them. iTunes needs a shorter time, but the operation is too complex, and Quick Start has more usage limitations.

By contrast, FoneTool is easier to use and provides a much faster transfer speed, and it provides 2 methods of sending iPhone data to meet different demands. And it also helps you select data to clone, like transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. Try it!

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