How to Recover Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone 13 &14?

How to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone? Still wondering “Can I retrieve a deleted voice memo on my iPhone”? Get some help here.


By Lora / Updated on December 15, 2023

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“Can I retrieve a deleted voice memo on my iPhone?”

Voice Memos App on iPhone plays quite a vital role for a bunch of users. Users who engaged in art, like composers, singers, etc. may utilize this app pretty much.

In addition, multiple users create voice memos to record some ideas, talks, class contents, and sometimes even pieces of evidence that could be used in solving disputes.

Except for some users who may accidentally delete voice memos, some tend to arrange or delete their old voice memos on iPhone - they may delete them on purpose, but then regret and want them back. And this is another big reason for voice memos loss

So they are wondering how to get deleted voice memos back.

This new update to the voice memos is confusing, and has caused me to accidentally delete several voice memos. Any suggestions?

- Question from Apple Community

It seems that there are still lots of users not aware of how to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone. Then this tutorial will aim at this question and give several solutions to it. Check them out below.

How to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone?

Let’s come straight to the point. 2 feasible methods will be introduced in this part, but, before viewing the solutions, a quick trick could be useful to some of you.

Quick trick: head over to the Recently Deleted folder

How to get deleted voice memos back? Have you ever deleted photos on iPhone? There is a Recently Deleted folder in Photos App, where you can retrieve deleted photos on iPhone.

Similarly, there is one in Voice Memos App as well. You could get deleted voice memos on iPhone from here extremely easily.

In case you don’t know, the steps to restore deleted voice memos from the Recently Deleted folder are presented below.

According to Apple, in default settings, this folder saves the deleted items for only 30 days. All the stuff you deleted 30 days ago cannot be accessed in this folder.

Go to Voice Memos App > back to folders > tap “Recently Deleted” > Select the items you need > click “Edit” > “Recover” > “Recover X Recordings”. Here “X” refers to how many items you have chosen.


Method 1. Recover deleted voice memos on iPhone from iCloud backup

How to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone? If unluckily, you have deleted voice memos from the Recently Deleted folder, then they are permanently deleted. But don’t panic, they are not gone for good.

There are other ways to get access to your deleted voice memos on iPhone. If you have backed up your iPhone, you could retrieve them from the backup.

If you have activated iCloud Backup, then there is a big chance to get back deleted voice memos: as long as you have not enabled voice memos synced via iCloud, then your deleted voice memos can be recovered from your iCloud backup.

Go to “Settings” > “Apple ID” > “iCloud” > “APPS USING ICLOUD” > the option “Voice Memos” has to be off.


Restoring from iCloud backup will overwrite all the current data on your iPhone, so please create a backup first to protect your data.
If restoring from iCloud backup not working, please get help.

Step 1. Go to “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Content and Settings” > input passcode. 


Step 2. Set up your iPhone > “Apps & Data” > “Restore from iCloud Backup” > sign in to your iCloud account > choose the latest backup.


By restoring iPhone to previous date, you could now get access to your deleted voice memos.

Method 2. Retrieve deleted voice memos on iPhone 13 & 14 efficiently

How to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone without backup? What if your iCloud backup does not cover the voice memos? Not to mention some users don’t even enable “iCloud Backup” because there is only 5GB of free storage space offered by Apple.

For those who want to restore deleted voice memos on iPhone without backup, is there any approach?

Yes! If restoring iPhone from iCloud backup failed, or you don’t possess a backup, you could utilize MyRecover for iOS - a well-designed iPhone data recovery tool.

  • Using this software, you could not only recover deleted voice memos on iPhone but also recover deleted notes, photos, videos, contacts, etc. with a high recovery rate.
  • This app supports iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, with iOS 10.0 and above, as well as the latest iOS 15/16.
  • Within 3 steps, you could scan, select, and recover your wanted data.
Tap “Trust” on your iPhone when seeing “Trust This Computer?” after connecting your iPhone to the computer.
Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and run MyRecover for iOS > connect your iPhone > click “Scan Now”.


Step 2. You could view all deleted recoverable data in the left column. Click “Voice Memos” > select the voice memos you need > click “Recover”.


With several simple clicks, you could solve the problem of how to recover deleted voice memos on iPhones effortlessly.

Related suggestions

To protect your vital voice memos data, some sincere suggestions are covered in this part for you.

  • Before deleting your voice memos, please think twice.
  • Be very cautious to intentionally delete voice memos in the Recently Deleted folder in case one day you may need them again.
  • Form a good habit of backing up iPhone data. Utilizing FoneTool is a good choice with amazing features like “Photos Backup”, “Custom Backup”, and “Full Backup”.
  • Change voice memos storing settings.

Go to “Settings” > “Voice Memos” > “Clear Deleted” > change to “Never”. Then your deleted voice memos won’t be removed from the Recently Deleted folder automatically.


Several solutions to the question “How to recover deleted voice memos on iPhone?” can be found on his page. Additionally, to reduce the risk of data loss, some suggestions have been given.

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