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How do I stop messages from going to iPad from my phone?

My texts come through my iPhone and iPad. How do I stop them from going to my iPad, too? I hope someone can tell me how to unlink iPad and iPhone text messages.

- Question from Apple Community

Why are text messages going to iPad too?

"How do I stop text messages from going to my iPad?" Have you encountered a problem similar to this user? Your iPhone text messages/iMessages are always going to iPad, too. Why does that happen? This is because your iPhone and iPad use the same Apple ID and related Messages settings are enabled, you will notice that your iPad will get messages from the iPhone.

For anyone who uses both iPhone and iPad for communication, it’s a great feature to keep important information up to date. However, it can be a potential privacy nightmare for you: the iPad is for family use and the personal messages may be visible and readable by anyone who also uses the iPad. Nothing is more annoying than this.

So how to stop sharing text messages between iPhone and iPad? Well, you can log out your Apple ID on iPad, thereby completely disconnecting the iPhone and iPad. If not, you should go to the Settings app to turn off message syncing to stop messages from iPhone to iPad. Keep reading to get the details.

How Do I Stop Text Messages from Going to My iPad?

If the "how do I stop text messages from going to all my Apple devices" issue bothers you, you should check three settings related to Messages to stop sharing text messages between iPhone and iPad.

Note: You may have some important messages on your device. To avoid data loss due to any errors, it is recommended that you save iPhone messages to computer.

Way 1. Turn off iMessage Sync

On your iPad: Go to Settings app > Tap Messages > Turn off iMessage.

Turn off iMessage

In this way, the iPad will no longer receive iMessages from iPhone. Please note that when iMessage feature is disabled on iPad, it’s not possible to send messages.

Way 2. Turn off Messages in iCloud

Since iOS 11.4 and later, Apple has added the Messages in iCloud feature. When Messages in iCloud is turned on, all your messages will be saved in iCloud and messages will show on any devices that logged in with the same Apple account.

Therefore, to stop sharing text messages from iPhone to iPad, you should make sure that the Messages in iCloud function is disabled.

On your iPad: Open Settings app > Tap [your name] > Tap iCloud > Turn off Messages to unlink iPad and iPhone text messages.

Turn off iCloud Messages

Way 3. Turn off Text Message Forwarding

When Text Message Forwarding is enabled, the SMS/MMS messages that you send and receive on iPhone will appear on iPad. So please sure that this feature is disabled if you don’t want to share messages between iPhone and iPad.

On your iPhone: Tap Settings app > Tap Messages > Tap Text Message Forwarding > It will list the device that can receive text messages from the iPhone, please uncheck your iPad that you do not want messages to go to.

Turn off Text Message Forwarding

Best iPhone backup way to prevent information loss or leakage

From the above, you know how to stop texts from going to iPad. You do not want iPad to show you messages because you care about your privacy. After all, some messages mean a lot to you. To ensure that you will never lose any important messages, you’d better back them up regularly.

You can choose to backup iPhone messages to iCloud. However, there’s only 5 GB of free storage space. It will definitely run out sooner or later. Fortunately, there’s one third-party iPhone backup tool that can help you backup messages in an easier way.

FoneTool is an excellent iOS data backup & transfer tool specially designed for Windows PC. It will help you backup selected iMessage/SMS/MMS messages from iPhone to computer. Besides, you can restore messages to your iPhone or any other iDevice if you want (No data erasing).

See how to backup iPhone messages with ease:

Download and install FoneTool. This tool supports most iPhone models from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 14/13 and is fully compatible with the latest iOS 16/15.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

1. Launch FoneTool > Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable > Enter passcode on iPhone so the tool can access your device.

2. Click Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup option.

custom bakcup

3. Choose Messages to select the messages you want to backup > Click OK to confirm.

Select Messages

4. Choose the backup path > Click Start Backup button to start backing up your messages.

Backup Messages

The backup files can be restored to any device. If necessary, you can choose to restore iPhone messages to iPad and it will not erase any existing messages or any other data on the devices.

Besides data backup and restore, FoneTool also supports data transfer. You can transfer contacts, photos, videos, songs between iPhone/iPad and computer, between two iDevices with different Apple IDs. That's to say, it's possible to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with different Apple ID. You can take advantage of this feature to share purchased songs with family and friends.


How do I stop text messages from going to my iPad? Now you know how to make it. You just need to go to Settings app to turn off some functions. Thus the iPad will no longer receive notifications for messages. If you think this guide is useful, share it to help more people!

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