Download Free Disk Restore Software and Recover Your Data

You will get the best free disk recovery software - AOMEI Backupper Standard and perform disk restore to get your data back if your disk is damaged.


By Ivy Updated on January 5, 2023

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Why Need Free Disk Restore Software?

When a disk has been used for a period of time, there will be inevitable data loss more or less. Most of the data might have played an important role in a corresponding field. There are several disk problems that may result in data loss as listed below.

  • In this developing information age, various viruses may lead to data loss at any time.

  • Your computer asks you to format the disk. If you do as suggested, all the data on the disk will be lost. It may also tells you "access is denied" or similar messages. 

  • The disk might be unreadable due to some wrong operations, which finally resulting data loss. 

  • The "bad track" and "bad sector" might cause data loss on the disk. 

  • You format the disk when receiving the "invalid disk" prompt. As a result, the data on the disk will go as well.

Besides, your disk or system may be damaged due to different reasons, such as, virus attacks, system file error, Windows Update error, bad sectors, etc.

So free disk restore software is necessary for data protection. It allows you to restore data on the entire disk (including OS, programs, personal data, etc) and ensure a secure boot. 

However, there is a precondition of disk recovery. That is, there must be an image file of the disk created in advance. This informs us that it is necessary to do a disk backup at any time. Only then, any data loss caused by disk problems can be well recovered.

Best Free Disk Recovery Software - AOMEI Backupper

As mentioned before, disk backup is the precondition of disk recovery. So the hard drive recovery software also needs to support disk backup, otherwise, you cannot perform disk restore for your PC. AOMEI Backupper Standard is a great choice. Below are some advantages of it: 

For Disk Backup:

  • It will back up all the data on the disk. If it is a system disk, the OS and all the boot files required to start Windows will be included as well. 
  • It allows you to run this disk backup task automatically. You have 3 schedule backup options, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. The sweetest thing is that it can wake up the computer to run scheduled tasks automatically. 
  • Besides, it still helps you to save disk space as much as possible with different features, such as normal compression, intelligent sector backup, incremental backup, etc, even don't need to set it up. 

For Disk Restore: 

  • It will restore all the data on the disk. For the system disk, it still ensures a secure boot after disk recovery. 
  • It allows you to restore disk image to original location or new hard drive or SSD.
  • If your new disk is an SSD disk, check its SSD Alignment feature and you will benefit from the disk performance, such as reading and writing speed and lifespan. 

How to Restore Data from Hard Drive Easily (with Secure Boot)

Before performing disk restore for your PC, please make sure you have a valid disk backup and prepare the following things:

  • Download FREE disk restore software - AOMEI Backupper Standard, install and launch it. If your system fails to boot, you can create a boot media with it. 
Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download
  • Prepare a new hard drive and initialize it. Go to disk management, right-click the new disk and select Initialize Disk. You will be asked to select a disk type (MBR or GPT), select it and click OK. 

Initialize Disk

  • Prepare a SATA cable if your computer is a laptop with only one slot. 

Then, follow the steps below to perform disk restore.

First of all, you need to locate the backup images created previously. All the available backup tasks will be listed in the "Home" or "Restore" tab, so you can start this task from either of them. 

Way 1: From the Home tab

  •  Click the orange icon and select Restore

Home Restore

  • And then, you will be directed to the Image Information window . You can choose to restore entire backup or a part, and click "Next".

Select Entire Disk Or Partition

Way 2: From the Restore tab

  • Click "Restore" and "Select Task" option. Also, if the image file do not show in the list box (such as the disk has been backed up to CD or a network path), you can browse the backed up image file by clicking the "Select Image File" button.

Select Task

  • You need to select disk backup image in the Restore window first and click Next. Then, you can access Image Information window and select the items you want to restore

Select Backup Image

After locating disk image, you will go to the Disk Restore window. Then, select new hard drive or SSD to receive the backup image and click Next

Select Destination

Finally, you will reach the Operation Summary window. Preview the disk information and be sure you select the right disk, and click "Start Restore" to perform disk restore. Tick "SSD Alignment" to improve SSD disk performance if your new disk is. 

Prevew and Restore

Other useful features you may need: 
  • "Edit partitions": It allows you to resize the partition size on the destination disk. And you have 3 options: Copy without resizing partitionsAdd unused space to all partitions, Manually adjust partition size.

  • "Sector by sector restore": It allows you to restore all sectors on the original disk and it is optional. 

Click "Finish" when the operations have been completed. If you just want to restore individual files from this disk, getmore information through "selective file restore".

If there is any program on the destination disk is running, the program will prompt you to terminate it. But if it can not be terminated, this software will prompt you and automatically restart the computer to finish the operations, which is called "Restart Mode".


With the disk backup and disk restore feature of free disk restore software - AOMEI Backupper Standard, you can easily restore all the data on the disk. It ensures you can boot from the new hard drive or SSD successfully if it is a system disk.

From above, you know that disk restore has a precondition. So in order to restore data from hard drive quickly, it's suggested to keep this software and schedule this backup task automatically. In the advanced edition, you even delete old backup automatically to be sure your backup disk always has enough space.

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