How to Backup Pictures to iCloud from iPhone/PC

This passage introduces how to backup pictures to iCloud and how to get photos from iCloud to iPhone.


By May / Updated on May 31, 2024

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How to backup pictures to iCloud storage

I have more than 1000 photos on my iPhone 14, and I want to save them to my iCloud storage. How can I do it? Thanks

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Your pictures on your iPhone should be cared for. Due to iPhone’s good quality, you could use it for years so you might have taken many photos and collected beautiful pictures from other apps. It would be a pity to lose them when an iPhone is broken or stolen. Except for the physical reasons, some iPhone users also reported that they lost photos after upgrading iOS. The first thing for you is to save all your pictures to iCloud. Follow this passage to easily start to use iCloud to protect iPhone photos.

How to Backup Pictures to iCloud on iPhone?

You could back up your photos on your iPhone in 2 ways. Your photos could be saved into a folder, iCloud Photos. Then could be synced on another iPhone signed in the same ID and you would get how to view them in the following content. In addition, you could also backup whole iPhone with iCloud to save your photos, but you should note that if you have saved photos to iCloud, iCloud would not add the photos to the full iPhone backup.

Method 1. Backup pictures to iCloud: Go to iPhone Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos and toggle on iCloud Photos. After you upload photos to iCloud from iPhone by this way, you could select Optimize iPhone Storage to save iPhone space. You could preview your photos as usual, but it would be blurred if you zoom in it. Wait for several minutes and the full picture would be download. You could sign in another iPhone with the same ID, toggle on iCloud Photos on it and your photos would be downloaded from iCloud to that iPhone.

Turn On iCloud Photos

Method 2. Backup the whole iPhone to iCloud: Go to iCloud > iCloud Backup and toggle on iCloud Backup. You have only 5GB of free iCloud storage. If your iCloud storage is full, you could clear iCloud storage or reduce iCloud backup content. This backup can be only used when you set up an iPhone. If you want to view what’s in it, download iCloud backup to computer.

How to backup and access pictures to iCloud on computer?

You could also upload iPhone photos to iCloud on your computer and it would be convenient to view all your iCloud photos.

Method 1. Backup pictures to iCloud online: Go to the site of iCloud > sign in Apple ID > click the icon of photos > click the cloud icon or plus icon to upload photos or folders. You can view or download all your iCloud photos on this page. If you delete photos from iCloud, you could recover them in Recently Deleted in 30 days.

iCloud Site

Method 2. Backup pictures to iCloud via client: Download iCloud client for Windows > check Photos and enable Download photos, Upload photos, or Create new folders in Options > go to Windows Explorer > Select iCloud Photos. You could copy your photos to the folder Upload. You can check whether your photos have been uploaded by clicking Download Photos and Videos in the upper-left corner or go to the site of iCloud again.

iCloud Photos

How to Quickly and Safely Backup iPhone Pictures Without iCloud?

A strong and stable Internet is necessary to backup photos to iCloud. It decides how long it takes to upload or download all your photos and you might come across problems with connecting to a server like iCloud backup stuck. It is not a good idea to store some personal files in iCloud considering data security.

You could use FoneTool to back up iPhone photos on a computer without the Internet. It’s a free tool to save not only photos, but also videos, music, contacts, and messages from iPhone to computer. You could decide on your backup and view them on your computer.

  • Preview Photos: You have multiple photos on your iPhone and you might not want to save them all. Preview and select what you want with FoneTool to save the needed photos. It also allows you to do this when you restore photos.
  • Quickly Backup: FoneTool would back up every 100 photos in 2 seconds.
  • Widely Compatible: You could use this among your Apple family. It supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and would perfectly perform with the latest iOS 16.

If you have transferred your iPhone pictures to your PC before, here is how to back up your pictures in 3 steps:

Step 1. Download and install FoneTool on your Windows 10 or any other versions

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. After installation, launch FoneTool and navigate to My iCloud > Sign in using your Apple ID and then proceed to click Manage iCloud.

Click Manage iCloud

Step 3. Within the user-friendly interface, find and select the Photos icon > Click the Upload button to back up your iPhone pictures to your iCloud.

Upload Photos

In addition, consider taking advantage of the features of the FoneTool app - a convenient and free iOS data transfer tool. The tool helps seamlessly transfer photos from one iPhone to another. What makes it unique is that it works without an Internet connection and does not require WiFi or cellular data consumption.

Free iPhone Transfer App Download


You could backup pictures to iCloud on iPhone or computer. To access your iCloud photos, you could check them online or using the iCloud client. You could also use FoneTool to quickly and safely save all your photos to a computer without iCloud. If you think this passage is helpful, you could share it to help more people.

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