How to Do One Click Recovery System Easily (2 Ways)

You will learn 2 useful one click recovery system methods whether you want to factory reset a computer or restore to previous status.


by Clytze Updated on October 26, 2022

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What Is One Click Recovery System?

It is a function to quickly rescue your computer from system failure with one key backup and restore software and special recovery key on the keyboard on the laptop, pad, notebook, such as, Lenovo (F11), Dell (F8), Asus (F9), HP (F9), Acer (F12), Toshiba (F12), Samsung (F12), Sony (Esc), etc. 

When system fails, you can power on the machine, and press the key to enter either recovery environment or Boot Menu. If you enter the recovery environment, you can directly recover there. But if you enter Boot Menu, it's first to choose to boot computer from the rescue disc you have and then restore your os back from the rescue disc.

One Click Recovery System

Besides recovery key, some brandy computer still provides a customized button, for example, to perform onekey rescue system in Lenovo, you can press the Novo Button while the machine is off. And the brandy 1-k recovery still allows you to create a user backup with it. It will include your personal data in the backup and restore only the operating system to factory default while performing one click system recovery.  

When Need One Click Recovery System?

Onekey recovery system is needed when your os fails to start up. It may be caused by many reasons, such as:

  • Viruses or hijack attacks.
  • Software errors or malware issues.
  • Wrong user operations.

And many other causes that finally result in system crash. Then, all you want to do is to make it work properly. Please keep reading below to learn the stepwise guide. 

Perform One Click Recovery System with built-in software

Just as said above, if your computer is one of the mentioned brand or other brand which has self-contained recovery function, you can refer to its official forum for the detailed operations. Here I'll take Lenovo OneKey Recovery as an example to show you the detailed steps.

Step 1. Start your computer and press F11 to access Lenovo OneKey Recovery when prompted. Or you can directly press the Novo button and then select System Recovery in the Novo Button Menu.

System Recovery Novo

Step 2. Select “Restore from initial backup” if you want to factory reset Lenovo desktop or you don't create a user backup with this software.  


Step 3. Click Start to start the system recovery process and then you will be asked to configure some settings just as the first time you get your computer. 

Perform One Key System Recovery with third-party software

You may know that this software comes along with a preinstalled brandy computer, but nowdays, many users' computer are DIY. Thus, all they need is a third-party one key system recovery software, AOMEI OneKey Recovery, a worldwide reliable software, for example. 

It does not comes with a factory image on your computer, but you can backup system to recovery partition or new hard drive and schedule it in daily, weekly, monthly. Thus, you don't need to worry about data loss because the newly installed programs or store data are not included in the factory image or previous backup.  

When your computer behave abnormal or stop working, you can directly launch this software, use F11/A key or boot menu at system startup and perform Lenovo OneKey Recovery to new hard drive or current disk (if it still fine). Then, let's learn the detailed steps for one-click restore.

Step 1. Power on the machine and continuously press “F11” (default) or “A” (if you customized it before) immediately its logo shows up until you enter system recovery environment. There, AOMEI OneKey Recovery will pop up automatically and choose “Onekey System Recovery”.

OKR Recovery

Step 2. Select a way to restore your system back, from recovery partition or specific path you backup to. 

Restore from

Step 3. Confirm the 1-click recovery process will overwrite the system partition and click “Start Restore”.

Confirm Restore

Tip: You can tick “Restore to other location” to select a new path to receive the image if your original disk is damaged. In default, it will restore to the original location of your system.

Wait until it finishes. During this period of time, please do not do any other operation on your computer. When it finishes, reboot into os and reset your computer.


Hope you can easily perform one click recovery system if there is a problem with your computer, such as, viruses, software error, OS damaged, etc. You can use both built-in one key recovery software if you want to factory reset Lenovo desktop or other brandy computer. 

But if you don't want to lose any data, it's suggested to backup system continuously with AOMEI OneKey Recovery and then you can restore everything from your backup, including OS, system files, boot partition, installed programs, personal data, etc. For advanced uesrs, try its Technician or Customization.

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