By Jessie / Last update February 6, 2017

What Is One Click Recovery System?

It is a function to quickly rescue your computer from system failure. By using the system image made before accident, you can easily restore your operating system back to its former healthy state where you create the image file.

In many brand computers, there are snap-in 1-click recovery function. When your os crashed, you can recover it by just clicking a specific key on the keyboard or a customized button on the laptop, pad, notebook, etc. For example, to onekey rescue system in lenovo, you can press the Novo Button while the machine is off. Then, you will enter Lenovo OneKey Recovery. Follow the steps to get your system back to you.

Many other brand computer also have such function, such as Dell (F8), Asus (F9), HP (F9), Acer (F12), Toshiba (F12), Samsung (F12), Sony (Esc), etc. The key in the brackets behind each brand is the recovery key of them. When system fails, you can power on the machine, and press the key to enter either recovery environment or Boot Menu. If enter recovery environment, you can directly recover there; if enter Boot Menu, you can choose to boot computer from the rescue disc you have and restore your os back from the rescue disc.

When Need One Click Recovery System?

Onekey recovery system is needed when your os fails to start up. It may be caused by many reasons, such as:

  • Viruses or hijack attacks
  • Software errors or malware issues
  • Wrong operations by users

And many other causes that finally result in system crash.

How to do One Click Recovery System?

Way 1: with built-in function

Just as said above, if your computer is one of the mentioned brand or other brand which has self-contained recovery function, you can refer to its official forum for the detailed operations.

Tip:Such onekey recovery system function is usually embedded in notebooks and tablets. If yours is a desktop, you may rely on Way 2.

Way 2: with a third-party software

There are just a few third-party programs which can one key recover system. Here, the comparatively frequent seen AOMEI OneKey Recovery will be introduced to you.

The one-click restoration is based on that you already made a recovery partition before accident happens. Thus, for those whose computer is still in good health and want to prepare for a rainy day, it is wise to download this software to create a recovery image first.

Step1. Power on the machine and continuously press “F11” (default) or “A” (if you customized it before) immediately its logo shows up until you enter system recovery environment. There, AOMEI OneKey Recovery will pops up automatically.

Step2.Choose “Onekey System Recovery”.

Onekey System Recovery

Step3.Select a way to restore your system back according to your former system backup type.

Restore System from AOMEI Onekey Recovery Partition

Step4.Confirm the 1-click recovery and click “Start Restore”.

Restore and Confirm

Tip: You can “Restore to other location” by ticking the box lower left. In default, it will restore to the original location of your system.

Step5.Wait until it finishes. During this period of time, please do not do any other operation on your computer. When it finishes, reboot into os and reset your computer.