How to Fix Erase Pending iPhone

When you wipe your iPhone, you find the erase pending on iPhone and don't know what to do? This article will give you some advice.


By Dylan / Updated on July 14, 2023

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Why does iPhone say erase pending?

Sometimes, you may need to wipe your iPhone in many situations, such as a lost or stolen iPhone, forgotten password, sold your iPhone, etc. However, when you erase your iPhone with iCloud, you may encounter iPhone erase pending issue.

erase pending iphone

In general, there are some possible reasons for iPhone erase pending issue:
① An unstable internet connection is one of the most common reasons why the erasing process pending. iCloud depends on network to perform the operation. So if your device is offline, you will see Erase Pending.
② Besides, when the iPhone is disabled or locked with a passcode, it also cannot connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. In this situation, the request to erase iPhone hangs.
③ Chances are that because of too much data, the iPhone is stuck on erase pending for a long time.

How to fix erase pending iPhone

Before fixing the problem, let’s see how long does it take for iPhone erase pending? Generally speaking, it usually only takes about 10-15 minutes. If you are still stuck on the erasing process for too long, you can try the following methods to fix it.

Method 1. Reset all network settings

As we said before, a good internet connection is a prerequisite for erasing an iPhone. Therefore, the first step you should do is to check the network settings, you can reset all network settings and try again, which will clear all network settings/cache and restore the original network options and values.

Go to Settings > tap General > click Transfer or Reset iPhone > tap Reset > tap Reset Network Settings > Enter your passcode to confirm and restart your iPhone.

reset network settings

Method 2. Restore iPhone with iTunes

There are many ways to wipe an iPhone: iCloud-Find My iPhone, restore iPhone with iTunes, factory reset iPhone, etc. Some issues might prevent you from wiping iPhone data on your iPhone, but you can still do it on your computer. While Find My iPhone erase pending, iTunes can help you factory reset your iPhone on computer, just like you did on iPhone.

Step 1. Install the latest version of iTunes on a computer and open it, connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable.

Step 2. Click the Device tab, tap Summary, and then click Restore iPhone...option to factory reset iPhone

restore iphone

Note: Make sure you have a backup of your iPhone, as restoring will wipe all data on the device.

Method 3. Erase iPhone via FoneTool (Recommended)

FoneTool is a professional iOS eraser that can completely erase iPhone data by overwriting existing data. It supports you to wipe your iPhone deeply no matter you want to sell your old iPhone or get it working again, and the data cannot be recovered any longer. 

But at the same time it provides you Full Backup and Custom Backup function, you can backup your data fully or selectively to a safe place to avoid any data loss.

Now, download FoneTool to see how to erase iPhone.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Click Toolbox on the left pane > Data Eraser on the interface.

erase iphone

Step 2. Choose Erase all data and click Get Started.

choose erase all

Step 3. Tick "I have understand the consequence of erasing data, and I am sure to erase data", and "Automatically activate iPhone and ignore initial settings", and then click Erase iPhone to delete everything.

erase options


That’s how to fix “erase pending iPhone”. Hope you can erase iPhone successfully after reading this guide. If you want to keep your precious data, FoneTool is your best choice. Go download FoneTool to know more features.

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