By Lora / Last update January 3, 2023

When do we need to restore WeChat history iPhone?

“Oh, gosh! I deleted my WeChat history with my GF by chance! All of our sweet memories were gone! How can I get back all my chat history? Any suggestion or help will be appreciated! ”


“Anyone can help? My Wechat messages disappeared after I deleted my discussion accidentally. Is there anything I can do to retrieve them?”


WeChat is now prevailing among users of all ages, which makes it easy for us to send others instant messages, pictures, audios, videos, and so on.

We use WeChat to arrange appointments with our business partners or friends, to send important files or documents to others, to have chats or conversations with people we met as well.

From time to time; however, we are likely to be careless to get our significant histories and sweet memories lost. No one will say no to a chance of time travel to get our messages back.

But don’t panic! Even if we don’t have a time machine, we can recover WeChat history iPhone with ease.

How to restore WeChat history iPhone?

No time to lose! Now let’s check how we can retrieve WeChat messages in 3 ways below. If users have made backups using iCloud Backup, they could also utilize iCloud Backup to restore WeChat history from iCloud.

Method 1. Restore WeChat history iPhone from the backup on PC

First, check if you have made a backup of the WeChat chat history on PC previously; if you do, things will go smoothly. With backup having been made before, you can try to recover your chat history in an official way via WeChat for Windows/Mac.

Step 1. Start WeChat on your PC and log in to your account.

Step 2. Click “More” in the lower-left corner and go to “Backup and Restore”.


Step 3. Choose “Restore on phone”.


Pros: As an official way to retrieve WeChat messages, it’s safe and convenient to carry out.
Cons: A backup must be made previously; otherwise, you cannot find any data of your messages on your PC.

Method 2. Retrieve WeChat messages via iTunes

In addition, you can easily restore WeChat history on iPhone via iTunes if a backup of your iPhone can be found in iTunes on your PC.

Step 1. Start iTunes on your PC and connect your iPhone to the computer with the charging cable.


Step 2. Click the “Device” icon on the upper side of the window.


Step 3. Go to “Summary” and then click “Restore Backup”.


Pros: Through this way, you can get the data of the entire device, none of them will get lost.
Cons: A backup must be made previously as well. Moreover, you cannot choose chat history according to your needs.

Method 3. Recover WeChat history iPhone using professional software (highly recommended)

If unfortunately, you don’t have a backup made before, stay calm please, you can still find your WeChat messages back by turning to the professional and trusty software, AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS, which is one of the best WeChat Recovery Software.

With plenty of amazing features, the third-party tool AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS can meet your need to retrieve WeChat messages even without a backup.

Astonishing features of AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS:
Concise and user-friendly interface, easy to operate.
Support iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS 10.0 or later.
Enable recover contacts, messages, images, audio messages, videos, and even recover WeChat recall messages, etc.
Enable users to export and save all chat history.

Now follow the steps below and restore WeChat history effortlessly with this software.

Tips: Do switch your iPhone to airplane mode the moment you find you lose your chat data to avoid the data being overwritten by new data. And keep the connection between the iPhone and the computer during the process as well.

Step 1. Download AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS, and then launch it.

Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Step 2. Connect your device to your PC via charging cable and authorize it to your PC.


Step 3. Click “Scan Now” to start the scanning process. The duration of scanning depends on the size of your data.


Step 4. When finished, you can select the chat data you need to recover. Then click “Recover”.



A guide to restoring WeChat history iPhone is provided above. We highly recommend iPhone users try the third-party tool AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS, which facilitates all users’ need for WeChat chat history recovery even without backup.

What's more, users could also get some help to perform WeChat file recovery. Wish all iPhone users’  WeChat data safe and sound all the time.