Guides to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone with Ease [2023]

How can I recover deleted data from my iPhone? It’s obvious that numerous users have asked that question. Now users can get help in this tutorial.


By Lora / Updated on June 12, 2023

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Help! I want to recover deleted data from my iPhone!

Data loss like photos, videos, messages, bookmarks, contacts, etc. is frequently encountered by users. It is no doubt that it is a pitiful and undesirable issue. Plenty of users keep asking the question can the deleted data be recovered from iPhone? Just like the scenarios as follows.

I accidentally deleted my videos on my iPhone so how can I get it back?

- Question from tom’s guide


Can anyone tell me how to recover deleted camera roll? I did restore without saving my pictures. Those pictures are very important to me. Can any please help me with this? Thanks.

- Question from everythingiCafe

It seems that users are prone to do some ill-considered hasty actions and regret doing so in the blink of an eye. But as things stand, it is not irreversible.

Some of them may eager to restore deleted notes on iPhone, some others may desire to restore photos, videos, and other types of data. These users are in urgent need of practicable methods to restore their deleted data on iPhones.

Can deleted data get recovered from iPhone? Sure! Here 3 practicable ways to recover deleted data from iPhones are elaborated in the next part. Check it out below.

How to recover deleted data from iPhone?

The solution to iPhone deleted data recovery varies as the scenarios users are in are not the same. If you luckily formed a good habit of backing up files and you possess a backup now, you can utilize the first two methods according to your situation and preference.

If unfortunately there is no backup made before, you may take advantage of a third-party recovery tool to recover your data.

Method 1. Restore deleted data from iPhone via iTunes backup

iPhone users can make full use of the embedded helpful tool to get their data back. Here iTunes can facilitate users to achieve deleted data recovery on iPhone if they possess a backup history.

Now learn how to recover data from iTunes backup.

Using this method will erase the current data on your device, so please create a backup before restoring. 
Private data like Health, activity, keychain, and your Apple Watch data will be covered in the iTunes backup only when you have enabled "Encrypt Local Backup". Next time encrypt your iTunes backup to make it easier to recover Health data on iPhone
If iTunes cannot restore iPhone from backup, please get help.

Step 1. Run iTunes and connect your iOS device to your PC via a charging cable.


Step 2. Find the “iPhone” icon beside the toolbar in the upper-left corner of this panel.


Step 3. Find “Restore Backup” in “Summary” in the sidebar.


By utilizing this method, you can restore the backup of the whole device with nothing left. But you may lose the data after this backup was created.

Method 2. Recover deleted data from iPhone via iCloud backup

As a kind of synchronization storage scheme, iCloud backup their data. Users can perform deleted data recovery from iPhone from iCloud backup. But similarly, a backup is required here. If you don’t have the habit of making backups, you may jump to the third method.

To utilize this tool, you have to erase your current data first. Use this way with caution. Backing up your iPhone is advisable. 
If restoring from iCloud backup not working, please get help.

Step 1. Go and find “Settings” on your iOS device, then click “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Content and Settings”. Input your passcode to erase.


Step 2. After restarting your iPhone, it will come to “Set up your iPhone” > click “Restore from iCloud Backup” > “Sign in with your iCloud Apple ID”. Select the latest backup history you have made.


Thus your deleted data will come back easily. But remember to use this method with caution if you don’t want to lose the current data.

Method 3. Recover deleted data from iPhone with a data recovery tool

Can deleted data be recovered from iPhone without backup? Compared with the two methods above, you may want to save time and labor instead of recovering a whole device. And maybe unfortunately you don’t have the habit of backup, so you don't possess an available backup to restore from.

Then, what to do if you want to recover deleted data from iPhone in a breeze? Don't be worried! You can utilize a professional iPhone data recovery tool here. The tool recommended is MyRecover for iOS.

This tool offers many amazing features. Check them out below.

★ Amazing features: 
Supports recovering data directly from iPhone even without backup. 
Enables users to restore photos, videos, notes, voice memos, WeChat chat history, etc. 
Supports to preview before recovering. 
Supports restoring iPhone data selectively/separately. 
High Compatibility. Supports iPhone 13/12/11/Xs/Xr/X/8/7/ series, and iOS 10.0 and later.

Now follow the steps provided here to retrieve deleted data from iPhone.

When data loss happens, please stop using your device immediately to prevent the data from being overwritten. 
Keep the connection between your iOS device and your computer.
Download Software iOS 10 and later
Secure Download

Step 1. Download MyRecover for iOS on your PC. Connect your iPhone to the computer properly.


Step 2. Then click "Scan Now".


Step 3. All recoverable data will be listed in the left column. Select the types of data you need, for, example, go to "Photos", and select the photos you want, then click "Recover".


In just 3 easy steps you can retrieve deleted data from an iOS device.

Bonus tips

How can I recover deleted data from my iPhone? To solve this question users, three feasible ways which have been tested to recover deleted data from iPhones are introduced. Users may choose one of them that fits their specific circumstances.

The first two methods have proven that forming the habit to back up valuable files is the best bet to prevent data loss. Backup is so powerful that it can help users recover data from iPhone after factory reset.

Here users may utilize a powerful phone backup software, FoneTool to make wise backups like photos backup and custom backups. With these advisable schemes of backup and their high backup speed, you may not have to restore a redundant backup from iTunes and iCloud.

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