[Full Guide] How to Download All iCloud Photos to PC

Are you looking for ways to download all iCloud photos to PC? Well, read on this post to learn 4 reliable ways to easily export iCloud photos to your PC with just a few clicks.


By May / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Is there any way to download all iCloud photos?

Hey guys, I need some help! How do I download all my iCloud photos to my computer? I have an iPhone X and a Windows laptop. Any suggestions on the best way to do this? Thanks a lot!

- Question from Reddit

Why Need to Download All iCloud Photos to PC?

Syncing your photos to iCloud is a great way to save your iPhone storage space. However, the 5GB of free iCloud storage will quickly fill up with photos. So, why need to download all iCloud photos to PC? The reasons are listed below:

Free Up iCloud Space: Downloading photos to your PC frees up space in your iCloud account so you can keep capturing photos without worrying about storage.
Backup: Having a local copy ensures an extra backup of your important photos in case you meet iCloud errors such as error downloading from iCloud photo library, etc.
Editing and Sharing: PC photo editing software offers more advanced editing options and sharing photos through various platforms becomes more versatile.

Download All iCloud Photos to PC

How to Download All iCloud Photos to PC –  3 Easy Ways

So, how to download all photos from iCloud to Windows PC? If you have uploaded all your photos to iCloud, then you can follow the instructions below to download all iPhone photos to PC. Scroll down for more details.

Method 1: Easiest Way to Download All iCloud Photos to PC with FoneTool

FoneTool is one of the easiest ways to help you directly download all iCloud photos to your PC. This powerful app simplifies the task of uploading, downloading, and deleting your photos on iCloud and iCloud Drive. If you find yourself transitioning to a new Apple ID, FoneTool has you covered - easily migrate your iCloud data from one account to another.

Now download FoneTool on your Windows PC today and get started on your journey to efficient iCloud data management.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1: Launch FoneTool and navigate to My iCloud > Sign in using your Apple ID and click Manage iCloud.

Click Manage iCloud

 After that, if you need to synchronize iCloud with another account, select iCloud Sync from this screen.

Step 2: Click the Photos icon and choose the Select All option > Click the Download button to download all iCloud photos.

Download All iCloud Photos


Method 2: Download All iCloud Photos to PC via iCloud Client

The first way to download all photos from iCloud to Windows PC is to consider installing the iCloud client for your computer. The iCloud client allows you to synchronize data such as mail, contacts, calendars and bookmarks with a single click. It also provides easy access to iCloud Drive. So, how to download all photos from iCloud to PC? Follow the steps:

Step 1: Download iCloud for Windows and sign in with your Apple ID to access iCloud.

Step 2: Press the Windows + E keys to open Windows File Explorer > Click the iCloud Photos icon > Choose Download photos and videos in the upper left corner.

Download Photos and Videos to PC

Method 3: Download Over 1,000 Photos to PC from iCloud.com

If you have enabled iCloud backup in your iPhone settings, the second way to download all iCloud photos to PC is to visit the iCloud website. By signing into iCloud, you can view a variety of categories, such as Photos, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, and more. Just click any icon to view and select the files you want to download.

iCloud Site

If you have more than 1,000 photos on iCloud, downloading all iCloud photos to your PC can be a challenge because iCloud limits transfers to a maximum of 1,000 photos at a time. However, take advantage of the Apple Online Data and Privacy Site tool designed to offer users a comprehensive copy of all their iCloud data. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download all iCloud photos to PC:

Step 1: Go to the Apple Privacy website and sign into your iCloud account with the correct Apple ID and password > Find the Obtain a copy of your data option and click Get Started.

Select Obtain a Copy of Your Data

Step 2: In the data categories lists, tick iCloud Photos and then click Continue to proceed > Select your preferred maximum file size for the download > Click Complete request.

Click Complete Request

Once completed, Apple will immediately receive your request and you will be able to access the data you need.

Bonus: Back Up iPhone Photos to PC with Professional Tool

If you rely on iCloud for iPhone backups, you’ll need constant access to the internet to upload, view files, and restore your device. However, for a more straightforward approach, FoneTool will be a top option for you. It is also a professional iPhone backup and transfer tool that can help you easily back up or transfer photos, videos, music, messages, and contacts to your PC. Since the backup copies are always stored on your computer, there’s no need to download them again. Most importantly, you can easily access and view your backups with just one click for convenience and peace of mind.

Benefits of Using FoneTool to Back Up iPhone Photos:
Selective Backup: With FoneTool, you can choose to back up specific photos or entire albums, giving you control over what you want to preserve.
No Network Required: FoneTool enables photo backup without relying on an internet connection, ensuring convenience and accessibility even offline.
Preserve Photo Quality: FoneTool allows you to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without losing quality during the backup process.
Unlimited Storage: Fonetool lets you back up your photos to a PC or any external hard drive, ensuring you can back up all your photos without worrying about space limitations.

So, how to back up all photos from your iPhone to your PC using FoneTool? Follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC and run FoneTool > Navigate to the Phone Backup section > Select Selective Backup > Click Get Started to begin.

Select Selective Backup

Step 2: Check the Photos option > Click Backup Storage Path to set the location to save the backup files > Click the Start Backup button to back up all photos on your iPhone.

Click Start Backup

If you don’t need to back all the photos, you can also click the Photos icon to preview and select desired photos to back up.

The Bottom Line

It is quite easy to download all iCloud photos to PC. However, if you have amounts of photos or videos, it’s recommended to use safe and professional to move them from your iPhone to your PC because you may easily meet the iCloud backup stuck issue.

Here FoneTool is the best choice for you, which can help you easily back up your iPhone data (including photos, videos, music, messages, and more) to your PC without worrying about the network connection. Why not try it out? Download and use it at once!

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